One of the joys of becoming a parent is you get to choose what name to bestow on your little miracle. Do you go with something traditional and classic, something slightly out there or trendy, or opt for a name that will ensure everyone does a double-take?

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While only 10% of babies are given the top 10 baby names, most parents are still not quite ready to jump into the pool of complete baby name uniqueness.

But this mum was.

Mums’ names for twins not everyone’s cup of tea

The woman originally shared her unique birth story and her chosen monikers for her babies on her Instagram page. Expecting people to comment on her birth story, it was after she shared the names of her twins that got everyone talking.

As the woman explains, she has twins. One is the biological child of the parents and the other was born one week earlier and adopted by her parents.

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So twins. But not twins.

But this didn’t really phase people. It wasn’t until she shared the names of her kids – Bravely Love and Haven Hope – that got the internet going, especially after her names were shared on Reddit.

“I cannot handle Bravely Love. That’s not a name, it’s advice”

Advice. Motivational meme. Positive affirmation. Possible quote for a tattoo. But the internet agrees, #NotaName.

Another commenter joked about the eye twitch situation where the names don’t grammatically match.

 “I’m a bit annoyed that one name starts with an adverb and the other name begins with a noun.”

I mean, if you’re going to go with NON-names for your kids’ names, at least make them both the same form of speech.

Bravely and Heavenly, for example. Both adverbs.

Of course, not everyone hated the names, even if they are a bit unique. Lots of names end in Ly these days. Everly. Lily. Molly. Sure, none of them are as descriptive as Bravely, but, hey.

And Haven isn’t even that weird either. In America, it’s the 312th most popular name for girls. Both Love and Hope are rising in popularity as middle names too.

Better than Glhynnyl Hylhyr

Of course, this isn’t the first time a parent’s baby name choice has been heavily scrutinised. One time, in the Philippines, a family decided to let their grand-uncle name their unborn baby. He selected a bunch of random letters, none of which are vowels – Glhynnyl Hylhyr Yzzyghyl.


Okay, now, for the cherry on top? Baby Glinnel Hayler Izzywallooo already has a nickname, thanks to Granduncle. Ready for it?

Consonant. Cause his name does have about 8 billion of them.

Yearbook of terrible name choices 

Then there was that time an American mum couldn’t sleep so she decided to go through her son’s yearbook and make a list of all the stupid names she came across. It was impressive.

Here are just a few:

  • Questin
  • Macilynne
  • Swayzie
  • Keyairaa (this is Kiera for anyone playing at home)
  • Tayxa
  • Shadee
  • Toj
  • Kelldrix
  • Stott
  • Felecya
  • Kynnaston
  • Lindzie
  • Ryen
  • Kennidee and Kenidee
  • Broc
  • Elexys
  • Plus about a billion variants of the names Madison, Addison and Jackson (none of which are actually spelled Madison, Addison or Jackson)

You can read the rest of the mess here.

Heavy metal siblings

We also want to bring your attention to that time when a mum in New Zealand really liked heavy metal so named her three kids Pantera, Metallica and Slayer. Not making this up and pretty gutted that Korn didn’t make it.

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