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Colour and Win 1 of 10 Family Passes to the Royal Adelaide Show

Roll up! Roll up! With the Royal Adelaide Show just around the corner, our friends at BankSA are giving ten winning families a great headstart with a Family Pass to the show!

This year the show runs from 4th to 14th September (over 2 weekends!) and together with Mum Central, BankSA are giving 10 lucky Mum Central readers a Family Pass which gets a family of 4 through the gates and into all the jam-packed action!

Even if you’re not a winner, BankSA are making it really easy to get through the door with these great incentives!

Children aged 12 and under who open a new LittleSaver Incentive Saver Account by 30 August 2015 will receive a Royal Adelaide Show child’s ticket by email.

Students who open a new Complete Freedom Student Account and activate their linked ATM card by 30 August 2015, will receive a Royal Adelaide Show concession ticket by email PLUS $20 in their new account!

Terms and conditions apply, see Bank SA for all the details.

Plus, enter their weekly Facebook competition to be in the running for a Royal Adelaide Show prize pack valued at over $500!

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royal show


Grab the kids, their pencils, textas, crayons, glitter…whatever works, and get them working their magic!

Once you’re done, take a snap on your phone and quickly and easily submit to the competition using the entry form below.

That’s it, you’re then in the running!

Download the Little Savers Colouring In Competition

BankSA Royal Show Colouring In

Be sure to check out all our other competitions HERE

Good luck!

Win a Family Pass to the 2015 Royal Adelaide Show

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  1. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    First time on the dipper was scary but exciting , couldn’t wait to go and experience all new rides at the time.

  2. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    My favourite memory was back in 2009 when I won a ride in one of the V6 Hilux Heroes precision driving team cars. Still to this day it’s the most awesome thing I have ever got to experience.

  3. Avatar of Belinda Skilling
    Belinda Skilling Reply

    I have fond memories of the show as I would go every year for my birthday. I loved doing the Yellow Brick Road, holding the baby chicks, hot cinnamon donuts watching the fireworks, Showing our dog and having everyone in the dog pavilion sing happy birthday to me. Now t’s about watching my kids have just as much fun as I did doing the Yellow Brick Road.

  4. Avatar of Kylie Clayton
    Kylie Clayton Reply

    Taking the kids to the Farm barn and Baby Animal nursery, great watching them interact with the animals, plus they love getting their ‘Tractor licence’. The best bit? It’s all free, the only investment required is time.

  5. Avatar of April Ellis
    April Ellis Reply

    My big sister taking me to the show every year and telling me if we ever got separated I was to go to the Ferris Wheel ticket booth and not move! I now do the same with my own children.

  6. Avatar of Julie

    When I was about 12 years old and dad was complaining about the cost to get in 30 years ago. Show bags we always got one somehow.

  7. Avatar of Debra Black
    Debra Black Reply

    Watching the wood cutting !!! Love watching the men fight it out !!! …

  8. Avatar of Steph Jane Bubner
    Steph Jane Bubner Reply

    Baked potatoes and hot cinnamon donuts are a once a year treat!

  9. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    Going every year with my Nana and doing the Yellow Brick Road showbag together. As a kid it was like a treasure hunt!

  10. Avatar of Ineedacoffee
    Ineedacoffee Reply

    My first ever ride on the mad mouse, I shed tears when they took it down

  11. Avatar of Sara McDowell
    Sara McDowell Reply

    Meeting up with family friends and watching the car show and fireworks at night!

  12. Avatar of Deborah Osborne
    Deborah Osborne Reply

    Living rural be great to let the kids see the big Royal Show

  13. Avatar of Dianne Childs
    Dianne Childs Reply

    My favourite Royal Show memory is taking my son on the Ferris Wheel and watching his face light up with joy when we reached the top!

  14. Avatar of Belinda Skilling
    Belinda Skilling Reply

    Having the first ride on the chair lift at approx. 8yrs old – Adam

  15. Avatar of AmandaR

    I went every year with my parents now they come with my kids and we love all the same stuff from the animals, through to the fireworks and everything in between!

  16. Avatar of Monika Pannewig
    Monika Pannewig Reply

    I used to love the fireworks the best and shouting out for more blue…and of course the sunny boy show bag…

  17. Avatar of Barb Dolkens
    Barb Dolkens Reply

    We love the farm animal experience, the Yellow Brick Road, and looking at all the art show entries.

  18. Avatar of S Stephenson
    S Stephenson Reply

    Taking my 5 year old daughter for her first Royal Show visit last year. The excitement on her face was was magical!

  19. Avatar of Cheryl Goddard
    Cheryl Goddard Reply

    I used to go to the show with my school’s Cattle club and show our cattle- loved the atmosphere of the Show over the few days in a row- especially at night when we came back in to check the steers were settled for the night. The fireworks, the animals, the yellow brick road.
    How I’d love to take my kids and show them now!

  20. Avatar of Carissa Harford
    Carissa Harford Reply

    Hot donuts and Dagwood dogs, the zipper and show bags!!!

  21. Avatar of Joy Lange


  22. Avatar of feezals

    Fave memory is taking my 1st boy for the first time and watching his face light up !!

  23. Avatar of SueB

    I loved the gravitron as a kid and staying up late to see the fireworks.

  24. Avatar of Kelly Gay

    For as long as i remember my mum took my brother and i to the show, it was such an amazing family day out! I have 3 kids of my own now and would love to treat them to the same memories of endless show fun! I have taken 2 of them before and they loved it… My daughter hasn’t been yet though so it would be great to go as a complete family before we move away interstate in December!! 🙂

  25. Avatar of Kaz

    When i was in Primary School my friend’s Dad worked at the show each year so I got to attend with her every single day and at that age we did not get bored! We had a blast! We got to see everything and enjoy the fun atmosphere. The Royal Adelaide Show was the highlight of my year, every year! I am a Mum now and still love to go every year with my two young boys!

  26. Avatar of Georgia Matters
    Georgia Matters Reply

    I have lots of great memories from when I was a kid at the show but my favourite memory is from my daughters first time at the show. She loved everything, watching the fairies, pony rides and playing the clown side shows. Can’t wait to do it all again this year!

  27. Avatar of Maria

    Seeing the carousel when I was 3 years old……my Dad said he would never forget the joy on my face.

  28. Avatar of Steve Ayles
    Steve Ayles Reply

    Seeing the kids faces the first time they are taken to the show.

  29. Avatar of Kylie Edwards
    Kylie Edwards Reply

    I have only been to the show once, 3 years ago and just seeing my kids having fun is the best memory.

  30. Avatar of Alex

    My parents were not into the Show at all but my grandma (the one who always spoiled me!) used to take me and we would do the Yellow Brick Road. Best day out ever!

  31. Avatar of Kirstin Trehan
    Kirstin Trehan Reply

    Watching the fireworks at the end of the day and yelling out with all the other kids to the commentator as to which colour is going the highest

  32. Avatar of Nathan Rogers
    Nathan Rogers Reply

    My mum used to ride on her family farm cow (we have a photos) with some of her friends, at Meadows in the Adelaide Hills. Her parents were involved in local country shows with milking and dairy. Many generations of our family have loved the old stories, but love the Royal Adelaide show, no longer being farmers. P.S mum I know you want to take your grandchildren this year – but I’m keeping it a secret!

  33. Avatar of Amy

    waiting until just before dinner to be allowed to buy our show bags…. Then the excitement of playing & eating during the night time parade Then having my mind blown by the precision driving cars!! Can’t wait to take my kids this year!!!

  34. Avatar of Georgia Nelson
    Georgia Nelson Reply

    My favourite memory is the Fairy Floss on a stick, the rides and the fireworks. Georgia

  35. Avatar of Katie Davey
    Katie Davey Reply

    Favourite memory of going on the sow rides with my dad, getting showbags and eating fairy floss… 🙂

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