All Things Pregnancy: 10 Questions All Expecting Mums Have But May Forget to Ask

How many times have you left your doctor’s appointment and thought, “Damn, I forgot to mention so-and-so.”? We all do it. Pregnant or not, but at least when we’re pregnant, we can blame our goldfish memories on baby brain. 

Now, before you text your midwife with “just one more thing” have a look at some of the most popular pregnancy questions pregnant mums have. Hopefully, these will help answer any questions you may have and save yourself some late-night Googling. 

Behold, 10 common pregnancy questions mums have, but often forget to ask. 

1. What can I expect for the next nine months?

Our tongue-in-cheek guide sums it up pretty clearly and covers pretty much everything from your mood to your baby’s growth, with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure. Enjoy! 

Read our pregnancy help guide here. 

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2. What about the COVID Vaccine?

At this stage, it’s a no to the COVID vaccine. The reason is that there haven’t been any studies done on pregnant women and now’s not the time to take chances.

However, this may change and in some instances, it may be safer for you and bub to have the jab than not. Always consult your doctor.

See the latest news on the COVID vaccine for pregnant and breastfeeding women here

3. Pregnancy vitamins – yes or no?

Definitely YES! They are so important for so many different reasons. They provide you and bub with vitamins and minerals that you could be missing during pregnancy, can reduce the risk of certain birth defects and can even keep your mood swings a little more balanced. 

Get the facts about pregnancy supplements here.  

4. Is there anything I should be avoiding?

Short answer? Yes. Actually, there are quite a few things on the no-no list now including certain foods, drinks, sleep positions and exercises.

Sushi, soft cheese, deli meats, soft-serve ice cream even rare steaks are now off the menu. As are hot tubs and baths and sleeping on your back. Check out the latest pregnancy guidelines here. 

5. What’s with the cravings?

Just one of the many weird and wacky things about pregnancy. For me, it was MILK. ALL. THE. MILK. But the cravings (and aversions) are different for every woman.

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You may be wondering if your body is trying to tell you something about nutrient deficiency through your obsession with certain foods. But this isn’t the case. There is no definite evidence of any links between food cravings and nutrient deficiency

Read all about cravings here. 

6. Is my morning sickness normal?

It’s natural to be concerned that you’re hurting baby every time you hurl. It’s also natural to want this part of pregnancy to end.

However, if you are experiencing all-day sickness that leaves you unable to stomach anything, it could be something called Hyperemesis Gravidarum (severe morning sickness). 

You can find out more about HG here and what to do if you think you have it. 

7. Sex during pregnancy? Can I get busy?

You most certainly CAN! We consulted with Melbourne obstetrician, Dr Joseph Sgroi to get the low-down on what you can and cannot do in the bedroom and when sex should be avoided. 

Read all about sex during pregnancy here. 

8. Is there any way to tell the gender before the 20-week ultrasound?

Unless you’ve opted for extra screening tests, then no, not really. You can buy gender predictor kits that claim to be 99% accurate but you really never know. 

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We do have a fun way to guess the gender though including this Chinese gender predictor chart. Most of the mums who have used it say it’s been right so you never know! 

9. Are there any conditions I should be concerned about?

You may hear a few different terms thrown around during your appointments. Below are a few conditions you may experience during pregnancy, some of which are quite common and manageable and others that may require a bit of medical intervention. 

10. What do I need to buy?

This is one of the best things about pregnancy – the shopping! We happen to have an epic pregnancy shopping checklist with a complete list of what you need to buy for out and about, sleep, feeding, changing, playtime and more.

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Plus we are GIVING AWAY every single item on the list. You can enter here but hurry, because our winners will be selected at the end of the month (April 30 2021).

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Of course, these are only a few of the hundreds of pregnancy questions you will most likely have. Lucky for you we’ve got hundreds of stories on pregnancy.

Head over to our pregnancy section for more advice, tips, tricks and real mum stories. 

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