Australia’s First Dedicated Egg Freezing Clinic Opens in Sydney

Freeze now. Use later. 

Women who are not quite ready for a baby just can freeze their eggs for a future date, thanks to Australia’s first dedicated egg freezing clinic.

Want to start a family one day, but worried about leaving it too late? There’s a clinic for that!

It’s called Genea Horizons and it is the next generation of family planning. Located in the Sydney CBD, the clinic opened its doors to the public today, giving women a chance to realise their baby dreams later in life. And, according to news reports, some big corporations are already lining up to pay for female employees to have their eggs frozen.

Freeze for a family

We don’t have to be scientists to understand how the female body works. As we get older, our eggs start to deteriorate. And our baby making chances start to decrease.

Experts suggest our eggs start the downhill spiral after 30 years of age, which is why many women in their late 20s are opting to freeze, just in case.

Genea Horizon opened in response to demand from women both seeking egg preservation treatment and considering egg freezing as an option.

Dr Devora Lieberman, Genea Horizon Fertility Specialist says, “Over the past few years, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of women who know they want a family in the future.

“Although egg freezing doesn’t guarantee a baby and is not an insurance policy, our patients want to take control of their fertility, they want to feel empowered.”

How it works

The power lies in a little device named Gavi, which in an automated vitrification instrument. Huh? Basically, it’s this machine which keeps your eggs protected and at prime temperature. Kind of like an anti-aging babysitter for your eggs.

Freezing your eggs and undergoing IVF down the road usually isn’t any women’s first choice when it comes to starting a family. But, it’s always nice to have a Plan B. And it’s great that women in Australia now have this choice freely available to them.

And soon, it may even be at the expense of the boss! In the US, big tech companies including Facebook, Apple and Google already pay up to $20,000 for female staff to freeze their eggs.

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