Delicious Photo Series Shows What Kids REALLY Eat in a Week

We all know how important food is for our overall health. We’re told over and over again to make healthy choices for our kids. We’re warned that too many treats can lead to problems for our kids in the future.

But is it sinking in? One photographer has gone above the statistics and beyond the studies to show us just how much food impacts our kids’ lives in a stunning photo series he calls Daily Bread.

Check out these amazing photos that show what kids all around the world really eat in a week.

Daily Bread America
Nona, Los Angeles, 2016

US photographer Gregg Segal is a man on a mission – to prove that food is a central part of our lives and one that we often take for granted. The photographer, who is also a father, knows all about the problems associated with poor diet. And he’s taking a different approach to bring them to our attention – photography.

Daily Bread Photography
Frank, Dakar, 2017

Daily Bread dishing up the dirt on what we eat

As Gregg explains, “Before globalisation overwhelms traditional regional diets, I’m making my way around the world, asking kids to keep a journal of everything they eat in a week.”

mum central
Pranitha, Mumbai, 2017

From there, food stylists and cooks go out and recreate all the meals for Gregg to photograph in hopes of showing that “there are better answers out there than the old school, Western diet of processed foods we’ve grown accustomed to in the last couple of generations.”

So far he’s photographed close to 50 different kids from various countries including America, Italy, Germany, India, Senegal and Malaysia.

So, just what are kids eating around the world? Here’s a few to bite in to.


Daily Bread America
Isaiah, Los Angeles, 2016


Daily Bread Italy
Andrea, Sicily, 2017


Daily Bread
Greta, Hamburg, 2017


Daily Bread
Chetan, Mumbai, 2017


Daily Bread Senegal
Sira, Dakar, 2017


mum central
Nur, Kuala Lumpur, 2017

Food for thought

It’s quite surprising to see just how much processed packaged foods make it into the pictures, even in non-Western countries.

The healthiest diets seem to come out of Dakar, Senegal, where the kids are surrounded by fish, veggies, fruits, nuts and grains. And a can of Fanta… Oh. Pringles.

But, let’s face it – Pringles are pretty freakin’ delicious.

mum central
Lily, Nice, 2017

Gregg hopes to continue to photograph the diets of children around the world in an attempt to help parents make conscious decisions about what we are serving our kids.

For tips on serving portions and food guidelines, check out our visual guidelines on how much food your little one should actually eat.

Cover image: Rosalie, Nice, 2017 and Adveeta, Mumbai, 2017

All photos used with permission from the photographer 

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