Holy Guacamole, Here’s 3 Epic Avocado Storage Hacks You Need to Know

Do you sometimes throw out more avocados than you eat? Me too! That’ll be a thing of the past once you get your head around these three epic avocado storage hacks which will keep them fresher for longer! Holy guacamole, they’re GOLD!

Being an avocado lover is trying. It can be a very fickle relationship. There’s the gruelling task of choosing the perfect avocado, crystal balling about what might be lurking underneath the skin while squeezing gently. Then you try to get them home unscathed and store them so you can enjoy them when you need the avocado, not when the avocado needs you.

vocados can be like cricket balls for days, perfectly ripe for 30 seconds and then in a state of gradual decay for the days following. Sigh. #AvoGate

Read on for three life-changing (seriously) avocado storage hacks you NEED to know about!

avocado storage hacks
Keep these suckers fresh for up to WEEKS with these avocado storage hacks. Source: Bigstock

Three avocado storage hacks you need to know right now

1. Avocado in a cold water bath hack

First up, the most recent hack is storing avocados in water to prolong their freshness in the fridge. Not going to lie, I was very doubtful! The avocados I had bought were already ripe so I didn’t have high hopes.

So we put it to the test and filmed it for TikTok – watch below and see what happened! 

@mumcentral 🥑 AVOCADO HACK: Tried and tested! 🥑Never throw a ripe avocado out again with this fab kitchen hack! ~ Lexi #kitchenhack #budgettip #nofoodwaste #avocado #fridgeorganisation ♬ Drop It Like It’s Hot – Snoop Dogg

Granted, there’s a bruise on the avocado but that could have been there from the very start or could’ve been the way it pressed into the glass jar. Nonetheless, HECK, I’m impressed in a blows-my-mind kind of way. These avos have remained ripe but firm and taste fresh! Had they have spent two weeks in my fridge door they’d likely be way too soft and mushy to eat. NOTE: We tried this hack for ourselves and it worked but it has to be said, it’s been reported this hack comes with health concerns so it’s wise to skip storing food submerged in water for weeks.

2. Lettuce is also a superhero for avocado storage

Yep, we’re not stretching the truth on this one. It’s not a double-wrapped plastic wrap or an origami fold of foil. Not a paper bag, plastic bag or special bees-knees Tupperware. Nup, it’s the good old humble lettuce.

That’s right – the green stuff that’s already in your veggie crisper is all you need to ensure your avocados stay fresh, even if you’ve already cut into them for your toast that morning. Simply wrap them in a lettuce leaf, there are no black avocados here, folks!

avocado storage hack
Wrapped in lettuce and still good to eat! Source: Cherry Gaddes/Facebook

3. The freezer is your friend

If you’ve reached a point where you’ve eaten all the guacamole, nachos, avocado toast and smashed avo that you can handle and STILL have avocados that need to be eaten, don’t panic.

Yes, you can absolutely freeze avocados. The freezer is your friend and we have step by step avocado freezing instructions which will keep their integrity to save your avo love for a rainy day!

My only tip is that you should mash them and freeze them in scoops or an ice tray so that you can defrost them a little bit at a time as you need them. It takes next to no time to defrost them but do be mindful that as it’s exposed to air upon defrosting, the avocado will start to discolour slightly if left in the fridge for a while. Still delicious though – AND you haven’t wasted them by throwing them out. So it’s an avo-loving win!

avocado hack
Frozen scoops of fresh smashed avocado, ready for toast in just minutes! Source: Supplied

So there you have it folks, three BRILLIANT avocado storage hacks that will take care of your avocados no matter where they’re up to in the cycle of their life! Holy guacamole!

Do you have another tried and tested avocado storage hack of your own? We’d love to hear it, drop it in the comments below to share.

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