46 Newborn Babies in Hotel Lockdown Unable to Meet Adoptive Parents

Worldwide travel restrictions have left us all feeling a little bit lost, especially for those of us who you have family overseas. It’s scary to think we may not see our loved ones for months, possibly even years. But take a moment and imagine how these new parents must feel.

Rather than spending days cradling their newborns and nights rocking their babies to sleep, they are in a different country, watching their baby’s first milestones via video conference, unable to cuddle them, touch them, take them home.

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The babies are cared for lovingly during lockdown by trained nurses. Source: YouTube

Separated from birth 

This is the sad reality for dozens of new parents as their babies lay in a hotel room in Ukraine. Like most of the world, Ukraine is in lockdown and worldwide travel restrictions prevent their parents from bringing them home. It’s been this way since March and at this stage, there is no end to these travel restrictions yet.

According to the below video, there are 46 babies stranded in a hotel room outside the city of Kiev. The parents waiting to meet their new babies from the US, UK, and other areas of Europe.

Although the babies are loved and cared for by a team of nurses and doctors, they are not with their mums or dads. How heartbreaking for the babies and their parents!

YouTube video

Babies in hotel room lockdown

The babies are located at The Hotel Venice, which belongs to the clinic BioTexCom. The company recently released the above footage of the newborns to raise public awareness and hopefully urge the government to make some changes and let parents enter the country to bring their babies home.

The video is quite confronting as the camera pans to rows and rows of babies, crying in their little cots. As the narrator explains, there are teams of “babysitters” who care for the infants, cuddling them, feeding them and bathing them. There is also a doctor who examines the babies every day.

“It’s heartbreaking to see how much parents miss their little ones,” a narrator shares in the BioTexCom video. “We wish they were allowed to pick up their children soon.”

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Parents are only able to meet their babies via video chat until travel restrictions ease. Source: YouTube

Call to let parents bring their babies home

At this stage, Ukraine is only allowing parents in if they receive a request from the embassy in the parent’s home country — but movement on this has slowed. 

“The children are all provided with food, a sufficient number of employees look after them,” Denis Herman, BioTexCom’s lawyer, told Reuters, “but there is no substitute for parental care.”

Hopefully, soon these parents will be able to travel to Ukraine to meet their newborns and start their lives together. In the meantime, video conferencing is the best they can hope for. 

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