Helping Your Baby & Toddler Learn Through Play. GymbaROO Ticks All the Boxes

We’ve been told how important the first five years of our kids’ lives are. This is their time to grow, to explore, to learn and to develop.

It’s also our most precious time with them. You know, before they head off to big school, before they start asking for playdates every weekend, before they turn into zombie-like teenagers who don’t want a bar of us.

During those first five years, our kids ADORE us. We are their best friends and there is no one on earth they would rather hang out with. #allthefeels. It’s also a time when we can nurture and help our kids to learn through play, to help give them the best start in life.

Whether we’re helping build resilience, laying the foundations for sporting prowess or supporting social behaviour through fun and engaging activities – those early years are special in so many ways.

And this is exactly where GymbaROO comes in. With more than 35 years of experience in Australia and overseas, GymbaROO specialises in research-based, neuro-developmental, fun learning environments for babies right through to school-aged children and their parents. 

It offers our little ones a safe and social environment in which to play in (you get to talk to other adults too, which is always nice). Through play, music and movement it can help your child grow socially, emotionally and physically in a fun and engaging way.

Sounds good, right? Keep reading to get the lowdown on GymbaROO!

Gymbaroo kids

What’s GymbaROO?

GymbaROO – KindyROO is one of the only parent-child programs in the world that includes key research-based activities, and assists with the development of children up to eight years of age. Designed for kids under five, it’s all about supporting kids to learn through play. GymbaROO – KindyROO helps lay the foundations for later learning by nurturing the natural stages of neurological development.

Studies have identified a link between motor and cognitive skills and future learning. By helping your child get the right early movement experiences, you are supporting their future health, happiness, development and success. The specially designed activities at GymbaROO help your child reach their potential in ALL areas. We’re talking academic, physical, emotional and social. In fact, GymbaROO kids tend to develop improved coordination, concentration, memory, perception and improved confidence, communication and socialisation skills.

Get a feel for GymbaROO. Take a look at the video below.

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There are different program based on your child’s ability but all of them involve exercise, dance, and music. There are mini obstacle courses with beanbags, hoops, and ropes, music time with different instruments and songs, parachute play and bubble blowing, dancing with ribbons, treasure bag time and heaps more. All the activities are catered to your child’s specific age and stage.

Kids having fun at Gymbaroo

GymbaROO – KindyROO also offers a school readiness program for 4-6 year-olds, which focusses on numbers, shapes and letter recognition.

Classes are 45-minutes and run once a week during term time. Providing there are vacancies, you can join at any time. The program helps children experiment and learn about their bodies using a range of dynamic and static activities including dance, exercise, rhythm and music.

Classes (for both GymbaROO and KindyROO) follow a similar structure and include free time, mat time, equipment time and music time.

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1.  It Keeps Kids Stimulated

The activities are engaging, the equipment is specifically designed for movement and the classes are always different, so it’s not repetitive at all.

When kids learn through play they remain eagerly engaged in every activity and are not racing towards the playground gate or attempting to steal the toys the other kids are playing with — which, let’s face it, tends to happen at playgroups.


2. The Program is Also Secretly Teaching Them

GymbaROO – KindyROO is one of the only parent-child programs in the world that specialises in this type of research-based, neuro-developmental learning and teams it with a fun environment.

GymbaROO classes are actually designed to increase a child’s capability to learn*. Plus, they’ve got 30 years of extensive research and experience backing up their programs to foster young children’s learning.

So not only are we letting them have fun, but also nurturing their learning potential. Go us.

Gymbaroo baby crawling

3. It’s Educational for You Too

This is another cool thing about GymbaROO – it’s also designed to teach us about the important stages. There are neurological information handouts and home activity ideas given out each week. Plus, your child will get his own visualisation booklet to keep (to assist them with ongoing learning).

mother and child at gymbaROO, where kids learn through play

4.  It’s Not Socially Uncomfortable for us Mums

Unlike other toddler activities where there can be a lot of standing around making small talk, GymbaROO classes are well structured. Sure, you still get a chance to talk, but you are also interacting with your child and helping them to learn through play. There’s not that weird ‘first date’ feeling. It’s more about you and your child interacting but with other parents and babies there too.

GymbaROO baby and toddler activities

5. It’s an Effortless Outing

Every week you pack up, head out, enjoy the class (generally 45 minutes to an hour), have a giggle with the other mums and dads and return home with a tired tot who goes STRAIGHT down for a two-hour sleep.

Gymbaroo toddler on ball

6. There’s Actual Proof That GymbaROO Kids Excel

School teachers describe those children who have been through GymbaROO as having higher levels of concentration, better behaviour, confidence, and communication skills than their peers*.

learn through play at gymbaROO

7. But, Best of All, it’s a Fun Outing for Both You and Your Tot

I’ve got three kids – my son is 9, my daughter is 7 and my second daughter is now 8 months. I’ve been through the GymbaROO program with all three and it continues to surprise me how much kids love it.

baby activities through GymbaROO

There’s so Much to Love About GymbaROO

My littlest bub adores these types of baby activities; the music, the singing, the colourful equipment. She laughs. She giggles. There are squeals and weird noises, which I think means she’s excited. It’s all happening for her!

And for me too, because this time with her is so special and it really does go so fast! It’s nice to be able to actively enjoy her, engage with her and share in these cute little milestones with other mums. Sure, we sing and play at home, but it’s just not the same. There’s something about being out of the house that makes these little activities so much more fun, for both of us.

Kids at this age are like tiny sponges eager to soak up the world, as long as we’re next to them every step of the way. And this is exactly what GymbaROO provides – time together to play, to learn and to develop those skills they will need later in life.

Gymbaroo little boy with hand in air

Toddler Activities With a Twist at GymbaROO

If you’re looking for baby programs and toddler activities, then GymbaROO is an excellent option to consider. There are GymbaROO and KindyROO programs scattered all around Australia. Head to the website to find your nearest centre.

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