Expert Predicts Top 100 Baby Boy Names of 2022

If you’re expecting a beautiful bundle of baby boy joy this year, then this list of baby boy names of 2022 is made for you!

According to the expert in all things baby names – Pamela Redmond from Nameberry, here are the top 100 baby boy names set to make their mark this year.

We’ve got all sorts of great baby boy name goodness – traditional monikers and vintage names that are coming back, plus unique and unexpected names that were once considered too “crazy” to use. Some of our faves this year? We’re loving Elio, August, Sawyer, Hudson, Knox and Rory!

What trends are we seeing? 

Quite a few! As Pamela tells TODAY Parents, one of the biggest stand-out trends for boy names this year is the “O” ending. We’ve got Arlo, Milo, Hugo, Otto, Theo and Nico all in the top 25.

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Nature-inspired baby names have always been popular but what we’re seeing with boys is a lot of names inspired by the wild: For example, River, Rowan and Bodhi, not to mention gemstone names like Jasper and Micah.

The letter S: Not only as first names such as Soren, Silas, Sebastian, Sawyer and Simon, but also as an ending – Otis, Magnus, Cyrus, Tobias, Ellis and Emrys– so many!

Gender-neutral names are another common theme including Rowan, Phoenix, Jude, Elliot and Remy.

Biblical and religious names also continue to make their mark with names like Silas, Ezra, Jonah and Asher. There are also a few more traditional biblical names on the list including Noah and Isaac. 

Hello Ello! This is a new trend – While Eliah and Eli have always been popular, we’re now seeing four new EL names – Elio, Elliot, Elias and Ellis. Other ‘E” names to make their mark this year include Enzo, Emmet, Everett and Evander.

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If you like your strong and powerful baby boy names, then you’ll love the ancient god hero name trend featuring names like Cassius, Roman, Atlas, Alexander and Aurelius.

For those looking for a more celestial vibe, check out new contenders Cosmo and Orion.

Here’s the full list: 

The top 100 predicted baby boy names of 2022

  1. Arlo
  2. Theodore
  3. Soren
  4. Atticus
  5. Felix
  6. Milo
  7. Silas
  8. Kai
  9. Rowan
  10. Finn
  11. Ezra
  12. Oscar
  13. Jude
  14. Theo
  15. Jasper
  16. August
  17. Hugo
  18. Atlas
  19. Oliver
  20. Asher
  21. Cassius
  22. Otto
  23. Miles
  24. Emmett
  25. Nico
  26. Sebastian
  27. Nathaniel
  28. Noah
  29. Owen
  30. Caspian
  31. Elliot
  32. Otis
  33. Magnus
  34. Caleb
  35. Everett
  36. Ronan
  37. Ethan
  38. James
  39. Levi
  40. Gideon
  41. Max
  42. Henry
  43. Arthur
  44. Callum
  45. Cyrus
  46. Leo
  47. Tobias
  48. Rory
  49. River
  50. Zachary
  51. Ellis
  52. Luca
  53. Thomas
  54. Orion
  55. Lucas
  56. Remy
  57. Archer
  58. Cassian
  59. Alexander
  60. Phoenix
  61. Ambrose
  62. Lucian
  63. Bodhi
  64. Louis
  65. Rhys
  66. Keiran
  67. Julian
  68. Lachlan
  69. Roman
  70. Alistair
  71. Sawyer
  72. Elio
  73. Wyatt
  74. Charlie
  75. Jack
  76. Simon
  77. Elias
  78. Liam
  79. Enzo
  80. Evander
  81. Aurelius
  82. Isaac
  83. Xavier
  84. Mateo
  85. Emrys
  86. Cosmo
  87. Micah
  88. Archie
  89. Jonah
  90. Dominic
  91. Jayden
  92. Kit
  93. Hudson
  94. Knox
  95. Wesley
  96. Beau
  97. Gabriel
  98. Vincent
  99. Flynn
  100. Graham

It will be interesting to see if these baby boy name predictions come true and if, in five years’ time, we’ve got a classroom of boys named Arlo, Theo, Felix, Silas and Soren, rather than Jack, William and Oliver!

While a lot of these names have never been featured on a top 100 list, a few faves are still there, including Jack, Noah, Leo, James and Charlie. However, these names are way down the list! And the most surprising contender of them all #100 – Graham!

Be sure to also check out the predicted most popular girl names of 2022, according to Nameberry.

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