Bring on the boho baby names!

If you love all things bohemian, then perhaps you’d like to continue the trend with your baby? What better way to do so than by opting for a baby name that oozes with that spiritual, natural, artsy flair?

Boho baby names are incredibly popular among parents these days. After all, these types of names take inspiration from nature and are not so ‘out-there’ that they leave passersby shaking their heads in disbelief.

They are elegant yet earthy, funky yet fresh and have that special something that makes people stop and think, “now that’s a nice name.” Take your love of boho to the next level with our top boho baby names for your whimsical warrior or free-spirited fairy.

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Poppy is creeping up the popularity charts but still remains a good one for those looking for something pretty, romantic and fresh.

If you like Poppy, you may also like Lotus or Petal.


Unlike other ‘weaponry’ names like Gunner or Shooter, Archer oozes with balance. It’s a blend of whimsy and wonder. It’s also the zodiac sign for Sagittarius (babies born November 22 to December 21).

If you like Archer, you may also like Arlo, Arrow, Leo or Asher.

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Here’s a name that truly matches their spirit, especially toddlers! Wild is as free as they come and, although it’s edgy, it just might work for you.

If you like Wild, you may also like Rebel, Wilder or Axel.


We couldn’t have a boho baby name post and NOT include a few animal-inspired names! Hawk is a bold choice but it works for the extra daring parents out there.

If you like Hawk, you may also like Fox, Bear, Wolf, Wren, Lark or Sparrow.


Another cute animal option is Delaphine, which means ‘dolphin.’ It’s a cute combination of Della and Josephine too. It nice, it’s different, it’s unusual.

If you like Delaphine, you may also like Deliah, Tabitha or Della.


Inspire their love of music with a name with musical connotations such as Lyric.

If you like Lyric, you may also like Harper, Melody or Cadance.


Riordan is an Irish name, meaning ‘little royal poet’ and just oozes with hippy chic! It also comes with a few cute nicknames – Rio and Rori even.

If you like Riordan, you may also like Poet, Echo or Story.


Zephyr is a Greek name meaning ‘west wind’ and is reserved for only the coolest kids on the playground.

If you like Zephyr, you may also like Breeze, Ocean or Storm. 


Tall, mighty and powerful, Everest is a mountain of a name that may just take your child to new heights.

If you like Everest, you may also like Forrest or Hunter

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Another name inspired by the zodiac, Aries’ symbol is the ram with a fire element, perfect for your little firecracker.

If you like Aries, you may also like: Orion, Cosmo or Mars. 


As Ava continues to be one of the hottest baby names of 2019, you may want to consider something similar but a little more unique. Avalon fits the bill perfectly and means “island of paradise.”

If you like Avalon, you may also like Allegra, Isla, Avery, or Aria. 


Don’t stop believin… Yes, it’s a band, but Journey is also a cute name for all wandering souls.

If you like Journey, you may also like Zest, Quest or Alchemy.

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Colour names are always cute and we especially love Indigo! It shines with something special, don’t you think?

If you like Indigo you may also like Jade, Sapphire, Iris, Cyan or Onyx.


Sebastian is a classic yet chic option without being too out there. It comes from the Latin for “revered” but it also comes with literary and musical connotations thanks to Shakespeare and Bach.

If you like Sebastian, you may also like Tristan, Marlowe, Sonny or Vincent. 


A vintage winner, Evangeline is timeless, pure and pretty as can be.

If you like Evangeline, you may also like Elowen, Emerald or Everly.

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Meaning dawn, heavenly light, stars or a beautiful flower, Zara is a timeless beauty that is as nature-driven as they come.

If you like Zara, you may also like India, Zella, Cora, Gemma, Kaya or Tessa.


Another name etched in literary genius, Bronte has that hippie chick flair to it. It’s also a great name if you happen to love the beach (and who doesn’t?).

If you like Bronte, you may also like Remi, Scout or Deja.


Seasonal names never go out of style, especially if you happen to have a baby born in Autumn!

If you like Autumn, you may also like August, Summer or Winter.

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As pretty as a picture, Monet will certainly turn heads.

If you like Monet, you may also like Matisse, Auden or Poe.


Sure, Stellen is a little out there but it’s also quite cute.

If you like Stellen, you may also like Silas, Huxley or Bodhi.


Not only is this sweet name inspired by nature, but it’s also hip to boot!  Waverly means “the quaking aspen tree meadow”.

If you like Waverly, you may also like Meadow, Aspen or Willow.

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If you love your trees, then this one is for you! Alder is a type of tree, after all!

If you like Alder, you may also like Leif, River or Maple.


Pronounced ‘Rain’, this name is beautiful as both a first name or a middle name.

If you like Rayne, you may also like Skye or Luna.


It’s a spice AND a colour – doesn’t get any more boho than that. Plus, there’s something enchanting about the name Saffron – very witch-like.

If you like Saffron you may also like Juniper, Sage, Olive or Lavendar

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