JUST ANNOUNCED! Calling all Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom fans! Do you believe in the magic of fairy princesses and elves?

For the very first time in Australia, the BAFTA award-winning television animation from the makers of Peppa Pig, takes to the stage in Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom – Live on Stage, touring this March and April.

Save your date with Princess Holly and Ben Elf in their new exciting musical adventure direct from London’s West End. It will be packed full of fun, games, songs and laughter on an enchanting journey through the Little Kingdom.

ben and hollys little kingdom 4

Ben and Holly will help their best friend Gaston the Ladybird clean his cave, go on a trip into The Big World with tooth-fairy Nanny Plum, even plan a surprise birthday party for King Thistle, and oops, let’s hope there’s not another jelly flood!


Tickets go on sale Tuesday 19 January. To be the first to access tickets to this unmissable new live show, join the wait list now at benandhollylive.com.au



Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom – Live on Stage

Australian Premiere Tour Season Dates

  • Saturday 19 March – Drum Theatre, Dandenong (Box office 03 8571 1666)
  • Tuesday 22 March – Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide Festival Centre (Bass 131 246)
  • Saturday 26 March – Her Majesty’s, Melbourne (Ticketek 1300 795 012)
  • Friday 1 & Saturday 2 April – Playhouse, Sydney Opera House (Box office 02 9250 7777)
  • Monday 4 April – Newcastle Civic Theatre (Ticketek 1300 795 012)
  • Saturday 9 April – Crown Theatre Perth (Ticketmaster 136 100)




To celebrate Ben & Holly coming to Australia, we’ve got a FAMILY PASS for 4
up for grabs to every city on the tour!

To enter, simply complete the entry form below and you’re in the running!

Remember, share the competition as the more people who enter from your shares, the more chances you have to win!!

Win 1 of 6 Family Passes to Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Live on Stage


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  1. My daughter shes a mad Ben & Holly fan .. Shes nearly 4 so this would be a perfect birthday present

  2. Paula Harris Reply

    I’d love to take my 18 month old grandson (Ben) as this his is favourite show….it stops him in his tracks no matter what he is doing

  3. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    My daughter absolutely loves Ben & Holly!! She is even speaking like them now!

  4. Shannon Discombe Reply

    I’d love to take my daughter mia she’s 1 n half n adores Ben n holly it’s just magical to see the love she has for them this would be amazing for her

  5. My son, who had requested a Ben and Holly themed party for his 4th birthday! He loves Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom!

  6. My 2 little girls would love this! It would be a special treat for my eldest starting prep this year.

  7. If I was lucky enough to win I would take my girls and partner for some family fun.

  8. My four year old daughter who is an avid fan of Holly and Gascon the ladybird

  9. My 2 year old daughter plus my sister and her 4 year old daughter

  10. Chantel Rowley Reply

    I would take my 3 children (5yo, 3yo and newborn) and Hubby for a family day out. My son has been a fan of Ben and Holly for ages and my daughter who has her own ladybird pillow she sits on and refers to as Gaston 🙂 Hubby likes the Wise Old Elf and I really like Nanny Plum.

  11. Judith Whitehead Reply

    my 3 girls (8 year old and 3 year old twins) we all like to watch ben and holly. my eldest likes nanny plum. the twins pretend to turn us into frogs and fly around with gaston

  12. I would be taking my 5 year old and one of his friends. He’s almost as keen on Ben & Holly as I am! 😀

  13. Heather Hopley Reply

    My darling grandson will be mesmerized seeing Ben and Holly live. Thank you.

  14. Tania Hardman Reply

    I’d definitely be taking my 2 boys, aged 5 & 7, and my hubby too so we can have a giggle at Nanny Plum

  15. Tracy Wood Reply

    I would be taking my 2 year old daughter because she adores Gaston!

  16. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    My twin Great Granddaughters they are just 4 and would beso excited to see this show.

  17. I’d love to take my son Korey and my daughter Lucy (who will tell you she is named after Lucy from her favourite show Ben and Holly)! 🙂

  18. Kirstin Trehan Reply

    I’d love to take my daughter nearly 4 for her birthday she loves the show

  19. Simone von Stieglitz Reply

    My daughter, niece and nephew, who are all huge fans!

  20. Carol Thorpe Reply

    I would take my Grandaughters because they love Ben and Holly

  21. James Sharpe Reply

    my best mate tasha walker, she got four kids and would love to treat them to their favourite show because with a large family, money is always tight

  22. I would take my hubby, my son and my youngest niece they are all BIG fans!

  23. Valentina Valentina Reply

    My daughters aurora & myah and my partner Dave (who loves Ben and Holly more than any of us lol)

  24. tasha walker Reply

    My partner and our two youngest children. We all LOVE ben and Holly and we really love gaston

  25. Corrin Fleming-Morris Reply

    I would take my Princess Lilly, Max Elf and my hubby who is the King Thistle to our Kingdom 🙂

  26. For my brother and he has four kids. They would thoroughly enjoy.

  27. Natasha Page Reply

    Our whole family would go. My husband and I. As well as our 4yr old son and our 8yr old son. We all love watching Ben and Holly and all their friends and family. Its a Great show!

  28. Julie Hodsman Reply

    My son (5) and daughter (3) and hubby and I would love to go.

  29. I would take my 3 sons. Ben and Holly is one of their favourite shows. Very happy it’s coming to Newcastle

  30. Both of my children, they love Ben and Holly! I am sure their dad and I would enjoy it too.

  31. Zoe Elizabeth Chalmers Reply

    Both my kids looove Ben & holly and I’d probably take my mumma with me too 🙂

  32. Jessica Maloney Reply

    My best friends 5 year old daughter, because I’m only 4’11 in height, she’s the only human I know shorter than me!

  33. Crystal hunt Reply

    I would take my 2 daughters eliza and tamika. My 4 year old just loves ben and holly. We have been reading the books every night.

  34. I’d take my two preschools to the show. They both absolutely love Ben & Holly toons.

  35. Dianne Childs Reply

    I’d be taking my son and husband. I love this show as much as my son. Gaston is awesome!

  36. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    My Husband and I will take along our 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter to Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Live on Stage.

  37. Bethany Oxley-Cullen Reply

    Id take my beautiful boy, who is such an adventurous and happy child, the joy he gets out of going to things never fails to amaze me! & perfect behaviour… im always shocked but I dont know why!

  38. My five year old son and two year old daughter. They are Ben and Holly fans.

  39. Leisa Sandles Reply

    My 5 year old twin girls would love to see Ben and Holly!

  40. My three youngest would love to go watch their first live show.

  41. Denai Scott Reply

    Both my kiddies love ben and holly and secretly so do i 😉

  42. Jodi Wells Reply

    I would take my princess and my youngest son who absolutely love Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom….thank you.

  43. I would take my grandson, daughter and son in-law, we would make a great day of it

  44. Rhiannon Nicolle Reply

    My kids love Ben and Holly! They come running whenever they hear the show start ☺

  45. Ness E Noo Reply

    My daughter and her BFF, ‘Kenzie (and Mum or Dad, who we’ve nick named, ‘Gaston’)

  46. My son……he is Ben & Holly crazy and he’s yet to go and see a live show

  47. My husband could take our daughter – our second child is due around that date so it would be lovely for her to do something on her own with her Dad before the new baby arrives.

  48. I would give it to my work colleague. Her children are big Ben and Holly fans.

  49. I would love to take my 4 year old daughter for some special time together

  50. shelbyward Reply

    My five year old son and four year old daughter – we have a Ben & Holly fairy garden and they take inspiration from the episodes.

  51. vannessajones Reply

    My beautiful boy Bailey. He’s a big fan of Ben and Holly.

  52. christine morris Reply

    I would take my Grandson & Granddaughter and their Mum, Thanks for the chance, they would love this.xx

  53. Tina Elvins Reply

    My daughters and hubby, he’d be dragged along of course lol =)

  54. Kate Galloway Reply

    I’d take my daughter and son. They both love Ben and Holly!

  55. Sonia Phillips Reply

    If my own health was OK at the time, I’d take my 5yr old son, with down syndrome and his 7 yr OK sister

  56. I would be taking the BIGGEST Ben and Holly fans around, my children Bayley and Maddison 🙂

  57. Jess Short Reply

    I would take my little brothers – the youngest is a huge Ben and Holly fan and I’m convinced that the older of the two is secretly a fan!

  58. Kate Hardman Reply

    I’d take my nephew, Sam. He loves Ben and Holly just about as much as me!

  59. Ivana O'Hara Ex Kanducar Reply

    I’d take my son Lukas. He believes in magic 🙂

  60. Ju Machado Goldswain Reply

    I would take my son Dylan!! He would go crazy about it! He loves the show!

  61. blackwidow63 Reply

    would like to give it to my new facebook friend so she can take her daughters

  62. Susan Thurston Reply

    I would take by daughter Charlotte. She loves Ben and Holly!

  63. My son and daughter. They both pretend they are Ben and Holly while watching the show.

  64. I would be taking my 4 year old son, he loves Ben and Holly, and the whole kingdom.

  65. Kit Man HA HAU Reply

    My daughter, she’s a big fan and my baby son and my husband.

  66. Samantha Yep Reply

    Who would I be taking if you selected me,
    I can certainly tell you delightfully.
    My two little daughters who giggle with glee,
    If I tell them who we are going to see.
    They absolutely love to watch Ben and Holly,
    When it pops up on our morning tellie.
    They race around so happily,
    So mum central please pick me and my girlie(s).

  67. Jessica Yeo Reply

    God bless Ben and Holly for the ten minutes of laughter and happiness they bestow on me just before the bathtime/bed craziness hits our house. My kids LOVE the show.

  68. My three children. They would have a fantastic time
    (Four years old, 23 months and 9 months)

  69. Louise Baida Reply

    I’d take my daughter and her best friend who LOVE doing everything together.

  70. Nicole Middleton Reply

    I would definitely take my 3 year old son who is a HUGE Ben and Holly fan!

  71. My garbage truck driver prince aged 3, my “healthy” cafe owner princess aged 5. Along with myself the chauffeur and go with the flow dad.

  72. Janelle Perrin Reply

    My daughter, her cousin & my sister-in-law…..Ben & Holly is a life saver….my 2 year old learned how to do Peppa Pig noises, the elf trumpet and fairy wand noises before she could talk.

  73. I’d have to take the three smalls – Miss-nearly-7, Miss-just-turned-5 and Mr-just-about-to-turn-3.

  74. Eden Flynn Reply

    I’d take Miss 3, my sister and her 4yo daughter. A great day out for our Ben and Holly loving girls.

  75. I would take my 2 gorgeous girls with me, and my husband…………he and I both adore Nanny Plumb, she is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Ineedacoffee Reply

    Miss 5 and the mr
    She loves ben and holly especially gaston

  77. My two girls who would just love to see their
    favourites come to life on stage 🙂

  78. Sarah McKenzie Reply

    My son (6 years) and my daughter (3 years) and myself who has never been to Her Majesty’s Theatre!!

  79. Ashleigh Budd Reply

    My 2 daughters and and husband. it would be a lovely day out.

  80. Claire Bansagi Reply

    Taking my 2 year old, but more importantly my husband – he loves nanny plum!

  81. I’d be taking my 2 daughters, 7 and 3 year olds who are HUGE Ben & Holly fans, of course! I’d also take my dad, their Pa, for something different for him to experience with his granddaughters! Would be a wonderful day out 🙂

  82. I would take my daughter, my lovely friend and her daughter to Ben and Holly’s little kingdom live!

  83. Mel Cochrane-Finlay Reply

    I would take my daughter, my sister & her little one. They would absolutely LOVE it!

  84. You’re never too young to start attending the theatre, it’s best to begin as early as possible to nurture a love of live performances and sharing an event rather than watching a screen alone. I’d take my 2 daughters so we three single girls can share some fun times and create memories for a life time.

  85. My daughter is addicted to this show and to allow her to experience it live would be amazing

  86. Koreena Lewis Reply

    I would take my Ben and Holly OBSESSED 4 year old, her little sister and my partner, who loves Nanny Plum!!

  87. Helena Leung Reply

    If I took anyone other than my daughters I’m sure they would turned me into a toad, just like Nanny Plum!

  88. Nelly Stille Reply

    I’d have to take my son, one of his little mates, and their mum. We’d have so much fun!

  89. Nicole Kent Reply

    Little Miss 6 and Mr 4
    As Ben and Holly they adore
    But Gaston is their favourite one
    His cheeky wit can’t be outdone!

  90. Katrina Mudronja Reply

    I would take all 3 of my children, my 18 month old loves Ben and Holly but they all have at one point, would be great to win

  91. Donna Briggs-Wilson Reply

    My hubby and our nearly 4yr old son (be a great birthday present)
    Would be his first ever concert

  92. sam pearce Reply

    I’ll bring my two sons and hubby as well. We all love Ben & Holly, too bad they’re not visiting Planet Bong in the stage show lol that one always makes mummy and daddy giggle

  93. Amanda Tudosa Reply

    I would bring my girls! My oldest is a huge fan, and I know my littlest would enjoy it as well!

  94. My little girl loves Ben and Holly. My son is to young yet to enjoy so we will be inviting my friend and her daughter who also love the show along with us

  95. Philippa Beatty Reply

    I would take my Mr 5 and Miss 2.5 (who thinks she is Princess Holly when she wears her pretty pink dress), and my mum as well. 🙂

  96. I would take my niece, nephew and sister this would be a perfect day out and I’ll be the favorite aunty !

  97. Debbie Serojales Reply

    My husband and I would love to take our 3 and 5 year old daughters to Ben and Holly their absolute favourite show!

  98. Amy Blackwood Reply

    I’d take my 4 year old daughter who would love to take a trip into the magical kingdom.

  99. Kylea Daymond Reply

    I would take my boys me 3 and mr 1.5. They both love watching ben and holly’s little kingdom.

  100. Gemma Gingell Reply

    My Kids would love it, they are obsessed! Magic always leads to trouble!!

  101. My two “little kingdom” crazy girls – even if they do sing “we’re going to elf school ALL the way there

  102. Kasey Houzaifi Reply

    I would pay it forward to my friends little miss daisy who is a major Little Kingdom fan!!

  103. Kristy Sinkovic Reply

    I will be taking my 3 darlings aged 8, 5 and 3 who watch this show every day, on abckids iview app! They adore ben and holly.

  104. Gail Davies Reply

    I would be giving the pass to my daughter-in-law and her sister to take the little ones for an awesome outing !!!

  105. I would be taking my two children and a friend (or hubby if I can drag him along!)

  106. Laura Adams Reply

    I’d take my son, my friend and her little girl who absolutely loves Ben and Holly!

  107. Halabia Merhi Reply

    I’d be taking my niece as a surprise as she loves Ben and holly!

  108. Emily Zilm Reply

    I’d take my two biggest Ben and Holly fans, my kids Ethan and Mariah.

  109. My two little grand daughters watch Ben and Holly every day. It would be such a treat for them and for me if I could take them to this lovely show.

  110. Therese newton Reply

    Would love to take my kids but especially my son for his birthday he is obsessed with Ben and holly.

  111. Kristal J Slade Reply

    Would be taking my son brock he would absolutely love this. He love watching it on tv.

  112. I am trying to win ‘godmother of the year’ and I have a good chance with this fantastic prize!!!

  113. Cathy Billett Reply

    I would LOVE to take my Grandson Taj to see this, I know he would be absolutely enthralled by the whole experience!

  114. My daughter, Alyssa will be coming with me. She loves Ben and Holly!

  115. My daughter would be over the moon to see Ben & Holly’s little kingdom !

  116. My 2 boys would love a family trip to Melbourne to see this. A whole weekend of magic!

  117. Danielle Hall Reply

    I would take my three year old daughter and her best friend and her mummy!! It would be a great girls day out!!

  118. Katrina McAliece Reply

    I’d take my 4yr old daughter, my cousin and her 4yr old daughter because they get on so well and love to use their imagination

  119. My husband loves Ben and holly and always comes home from work in time to watch with our daughters!

  120. My little boys who are six and five,
    Excited to see Ben and Holly arrive,
    And their magical kingdom, full of fun,
    How amazing it’d be to see Nanny Plum,
    King Thistle and ladybird Gaston too,
    Seeing this show, on their list to do.

  121. I’d definitely be taking Jarad and Jasmine. Both are the perfect age to love the show.

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