Best Baby Baths and Bath Seats Bound to Make a Splash!

Splish, splosh, splash, we’re takin’ a bath! Or at least we hope so. We’re not going to lie, bathing a baby can be tricky. They’re wriggly, sometimes crying, often slippery. Don’t worry though, with a little confidence and a comfy bath, you’ll be on your way to bath bliss in no time!

Here are all of our top picks for best baby baths and supportive seats to make bathing a baby a little bit easier.

So what kind of bath do you need for your little one? Something small and compact or big and roomy? Scroll on to see our top picks!

Baby Bath Tips:

  • Newborns really don’t need daily immersive baths. Two to three baths a week is fine and a ‘top and tail’ wash with a warm face washer (and a dry one to dry off as you go) is totally fine. Poo-namis being the exception as you’ll definitely want to give them a bath after a nappy explosion.
  • Before bathing your newborn or young baby, make sure everything is within reach and set up so you don’t have to take your hands off your baby at all.
  • Test the bathwater to ensure it’s around 37-38°C before putting your baby in the bath. You can use your wrist or elbow to check the temperature, it should be comfortably warm and not at all hot.
  • Baby baths don’t hold a lot of water and can get cool quite quickly. A 5 to 10-minute long bath is plenty long enough to relax your baby (perfect for the bedtime routine).
  • Never leave a baby alone in the bath. A baby can drown quickly and silently in very shallow water.
  • For babies and toddlers on the move, always close the bathroom door when filling a bath. Children can lean into a bath over the edge and not be able to shift their weight to tip themselves back and possibly drown or scald themselves. Don’t risk it, close the door!
  • Remember, babies will be wet and cool off quickly when you take them out of the bath. Dry and dress them quickly in a warm area so they don’t catch a chill.
  • ALWAYS empty the baby bath and hang up any bath toys to dry. Discard any bath toys at the first sight of mould or mildew, better yet, use only sealed bath toys!
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Bath time can be the most relaxing and fun time while connecting with baby! Source: Canva

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Skip Hop Moby Bath

PRICE: $99.99

baby baths
Source: Skip Hop

Offering ergonomic comfort and support and adapting to your bub’s stage and age, the Skip Hop Moby bath promises an absolute whale of a bathtime!

The perfect bath for new parents wrangling a slippery baby, the netted sling provides full cradling support for newborns, followed by seated support for babies mastering the sit position. Once baby has grown a little more this can be removed to use as a free bath. There’s even a handy swivel hook for it to hang up and dry.

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Shnuggle Baby Bath

PRICE: $69.99

baby baths
Source: Shnuggle

Designed to make bathtime less stressful for parents, while still being fun for the baby, Shnuggle is just like a bath cuddle. Suitable from a newborn, the clever bum bump helps support even the tiniest baby in a comfy, supported upright position and stops the dreaded sliding.

The compact size is perfect for being water-wise and keeps bath water warmer for longer. You can bathe your little cherub in as little as 2L of water and great for apartment and those with limited room! Amazing!

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Angelcare Bath Support

PRICE: $54.99

baby baths
Source: Angelcare

Suitable for babies six months old and older, the Angelcare Bath Support is designed for comfort and safety, making washing your little one a breeze without any big and bulky accessories.

Made from durable, lightweight plastic and soft mesh fabric, this bath support allows water to drain easily and dry quickly. Available in pink, grey and aqua blue, the Angelcare Bath Support also has a hook for super convenient storage.

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Roger Armstrong Flat Fold Bath

PRICE: $59.95

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Source: Roger Armstrong

The ideal bath for on-the-go, the Roger Armstrong Flat Fold Bath does exactly what its name suggests – it folds FLAT!

Non-slip folding legs support the weight of the filled bath, providing safety for use on all flat surfaces. This baby bath hosts so many great features including a storage shelf for toys or toiletries, a hook for easy storage, takes up next to no space AND there’s even a heat sensor in the plug to prevent overheating. Winning!

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Poppy Bath Seat

PRICE: $49.99

baby baths
Source: phil&teds

Perfect for babies who can sit unassisted, the phil&teds Poppy Bath Seat makes a full-size bath fun for babies and toddlers to sit and splash!

Keeping even the wiggliest of babies and toddlers in their spot, there are no accidental slips to be had from bubs crawling around the tub or heads bumped on taps or faucets. PHEW! The Poppy Bath Seat is secured to the bath base through super strong suction caps so you can press it into place and remove it as required. Easy!

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PRICE: $14.99

baby baths
Source: IKEA

A no-frills, great bang for your buck baby bath, the IKEA LATTSAM baby bath nails the budget bathtime brief. Curved bath edges are comfortable for baby and a parent’s supportive or resting arm. There’s even soft anti-slip protection in the base for added support and to prevent any slip-sliding – but not the splashing – because, well, you should still expect that!

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Stokke Flexi Bath

PRICE: $69.95

baby baths
Source: Stokke

The Stokke Flexi Bath is a foldable baby bath suitable for newborns (using Stokke Flexible Newborn Support, sold separately) to four-year-olds. The space-saving design makes it easy to store and convenient to use at home or when travelling. It encourages more shared bathtime moments, no matter where you are – even when camping!

The ultimate space-saver, this bath can be tucked away in the smallest of gaps for storage and the high sides mean toddlers can bathe in it too. A heat-sensitive drain plug at the base means not only can you tell if the water is too hot, no one has to do the heavy lifting to tip water out. Simply pull the plug and drain!

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Infasecure Ulti Plus Deluxe Bath plus Ulti Bath Stand

PRICE: $76.99 (for bath) and $96.99 (for the stand, sold separately)

baby baths
Source: Infasecure

The Ulti Plus Deluxe Bath is a feature-packed bath anatomically designed to support your baby. In-built moulded supports gently cradle your baby in the layback position, making bath time calmer and easier. The other end of the bath, the upright position, suits older infants who can sit up.

The bath comes complete with a drain plug and hose, making emptying the bath quick and easy. Built-in soap trays and dual pump-action dispensers (for your liquid soap and baby shampoo), ensure your essentials are always within arms reach and don’t topple over. ALSO, you can team this with the Ulti Bath Stand (sold separately) to save your back!

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So there you have it! Ten very different baby baths and bath seats – something for everyone and every price! Happy bathtime!

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