Beautiful Baby Names Based on Your Child’s Birth Month

Having a hard time choosing the right name for your baby? Come and have a look at what names are commonly associated with each month of the year. We’ve done the research to discover the gemstones, flowers, trees, zodiac symbols and other connotations of each month.

Whether you’re expecting a June baby or a December bub, we’ve got the perfect name to match their birth month.

Baby names for every birth month


  • Jana or January 
  • Summer or Sunny – A nod to the season/weather during January.
  • Neo or Kai – Both mean ‘new’.
  • Prima – Meaning ‘first’.
  • Jael – Meaning “mountain goat” this name coincides with the symbol for Capricorn babies – the mountain goat.


  • Valentina – Ideal for any Valentine’s babies
  • Romeo – As romantic as they come!
  • Violet – The flower for February.
  • River – Babies born in February are either Aquarius or Pisces, both water-related astrology signs.


  • Trinity – Meaning ‘three’, a fitting choice for babies born in the third month.
  • Willow – The tree associated with March. Willow is also associated with September.
  • Archie – It’s got that “Marchie” vibe.
  • Patrick  – St Paddy’s Day baby perhaps?


  • April 
  • Daisy – April’s flower
  • Ari – A nod to Aries, the star sign which your baby’s birth is likely to fall under.
  • Lulu – A Native American name which means “rabbit” – the symbol of Easter.
  • Gaia – Perfect for babies born on Earth Day as Gaia means “earth”.


  • Maya, Mae or Mason
  • Lily – May’s flower is Lily of the Valley. And Lily is so much cuter than Valley. Val perhaps?
  • Thomas – Meaning ‘twin’, a shout out to the May zodiac sign – Gemini.
  • Gemma – Another option for little Geminis.
  • Quinlyn – Quin means “five” – ideal for babies born in the fifth month.
  • Emmy – A shortened version of Emerald, May’s gemstone.


  • June, Juniper or Juno 
  • Pearl – A nod to June’s birthstone.
  • Alex or Alexa – Named after Alexandrite, the other birthstone for June.
  • Rose – June’s flower.


  • Julius, Julian, Juliet or Julia
  • Wynter – To commemorate the chilly winter season (in Australia that is).
  • Ruby – July’s birthstone.
  • Lark – A nod to Larkspur, the flower for July.


  • Augustus, Augie or Gus 
  • Leo – The zodiac sign that dominates the majority of August dates.
  • Poppy – The flower for August.
  • Jade – One of the birthstones associated with August (Peridot is another).


  • Aster – The flower for September.
  • Luna – A nod to the moon goddess, the symbol for Virgos.
  • Olive – September’s tree.
  • Indigo – A nod to the colour blue, commonly associated with September thanks to the birthstone, Sapphire.


  • Octavia or Octavian 
  • Opal – October’s gemstone.
  • Rowan – The tree associated with October. Rowan is also associated with April.
  • Libby – Short for Libra, the main zodiac sign for October bubs.
  • Mari – A nod to Marigold, October’s flower.


  • Nova or Ember 
  • Ashton – Named after Ash, the tree associated with November. The Ash tree is also associated with May and June.
  • Phoenix – One of the symbols of the Scorpio sign (others include the Scorpian, the Spider and the Wolf).


  • Tanzan – After December’s birthstone, Tanzanite.
  • Felicity or Felix – A nod to the Christmas song, “Feliz Navidad”.
  • Holly – The official December flower.
  • Archer – The symbol for Sagitarrius, babies born 1 December to 21 December.
  • Natalia (or Talia) – Translates to“born on Christmas”.

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