Update on Aussie Family’s Desperate Race to Get Gravely Sick 7-Week-Old from Bali Hospital to Australia

Lucky Love is fighting for her life. Every day she remains in a Bali hospital, she becomes sicker and sicker, her worried parents by her side.

Lucky is just seven weeks old and has been diagnosed with a severe infection. However, the hospital in Bali is not equipped to treat the baby and it’s now a race to get Lucky to Australia so she can receive the care she needs.

Newborn in bali hospital
Lucky and her big brother, Hendrix. Source: GoFundMe

‘Started going cold and losing her colour’

Lucky’s mum, Honey Ahima, was born in Melbourne but lives in Bali with her partner, Pan, their son, Hendrix and their newborn Lucky. On Monday Honey noticed her baby was struggling to breathe.

“I thought that I could help her, just get sleep and give her my milk,” Ahimsa told 7NEWS. “I tried to help her, just like normal when babies get sick, they just need sleep… but then she stopped drinking my milk.

She got really tired and then I looked at her stomach, and you could see her lungs (pulsating). So, we quickly rushed her to hospital and … she started going cold and losing her colour.”

‘She may not make it” 

Lucky was transferred to the high-intensity unit at Siloam Hospital in Denpasar where doctors made the grisly discovery that Lucky has a severe bacterial infection. However, without specialised equipment, they are unable to diagnose the exact infection.

They treated her with antibiotics but Lucky’s condition is critical and it’s hard to tell if the treatment is working. She needs a respirator to breathe and Lucky’s condition is deteriorating daily as the hospital bills continue to grow.

Honey reveals that the fee to remain in the Bali hospital is around $8,000 per day.

The morning on the 8th of February the doctor said it wasn’t looking good and she may not make it through this. They are unsure whether or not antibiotics can work as she’s in such an unstable critical condition,” Honey shared.

‘We need all the help we can get’

Lucky’s mum shared a series of heartbreaking images of the little girl in the Bali hospital, asking for prayers and healing energy to help their little girl.

newborn in bali hospital race to get to Australia
It’s now a race against time to get Lucky to Australia. Source: Instagram

Lucky needs all the healing energy and prayers right now. Hold this image in your heart and picture her growing up!! I’ve never needed anything more than I do right now. Our hearts are broken. We need all the help we can get.

She is the most beautiful, gentle little girl and the world needs to know her,” a broken Honey wrote.

To save her life, Lucky needs to be moved to a hospital better equipped to care for her. Australia is the best option, as Lucky’s mother is from Australia. Another option is Singapore.

Both will cost the family around $90,000 for the flight.

$144,000 raised for Lucky

Honey and Pan reached out to media outlets, speaking to Sunrise this morning and pleading for help to get Lucky back to Australia.

Friends have also started a GoFundMe account, to which more than 3,400 people have donated. The fundraiser page, Please Help Lucky Love has now raised $144,000 – enough to hopefully secure a medevac flight to Australia as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Lucky is en route to Australia

The team from Queensland’s Medical Rescue flew to Bali on Sunday and told Sunrise there was just a small window of opportunity to get her out safely.

Little Lucky is on an emergency flight back to Brisbane for treatment of a severe bacteria infection. She should be touching down in Brisbane today and transferred straight to the hospital.

The plane has a mobile intensive care unit, complete with a retrieval physician and a specialist intensive care paediatric nurse for the “delicate operation”.

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