12 Gorgeous Pregnancy and Baby Milestone Cards to Capture the Memories

Let the good times roll, and mark the occasion with this roundup of stunning milestone cards and fancy pants plaques along the way! From documenting your growing baby bump through the weeks to announcing your little one’s arrival – we’ve got all the beautiful cards, discs and plaques right here to help you mark the milestones in style.

The perfect gift for any mama to be (or for yourself) is a sweet set of milestone cards. They’re the perfect prop for documenting your growing baby bump through the pregnancy months, announcing the arrival of your beautiful babe and of course, all of that rapid growing and excitement of their first year.

Get your camera and your bump or bub ready and let’s go!

Tips for taking fantastic milestone photos:

  • Consistency is key: Take each photo in the same pose, on the same background and if possible, wearing the same outfit – it makes for brilliant consistency and comparison between shots.
  • Lighting matters: Always aim for natural light with no shadows! The middle of the day is almost always a good time to get your camera out when the sun is at its highest point.
  • Get creative: Use props such as the milestone cards below or sit your bub in the same chair for your series of images. Whatever your imagination allows!
  • Camera angle: Directly above is always good for photographing a baby and of course, for your growing bump – side on!
  • Get snap happy: Take LOTS of photos for each milestone. Baby’s move a lot so you want to make sure you get at least a few non-blurry pics!

Hit up our list below, from timber to beautiful cardboard and all the cardstock in between, there’s a milestone to suit everyone’s bump and bub style here.

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1. Truly Amor Mamá Pregnancy Milestone Cards

PRICE $39.95
CARDS IN SET: 43 cards

Spoil yourself or your bestie with these sweet pregnancy milestone cards. Capturing the important milestones, they’re perfect for accompanying photos to celebrate all the special moments from the first weeks of pregnancy to the last.

This Truly Amor Mamá Pregnancy Milestone Cards set includes 43 milestone cards, including counting weeks and sweet moments including “I felt you kick for the first time today“ and “your nursery is ready”. Swoon!

milestone cards
Beautiful cards for the whole family to celebrate the baby bump. Source: Truly Amor

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2. Hello Fern Classic Wooden Pregnancy Milestone Card Discs

PRICE: $64
CARDS IN SET: 15 discs

A fabulous starter set, this Hello Fern Classic Wooden Pregnancy Milestone Card Discs includes 15 individual card discs. Designs are etched on quality timber and packaged in a beautiful cotton bag tied up with string and make for a gorgeous gift to any mama-to-be.

This set also includes discs reading ‘due today‘, ‘scan day‘ and ‘baby shower day‘ for an extra sweet touch!

milestone cards
Baby shower day! Source: Hello Fern

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3. Arlo & Co Pregnancy Milestone Card Set

PRICE: $65
CARDS IN SET: 10 cards

The perfect photo prop to help to track the growth of your growing bump photographs, these Arlo & Co Pregnancy Milestone Cards are just beautiful.

Made from timber, milestone cards make a gorgeous gift and a beautiful keepsake. These can easily be used over and over again for each baby in your family! Choose from a sweet printed leaf design or a more minimalist cut out lettering style. Sweet!

milestone cards
It’s bumps-ahoy with these pregnancy milestone cards. Source: Arlo & Co

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4. Zilvi Earth Timber Milestones

PRICE: $66
CARDS IN SET: 14 plaques

From Zilvi, a set of Earth timber plaques to mark each monthly milestone. Each set contains 14 raw natural blonde timber plaques. Including ‘I’m here’, ‘one-week old’, ‘one-month-old’ up to ‘twelve months old’. The Earth set includes the sun, moon and rainbow design cut out repeated through the set.

Zilvi products are made to order right here in Australia, so do account for the lead time so you have them in your hot little hands from the day your bub arrives.

baby milestone cards
Earth details, perfect for a boho baby vibe. Source: Zilvi

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5. Snuggle Hunny Kids Milestone Cards

PRICE: $34.95

If you’re not particularly creative, never fear – the crew at Snuggle Hunny Kids make capturing all of those beautiful and super cute milestone pics really easy. With several colour designs available, their milestone cards coordinate with their swaddles, wraps and beanies to complete the whole matchy-matchy look!

This 2 in 1 pack contains 25 Reversible milestone cards with age milestones on one side and classic milestones to capture on the reverse such as ‘I slept through the night’, ‘Yum! I’m eating solid food’ and ‘My first tooth’, just to name a few.

milestone cards
A one-stop shop at Snuggle Hunny Kids! Source: Snuggle Hunny Kids

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6. Arlo & Co Baby Milestone Cards

PRICE: from $62
CARDS IN SET: 5 to 13, depending on set

We’re spoilt for choice with Arlo & Co Baby Milestone Cards! Choose from three sets – Age Milestones Mini Set (5 cards – one-day-old, one-week-old, one-month-old and one-year-old), Age Milestones Set (13 cards – one-day-old, 1-month-old through to 11 months and one-year-old) and the Development Milestones Set (9 cards including milestones such as ‘today I giggled for the first time’, ‘today I rolled over’, ‘today I took my first step’ and more!).

Each set is available with designs printed onto eco-friendly plantation bamboo cards or alternatively, designs etched into plantation plywood cards. Brilliant for reusing over and over again!

mum central
These milestone cards are good enough to munch! Source: Arlo & Co

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7. Love To Dream Milestone Cards Pack

PRICE: $19.95
CARDS IN SET: 30 cards

If it’s bright and bold milestone cards you seek, there’s no going past these beauties from Love To Dream! Grey, teal, black, orange and white set the colourful scene for all of your little one’s milestones!

milestone cards
Bright and bold milestone cards at the ready! Source: The Iconic

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8. Kiin Wooden Monthly Milestone Discs

PRICE: $39
CARDS IN SET: 13 cards

The Kiin Baby Wooden Milestone Discs are the perfect photo prop for documenting the monthly changes & growth of your new little one, for the first year of their life!

These 10cm discs are etched with each month starting from 1 month through to 12 months, plus a ‘Hello World’ disc for the announcement of your new baby! Kept safe in a drawstring bag, each smooth disc is adorable with its mixed font and sweet etched rainbow design – making them all the more special.

mum central
Rainbow detail is perfect for sweet new babes. Source: Kiin

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9. Hello Fern Australiana Achievement Milestone Discs

PRICE: $64
CARDS IN SET: 14 cards

A beautiful gift for every Australiana loving mama, these wooden achievement milestone cards make a gorgeous keepsake.

Capture each day of your babies big milestones as they smile, laugh and eventually walk their way across your heart – which won’t take long at all! Add this to a traditional monthly milestone set for stunningly consistent photos. So sweet!

mum central
Achievement milestone cards just got REAL cute! Source: Hello Fern

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10. Kaisercraft Baby Milestone Cards

PRICE: $12.99
CARDS IN SET: 20 cards

The recording of a newborn journey through the first 12 months has never been sweeter than with these Kaisercraft Baby Milestone Cards. A pack of 20 double-sided cards and available in three colourways – pink, blue and neutral – there’s something for everyone and every surprise!

Don’t forget to pack the final birth announcement card in your hospital bag so you can capture the traditional hospital issue baby blanket wrapped baby burrito with all their birth details to share. Naaawww!

mum central
Pretty in pastels from Kaisercraft! Source: Kaisercraft

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11. Bright Star Kids Baby Milestone Cards

PRICE: $9.95 (currently on sale!)
CARDS IN SET: 26 cards

This Bright Star Kids Milestone Cards pack features your baby’s monthly age updates (1 Month to 1 Year) and 14 special milestones like their first steps, first words, first Christmas and many other beautiful family moments and details you’re sure to want to never forget.

Containing 26 cards, each card is double-sided so you can write more details about your baby’s milestone, including the date and location of where it happened which is excellent – that sleep-deprived fog messes with your memory. A personalised keepsake box is an extra special touch and brilliant for gifting!

milestone cards
Put your name on it, complete with a personalised gift box perfect for gifting! Source: Bright Star Kids

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12. Little Design Shed Wreath Birth Plaque

PRICE: $21
CARDS IN SET: 1 plaque

Celebrate the birth of your little one, recording the special details with this adorable Little Design Shed wreath birth plaque. The perfect keepsake and the sweetest way to announce your little one’s arrival to the world. It also makes the perfect gift for mums-to-be!

Choose from ‘Hello World’ or ‘Welcome Baby’ designs, it’s an easy addition to your hospital bag with a pen to record your newborn’s name, weight, length and birth date.

mum central
The sweetest baby wreath plaque there ever was. Source: Little Design Shed

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There you have it, a pregnancy and baby milestone cards bonanza! Have you got a favourite brand for stunning milestones? Let us know below, we’d love to hear it so we can add it to the list!

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