Baby Girl Born with Extremely Rare Tail

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It’s not every day you see a baby born with a tail. In fact, the rare phenomenon has been recorded fewer than 200 times. A baby girl in Mexico has joined this rare group after being born with a 5.7 cm-long tail. 

The baby was born via C-section and was perfectly healthy. Both her parents were also healthy and in their late twenties.

Discovery leaves doctors flabbergasted 

As you can imagine, the doctors were pretty blown away when they discovered the baby had a tail. It was described as being soft, covered in skin and fine hair and had a pointy tip. According to reports, the baby cried when the doctors pierced the tail with a needle. 

baby born with tail
Source: Journal of Paediatric Surgery Case Reports

It could be passively moved with no pain, but showed no spontaneous movement and, further analysis showed that the tail contained soft tissue, arteries and veins and bundles of nerves. 

First ever in Mexico

Detailing the incident in Journal of Paediatric Surgery Case Reports, doctors, led by Dr Josue Rueda, believe the case is the first ever recorded in Mexico.

While, in some instances, the presense of a tail can indicate a spinal problem, such as spina bifida, this wasn’t the case. The baby was born full-term with no complications during the pregnancy. She was also born with brain, heart, hearing and urinary tests showing normal results. 

One in 195 known cases of ‘true tail’

Human tails are split into two categories. Psudotails are growths that resemble a tail but are caused by spine problems or tumours.

True tails, which is what this baby had, contain muscle, blood vessels and nerves but no bones — resembling those in animals.

What happened to the tail? 

After the tail was discovered, the newborn baby was discharged. She returned back to the hospital at two months old to have the tail removed in a minor operation. 

baby born with tail
Source: Journal of Paediatric Surgery Case Reports

The infant was discharged the same day and suffered no complications. 

What an incredibly rare phenomenon! 

Baby born with 2kg tumour 

This isn’t the first time a baby has made headlines for its incredibly rare birth trait. Just last month we shared the exceptional story of Saylor Thomson, who was born 11 weeks early with a tumour attached to her tailbone that was double her size. 

The Brisbane infant underwent a 6-hour surgery with a team of 25 on hand to help.

tumour double she size
Source: Mater Mothers’ Facebook

Mater Neonatologist Dr Richard Mausling said that without the expertise and skill of Mater’s nursing staff and allied health teams Saylor would not be alive today.

“Without a doubt, this was the biggest teratoma I have seen removed from any newborn baby, regardless of gestation.”

Saylor received five blood transfusions throughout the surgery and doctors removed part of her tailbone to prevent the tumour from growing back again. She is now enjoying lots of cuddles with her family. What a miracle baby!

Baby “born twice”

Another medical miracle baby is Lynlee, who in 2016 was born “twice”. Like Saylor, Lynlee had a tumour on her tailbone that had grown nearly the same size as her. She would need it removed immediately if she were to have a chance of survival. 

At 23 weeks Lynlee was removed from the womb to have the tumour taken out, then, five hours later, put back in. Lynlee’s mum was placed on bedrest for 12 weeks before giving birth (again) via c-section. Lynlee was born at 36 weeks and, just eight days later, had another surgery to have the rest of the tumour removed. 

Ethan’s groundbreaking surgery in the womb

Earlier this year we also shared the story of Ethan, who was diagnosed with spina bifida while in the womb. His mum, Carla, became the 12th mother in Australia and New Zealand to undergo the groundbreaking surgery that would repair Ethan’s spine abnormality. 

mum central

Ethan’s four-hour surgery was not a cure, but it does aim to improve the child’s quality of life and chances the child will be able to walk independently among other benefits. Ethan is now five months old, and, although it’s still too early to give him the medical all-clear, he’s doing absolutely amazing. What a strong warrior! 

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