We’re Calling It, This Bassinet Rocking Chair is the Winner of Life


Gone are the days of rocking your baby or bouncing around the house like Tigger on Red Bull, hoping she will eventually nod off in your arms. It’s all thanks to this bassinet slash rocking chair, which is literally the greatest parenting invention since grandparents.

It’s a rocker, it’s a bassinet, it’s both! 

The rocking chair bassinet is officially known as the Emerson Nursery Rocker by Karla Dubois and, holy hell, is it ever something special. One side is a typical rocking chair while the other side is a cozy bassinet. You can sit in the chair and gently rock your baby to sleep while she remains in the bassinet.

bassinet rocking chair
Rock on without sore arms, Photo: Karla Dubois

Your baby gets that soothing, rocking, back and forth motion that babies love. And you don’t have to go through the arm-to-cot transfer that never ends well.

YES, you read that right… Gone are the days of having to jiggle her until she’s in a coma only for her to scream the house down when you place her down. #TAKEOURMONEY

The chair looks schmick, it’s made from 100 per cent linen and it’s incredibly comfortable for both rocker and rockee.  Plus the bassinet is detachable and the chair can be converted to a single-wide rocker so you can continue to use it long after bub has outgrown the bassinet.

mum central
Photo: Karla Dubois

Need this? Better plan a trip to America 

Of course, a bassinet rocking chair is going to be a best-seller. Because any mum who has an infant DESERVES this chair.

mum central
#babynurserygoals Photo: Wayfair

It’s currently available in America through retailers like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Wayfair and Walmart for around $520 USD. While these stores can’t ship this product to us, we reckon it’s worth a trek over there just to pick up this chair. You know, when we’re actually allowed to leave Australia again. 2022 perhaps???

Best baby inventions 

This bassinet rocking chair isn’t the only parenting invention that’s sent us off our rockers. Check out a few of our other fave ideas from last year:


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