Never Throw Out Avocado Again With This Clever Avocado Hack!

My main aim when buying avocados is to NOT end up throwing them out. We all know avos are rock hard for days, then ripe for two minutes and then a bruised, soft mess the following hour. But NO MORE thanks to this avo hack!

I love avocados as much as I love a bargain, so I almost always buy a bag of avos instead of forking out a mortgage on single avocados. Anyway, I digress. The point is, if you have too many ripe avocados at once, THIS hack is how you’re not going to waste ANY of them.

The easiest avocado hack there ever was

Because we’re going to freeze those suckers. The New Whey says it can be done, so I tried it for myself. And BOOM. MIND BLOWN. #avocadohack

Yep, hold on to your smashed-avo-loving hats, it can be done and you’ll be NONE the wiser. I prefer them smashed like this and use them for topping toast, nachos, baked potatoes, salad, guacamole – everything and anything. Give it a go – you’ve got nothing to lose!

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1. Score and scoop the flesh from each avocado into a bowl. If they’re a little overripe, that’s fine!

avocado hack

2. Mash the flesh with a fork – DO NOT ADD ANYTHING. No salt, no lemon, nothing.

avocado hack

3. Line a tray with Glad Go-Between Freezer Film or Gladbake and using a small scoop, place avocado balls onto the tray. Put it in the freezer to freeze.

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4. Once frozen, transfer them to an airtight container or zip-lock bag and keep them in the freezer.

avocado hack

5. To defrost, simply leave the frozen scoops in a bowl for around 10 minutes. You can break them up with a knife or put the bowl in some hot water to defrost a little quicker.

mum central

6. Then season the defrosted avocado and use as you like. YUM!

avocado hack

There you have it, it’s THAT easy! Talk about a no food waste, barely any fuss, avocado hack! #WINNING

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