Manuka Oil: Some Say It’s the Golden Nectar of Skincare – 5 Reasons Why Your Skin Will LOVE it!


Wine may be the nectar of the gods but Manuka Oil is where it’s at for us mere mortals, especially when it comes to our skin. I’ve been a long-term sufferer of sh*tty skin syndrome, which may be a made-up thing but the struggle is real.

Adult acne, hormonal breakouts, oil spots, dry patches, blackheads, big ugly whiteheads that I know I shouldn’t pop but I REALLY want to! The works.

Recently I’ve discovered Manuka Oil and it’s been a godsend for my skin.

Manuka oil is a natural moisturising and antimicrobial oil that comes from Manuka honey. You’ve heard of superfoods before, right? Well, think of Manuka oil as a superfood for your skin.

We’ll get to why it’s so fantastic in a second.

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Our skin is such an important part of us and having skin problems can not only drain your confidence but also leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Not a good feeling!

Manuka Oil is designed to not just mask the problem, but to heal your skin from within. Below are just a few benefits of using it on a regular basis.

Manuka Oil is proven to reduce acne and inflammation

Manuka Oil is the master of wound-healing and can work wonders on all sorts of acne, from small blackheads to painful cystic acne. There have been several studies on the effects of using it in treating infections and inflammations with conclusive results that yep – this stuff really works!

DermaGen Manuka Oil

Manuka Oil reduces scars and sun-damage

It’s not just acne either – Manuka Oil can help reduce scars, burns, even sun damage. It can wipe away redness, dry patches and oily pores too – making it effective for all skin types and skin conditions.

It also can help with several skin conditions – psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and dermatitis.

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Source: DermaGen

Manuka Oil reduces bacterial growth

Do you know what causes blemishes to your face? Bacteria! Yep. Manuka Oil is proven to reduce bacterial growth, including Staphylococcus epidermis, Staphylococcus aureus, and Propionibacterium acne bacteria

FUN FACT: Manuka Oil can also be used to disinfect surfaces around the house.

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Source: DermaGen

Manuka Oil heals and hydrates the skin

It supports skin healing rather than simply masking the problem. And because it has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it also works to strengthen the skin barrier.

manuka oil - dermaGen
Source: DermaGen

Manuka Oil gives effective treatment without the side effects 

Many people who are struggling with skin conditions will turn to steroids or antibiotics to help. These creams and pills can be effective but they can also be quite dangerous for long-term use.

Most doctors will only prescribe them for a short period of time which means the problems often come back as soon as you stop using it. Manuka Oil provides similar skin healing benefits as topical steroids but without the risk of topical steroid withdrawal or the side effects that come from excessive steroid use.

It’s is all-natural and can be used daily. It’s also suitable for the entire family – from babies to teens. 

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Source: DermaGen

What about Bee Propolis? 

Bee Propolis is another superfood for your skin. Like Manuka, it’s all-natural and proven effective in wound-healing, inflammation, and more.

It’s also:

  • antibacterial
  • antifungal
  • antiviral
  • antiprotozoal
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant

While Manuka Oil is derived from the New Zealand Manuka honey plant, Bee Propolis is comprised of beeswax and pollen, which is not suitable for those who are allergic to pollen. However, both offer the same healing and skin supporting qualities.

DermaGen has both a Propolis Balm and a Manuka Oil Balm. Both are ARTG-listed to relieve the symptoms for mild eczema and dermatitis. They are not tested on animals, are steroid-free and are also made from 100% natural derived ingredients. 

Their Propolis Balm is a Bronze Award and Editor’s Choice in the multi-purpose balm category while the Manuka Oil Balm comes with a Gold in the Insect repellant/salve category.

Another great product to try is the Active 8 Serum, ideal for extra healing and hydration, which comes with a Gold in the sensitive skin category.

Check out the award results at Clear + Conscious. 

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Source: DermaGen

Countless families rely on DermaGen for their skincare needs and we know you will be over the moon with the results. They have won 4 awards from the Clean and Conscious Awards and their testimonials speak wonders. 

Gain the confidence you deserve and feel comfortable with your glowing skin – try DermaGen today. The skincare line is stocked in over 500 pharmacies Australia-wide. Find a stockist closest to you.

If shopping online, be sure to use the code MC20% at checkout to SAVE 20% OFF.

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