Whether you’re a bottle-feeding mama, a breastfeeding mama, or blending the two together, at some point in your parenting journey you’re likely to need bottles to feed your precious babe. From plastic to glass and stainless steel, here are our top picks of best baby bottles for 2021.

Not even sure where to start or what to look for? We get it! Here’s a great starting point below … and let us introduce you to what we think are important points to consider.

6 Baby Bottle Buying Tips

  1. Try before you buy more than one. Always buy just one bottle of a particular brand or type before committing to kitting out your bottle collection. The last thing you want is a dozen bottles of one type and your baby decides to refuse them!
  2. Think about how old or how big your baby is in relation to what volume capacity baby bottle you’re buying. A newborn baby only needs small bottles! Older babies need to drink more, so need bigger bottles. Hovering a giant bottle over a tiny baby can be cumbersome, so shop wisely.
  3. You’re going to need to keep your baby bottles sparkling clean and sterilised. Keep that in mind when buying bottles. Fiddly and hard-to-clean parts, bottle brushes and sterilising kits all need to be considered when buying bottles!
  4. How many bottles will you need? If you’re exclusively bottle feeding, around 8 to 10 bottles in the rotation is a good number. If you’re mostly breastfeeding, 3 to 4 is a great number to have on hand.
  5. Flow matters so pay attention to the flow number on the teat. The smaller the number, the smaller the flow!
  6. Baby bottle teats don’t last forever, look out for wear and tear and replace them every couple of months!

10 Best Baby Bottles 2021

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature PPSU Baby Bottle

PRICE: $17.95
WHERE TO BUY: Tommee Tippee

baby bottles
Source: Tommee Tippee

With the Closer to Nature PPSU baby bottle in your feeding arsenal, switching between breast and bottle feeding has never been simpler. Made from polyphenyl sulfone (PPSU), these baby bottles are highly durable and are also heat-resistant. With Close to Nature’s super soft, breast-like teat and built-in anti-colic valve, it might just be the best thing for baby, since you! Bottles come with teats included so you can try them out straight away. Nice!

Pigeon SofTouch Bottles

PRICE: $31.99 for 160ml Twin Pack

baby bottles
Source: Pigeon

Making mixed feeding a breeze, the Pigeon SofTouch Bottle is an easy clean wide neck bottle made from lightweight plastic, suitable for occasional to regular use. The bottle is supplied with the highly acclaimed SofTouch™ Peristaltic PLUS teat, designed with a wide neck design similar to your breast shape to avoid nipple confusion. It features a textured surface for the perfect latch and tongue positioning. The teat Air Ventilation System is also awesome for supporting constant milk flow and helps reduce colic. Amazing!

Medela Calma Teat and Bottle

PRICE: $31.96

Source: Medela

The perfect partner for your breastmilk pumping journey, Medela Calma supports an easy switch from breast to bottle for primarily breastfed bubbas. The no-drip vented air-controlled nipple teat mimics natural feeding and helps avoid gassiness and windy baby bellies. We love that the Medela Calma is a one size teat for all stages of feeding as your baby grows and their needs change.

Nuk First Choice+ Temperature Control baby bottle

PRICE: $12

baby bottles
Source: NUK

Forget about testing milk temperatures on your wrist, Nuk’s First Choice+ baby bottle has a handy temperature control indicator for you to SEE the perfect temperature for your bub’s feed. If the panel turns white, the bottle contents are over the ideal 37°C and too hot! It’s not all about the bottle though, the brilliant NUK Anti-Colic Air System teat ensures a natural flow to help your baby drink without swallowing air, keeping bubbly burps to a minimum!

Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Options + Anti-Colic Bottles

PRICE: $27.99 for Twin Pack 150ml

baby bottles
Source: Dr Brown’s

Clinically proven to reduce colic, Options is the first convertible bottle that can be used with or without the vent system. The nipple venting creates a paced flow and provides a feeding experience similar to most nipple-vented bottles. The new vent system is designed to grow with a baby, and it’s recommended to use this system to experience all the health benefits of Dr Brown’s bottle, helping to reduce feeding problems, aid digestion and preserve vitamins.

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottles

PRICE: $17.46 for 260ml Twin Pack
WHERE TO BUY: Chemist Warehouse

Source: Philips Avent

The Philips Avent Natural baby bottle is designed for mums who want to combine breast and bottle feeding. The ultra-soft, breast-shaped nipple teat encourages a natural latch and mimics the feel of the breast. The bottle is ergonomically shaped with curves in all the right places, making it easy for even the tiniest of hands to grasp. A bottle with very few parts, Avent bottles gets full marks for ease of cleaning!

Beaba glass baby bottle

PRICE: $9.95 (ON SALE!)

Source: Beaba

Beaba’s Wide-Neck Glass Bottle features a wide, anti-impact base for greater stability and a 100% airtight leakproof lid so you can confidently toss it in your nappy bag! The high-resistant glass is heat and thermal shockproof and can even safely go into the microwave and dishwasher. The 240ml BEABA glass baby bottle comes with a slow-flow teat, suitable for 0–6-months.

Lion & Lady Stainless Steel Feeding Bottle

PRICE: $29.95
WHERE TO BUY: Lion & Lady

baby bottles
Source: Lion & Lady

Eco-friendly, sustainable, low tox stainless steel baby bottles – the Lion & Lady Feeding Bottle is designed to be practical. It heats faster than plastic in hot water and accommodates any universal wide-neck teat. Made from 100% food-grade stainless steel, this bottle is built tough, even after hundreds of sterilisations and feeds. The flexible design allows you to freeze breastmilk and later, puree as it morphs into a snack pot. How eco-cool!

Haakaa Gen. 3 Glass Baby Bottle and Silicone Bottle Cover Combo

PRICE: From NZ$41.70

baby bottles
Source: Haakaa

The Gen. 3 Glass Bottle is ergonomically designed to be held easily and comfortably during feeding. Along with the anti-colic nipple included with this bottle, Haakaa Gen. 3 Glass Baby Bottles are also compatible with the Gen. 3 Sippy Spout and Sealing Disk attachments. Feeling cautious? Protect your glass bottle with a Gen. 3 Silicone Glass Bottle Cover for a snug fit and increased grip. Choose from two sizes, 90ml and 160ml.

Cherub Baby Colour Change Glass Bottle

PRICE: $19.99
WHERE TO BUY: Cherub Baby

baby bottles
Source: Cherub Baby

This glass bottle is made using premium borosilicate, a superior grade of glass that will not hold any odours is scratch-resistant, won’t stain or easily house bacteria. It’s light but built tough and has an amazing thermal shock resistance. So strong you can confidently fill with boiling water and then transfer straight to the freezer. Not sure if your bottle contents are too hot? Never fear, the silicone sleeve turns white when the liquid inside is too hot! Brilliant!

There you have it, folks, all of our favourite baby bottles for 2021! May your feeding times be sweet, quiet and gentle bonding moments (rather than all the grabby and hangry!) 😉

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