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Check Those Baby Toes: Mum Warns of the Dangers of Hair Tourniquets

We all know that hair loss is a common problem after having a baby. It’s annoying, yes, but not dangerous. Well, not in normal circumstances. 

But one mum has shared an image of her newborn’s toes after they were accidentally tied together by a strand of hair.

Most newborns cry. A lot.

But Heather Fricke’s little man, Jacob, is not one of them. The mum-of-two admits that her 10-week-old son is fairly chilled out, usually only crying when hungry or tired.

Hair today, hazard tomorrow!

So when little Jacob was inconsolable one afternoon, Heather was worried. She fed him and changed him, but still he kept crying. That’s when Heather and husband Tommy noticed something very frightening about Jacob’s foot.

Two of his little toes were blue and tied together… with a strand of Heather’s hair.

baby toes tied with hair
Image via Heather Frinke

Heather immediately removed as much of the hair as she could before rushing Jacob to the ER.

Heather explains in a Facebook post,  “We spent an hour and a team of five doctors trying to get the rest of MY HAIR off his two toes.

“Doctors said if I didn’t take off the hair that I was able to get off that his two toes they would’ve had to be amputated…”

It happens a lot!

Heather shared her story with a photo of her little man’s red and swollen toes, taken 12 hours after the hair was removed. We can only imagine how much worse they looked before!

“He’s doing just well, in a little pain and his poor toes look like they hurt so bad,” she says. “Check your baby’s toes as often as you can’

Jacob Fricke baby with hair stuck on toes

Since posting the warning, thousands have shared it. And hundreds of mums have revealed how this has also happened to their babies! It’s terrifying to think just how one strand of hair can do such damage… especially when new mums are losing hair by the handful after giving birth.

“Check your baby’s toes as often as you can”

In addition to their wee toes, Heather also reminds us to check their penises too.

“Yes I said penis… they are such tiny babies and our hair can be such a hazard but it’s something that we never really pay attention to… so please share this with all your mom friends with little babies!”

Luckily, in this instance, little Jacob (pictured above with his big brother) and his toes are recovering well.

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