Ah, that characteristic crunch under your feet as you navigate the playroom. Lego! The kids have truckloads of the plastic bricks spread out across the carpet, on the countertops and shoved into the deep, dark depths of almost every piece of furniture.

Before cursing the day that you brought home that very first set, check out some of these imaginatively awesome Lego hacks that go way outside the brick box!

1. Mini Figure Cord Keeper

You’ve got dozens of those teeny tiny character Legos sitting around. You’ve also got cords galore. Keep your desk nice and neat with this brilliant hack from Sugru.


2. Make Magnets

That leftover Lego doesn’t have to go into the trash. Save them and use them to make magnets. She’s Called Claire’s DIY version steps it up a bit, with a spray paint finish!


3. Hold Keys

If you can keep cords clean and post notes with home-made magnets, why not hold keys? This clever key hanger from Instructables shows you just how helpful this hack truly is!


4. Build a Belt

This Lego belt buckle from Delia Creates takes ‘creating’ to a whole new level.



5. Light up Your Life

Your little one love, love, loves Lego, and he also happens to need a lamp. Impatiently Crafty’s Lego lamp combines a plastic brick hack with an awesome Ikea idea.


5. Top a Cake

It’s your little one’s birthday and you’re looking for something that’s more than the usual cake candles. Angelnavywife’s mini figure candle holder is a crafty solution for your cutie’s cake.

7. Lego Necklace

Take one of those mini figures and magically transform it into a neat little necklace like Lil Blue Boo did.


8. Lego Marble Craze

The kids don’t have to build Legos to fit the instructions that come in the box. Create-Celebrate-Explore’s marble maze takes takes the bricks and uses them in an imaginatively playful way.


9. Put Together a New Handbag

Want designer accessories without the sky-high price tag? Lego Hacks serves the stylish brick consumer with these designer knock-offs.


10. Style up some Soap

The kids totally aren’t into washing their hands. What can you do? Try adding Lego like The Rockin Boys Club did.


11. Take Over a Table

A simple table plus a lot of Lego equals Ikea Hacker’s colourfully cool furniture find.



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