From Drab to Fab – Mum Creates a Custom Look Laundry From Kmart!

Is there anything clever mums and Kmart CAN’T do? We think not. Check out this glorious laundry look!

For many of us, the laundry really isn’t any place we want to hang out. Mostly because it means work. And because they’re not pretty. There’s not a lot of ambience to be had in a laundry, let’s be honest.

Some of you may have beautiful laundries (tell us, what are they like?!) but the truth of the matter is, more often than not, they’re a cold, mostly forgotten room simply housing the washing machine, perhaps a clothes dryer and if you’re lucky, 635 odd socks.

A Mum’s Clever Kmart Laundry Storage Solution

So when mum Chrissy posted her laundry makeover to Facebook group Kmart Mums Australia, 1700 of us were mighty impressed by how she cleverly transformed her laundry into something fabulous to enjoy while sorting smalls. Beauty aside, the real kudos goes to Chrissy’s cleverness. What looked like custom cabinetry with ample storage nooks turned out to be Kmart’s Oak Look Storage Bookshelf, $49. SAY WHAT?

Kmart laundry
Just $49, the Kmart Oak Look Bookshelf. Source: Kmart

No Cabinetmaker Required – it’s a DIY Makeover!

Just four of the Kmart Oak Look Storage Bookshelves was all that was required to create the cabinets themselves. Chrissy mentions in comments on her post that she attached two of the units to the wall using Bunnings wall brackets screwed into the laundry wall studs (you might need a stud finder tool to find those).

The two floor units are raised off the floor with Bunnings cabinet feet – which are awesome for raising the height AND avoiding damage from any possible future washing machine flood disasters.

Kmart laundry
Kmart bookshelves provide AMPLE laundry storage! Source: Chrissy Holz

The Kmart Fix Saving Big Dollars

Considering custom fit cabinetry costs THOUSANDS, fitting out the laundry for only a couple hundred dollars has to be applauded. The $49 bookshelf unit gives you four shelves and two closed door cupboards to hide all the laundry essentials. That’s serious bang for your buck!

We love that Chrissy took full advantage of her Kmart visit and found black scallop baskets, $14, to perfectly fit the spaces, along with the glorious Kmart pink terrazo pot, $7.50 to style up her shelves. Chrissy your new look laundry looks AMAZING and we bet you can’t wait to get in there and get busy sorting socks and jocks!

Laundry already complete? How about a linen cupboard makeover to make Marie Kondo proud as punch?!

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