Best Baby Monitors: 11 of the Best to Keep an Eye on Baby!

Want to keep a close eye on your baby without creeping in to check on them every 15 minutes? We hear you … especially so if you have a light sleeper! Clever parents know a good baby monitor is the eyes in the back of their head. Having been down that road many times before, we applaud them!

Keeping your eye on your sleeping (or not sleeping) baby is SO much easier with a baby monitor. Hear and see your bub from virtually anywhere with some devices, and save you checking in on them in person.

Plus, baby monitors are invaluable if you have a large space and other noisy kids. Plus, you can get on with other tasks while the baby sleeps and won’t miss a beat with these best baby monitors close by!

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Baby monitors have come a long way over the years. Source: Supplied

Baby monitors fall into three categories:

AUDIO: Much like a two-way radio or walkie-talkie, this is a voice-only system that has been used for decades. It’s a great system that’s long been popular but has mostly been replaced by modern video systems.

VIDEO: A system that sends a video feed from a nursery camera to a smart device – either a tablet or your phone via an app, or connects directly to a parent unit.

BREATHING MOVEMENT MONITORS: Devices designed to continually monitor the breathing movements of your sleeping baby and audibly alarm in the instance of a change in the breathing movement.

Features to consider when buying a baby monitor:

MOVEMENT MONITOR: Some baby monitors sound an alarm when the baby is restless or, on the flip side, when your baby hasn’t moved after a specific length of time (the set time may differ between manufacturers).

INFRARED CAMERA: An infrared camera is awesome if your baby’s room is dark or if you’re monitoring overnight. The visual will be in black and white, but viewable!

SOUND INDICATOR LIGHTS: Sound indicator lights are a gamechanger, especially if you are busily entertaining other children while your baby sleeps, have chatty visitors or even if you are hard of hearing. Any noise in the room will trigger flashing lights to signal your bub is making noise and super handy.

CAMERA MOUNT STYLE: You absolutely must consider how the baby monitor is going to be set up in your nursery. If it’s fixed on a wall mount, that’s relatively permanent. Not so great if you change the furniture around often. Flat surface or clamp set-ups are versatile and can be set up anywhere in the room.

TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION: This two-way voice speaker function is super handy if you can help hush your bub back to sleep without going into their room. It’s also awesome for telling your partner where they can find spare nappies and other things while they tend to bubs. 😉

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Oricom Secure875 5″ Touchscreen Baby Monitor

Oricom Secure875 baby montior
Source: Supplied

PRICE: $329

Featuring a huge 5″ touchscreen display, the Oricom Secure875 makes keeping an eye on your bub super easy! Check on bub from anywhere in your home using the Secure875’s motorised pan-tilt camera unit that allows you to move the camera using touch controls on the parent unit. Amazing, right?

Up to four cameras can be connected (available separately), providing many more watchful eyes. That’s not all, the Oricom Secure875 also includes a room-temperature sensor, lullabies and white noise to help make sleep-time easier.

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Uniden Baby Watch BW5151R 5” Monitor and 1 Camera Pack

Uniden baby montior
Source: Supplied

PRICE: $299.95

The new flagship model for Uniden’s award-winning Baby Watch monitor range, the Uniden Baby Watch BW5151R is as cute as it is smart.  It offers parents high-tech features for peace of mind, is WiFi enabled with a full HD 1080P pan and tilt camera with dual-mode functionality. This allows caregivers to view from a smartphone as well as the included 5″ HD monitor.

Motion and sound detection can sense if your bub is stirring and will send an alert to your device to let you know your time is up! Other brilliant features include room humidity display, 14 lullabies, high-quality night vision and darkness detection, just to name a few. A cute silicone rabbit cover blends the camera in with the nursery but if a rabbit isn’t your vibe, you can strip it bare.

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Oricom Babysense7 Breathing Movement Monitor

Oricom babysense7 monitor
Source: Supplied

PRICE: $329

The Babysense7 Breathing Movement Monitor is Australia’s first and only infant breathing movement monitor to be included as a medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Battery operated, the Babysense7 Breathing Movement Monitor is an integrated system with a control unit connected to sensor pads placed under your baby’s mattress. Designed to continually monitor the breathing of your sleeping baby, alarms will sound if the breathing slows or stops to alert parents immediately. Now that’s amazing peace of mind!

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Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Nanit Pro Baby Monitor
Source: Supplied

PRICE: Starts at $299 USD (approx $395 AUD)

Meet the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor – the only baby monitor that keeps you in the loop with your baby’s overall development. This includes tracking sleep, height and breathing motion, while saving every precious milestone into a digital scrapbook!

The new 1080p Nanit Pro Camera gives you a crystal clear overhead view of your baby’s cot, day or night and automatically tracks baby’s sleep. Plus breathing motion monitoring can be tracked with the included Breathing Wear band that is made of all cotton with no sensors. And with Smart Sheets, you can track your baby’s growth from the palm of your hand. A built-in night light, white noise and nature sound as well as two-way audio makes settling your baby a cinch. Night night!

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Oricom Secure740 4.3″ Digital Baby Monitor

mum central
Source: Supplied

PRICE: $249

The Oricom Secure740 Digital Video Baby Monitor provides parents with valuable peace of mind. The freedom to get on with the endless jobs around the home, knowing you can check on your sweet bundle of a baby at any time.

Multi-camera capable, this monitor also features motion detection, parent talkback, room temperature display and alert plus a handy feeding timer. And if it’s white noise your baby loves – this monitor plays womb sounds as well as a vacuum cleaner. #GENIUS

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Owlet Monitor Duo

owlet baby monitor
Source: Supplied

PRICE: $649.99

The Smart Sock 3 is the smartest baby monitor of its kind. Built around a miniature pulse oximeter, this modern baby monitor uniquely tracks a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep, only notifying parents if the metrics leave preset zones.

The Owlet Monitor Duo includes both the Smart Sock and Cam so you can monitor and see your baby iin the same app. Using WiFi, the Owlet Cam safely streams high-definition video, has excellent night vision and offers two-way audio to multiple smartphones, allowing you to see and hear your baby from anywhere. Just as the name suggests, this is one super-smart sock!

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Oricom Secure745 4.3″ Digital Video Baby Monitor with Motorised Pan/Tilt Camera

baby nursery with oricom baby monitor
Source: Supplied

PRICE: $299

The ultimate nursery companion, the Oricom Secure745 Digital Video Monitor with Motorised Pan/Tilt Camera makes sure you’ll never miss a thing. This camera features fully motorised movement, controlled through the parent unit. Plus, enjoy 300-degree horizontal and 110-degree vertical movement for better visibility.

The Oricom Secure745 also hosts plenty of key features including motion detection, room temperature display and alert, infrared night vision capability, lullabies and white noise. It’s the perfect accessory for your nursery!

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VTech RM7764HD Pan and Tilt Video Monitor with Remote Access

Vtech baby monitor
Source: Supplied

PRICE: $399
WHERE TO BUY: Baby Bunting

With a HUGE 7″ monitor screen to view your little one with ease, the VTech RM7764HD Pan and Tilt Video Monitor with Remote Access is mighty impressive! Plus, it’s the exclusive baby monitor partner of Red Nose Australia!

This monitor doesn’t skip a beat on the features either, including two-way talk, motion detection and even video recording. Featuring automatic night vision, wide-angle viewing, 4x local digital zoom and 10x remote digital zoom, it connects seamlessly to your WiFI. It’s never been easier to keep an eye on your (hopefully) sleeping baby no matter where you are.

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Kodak Cherish C525 Smart Baby Monitor

mum central
Source: Supplied

PRICE: $349
WHERE TO BUY: Kodak Smart Home

This baby monitor allows you to zoom in and capture those gorgeous sleepy baby shots. The Kodak Cherish C525 Smart Baby Monitor camera provides tilt, pan, and zoom options so you can capture all of those quiet moments without making a peep.

You can connect up to 10 cameras (available separately) to view on the Kodak Smart Home app, split-screen viewing allows you to monitor several cameras at once.  The icing on the cake here is the rechargeable batteries and WiFi connectivity, meaning you can take this unit wherever you go (even to Nanna’s house!). HANDY!

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Goldilocks Suit

Goldilocks suit
Source: Supplied

PRICE: $399
WHERE TO BUY: Goldilocks

A baby monitor in a baby singlet? How brilliant! The Goldilocks Suit is a next-generation baby monitor with sensors that seamlessly integrate into a baby singlet to continuously track your baby’s feeding, sleep, core temperature, skin temperature and breathing.

Goldilocks’ algorithms learn your baby’s habits which, in turn, alert you to when your baby is out of the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ – safe, happy and well. More than a track and alert, Goldilocks also connects you with midwives and clinicians to provide clinical-grade and helpful advice to help you settle your baby. It doesn’t just tell you if your baby is awake or asleep, it tells you what potentially woke them if this is normal or not and how you can resolve the issue. #AMAZING

MUM CENTRAL READER OFFER: SAVE 10% OFF all Goldilocks packs using code ‘DRXN62U4‘ at checkout. Offer ends 1st August 2021.

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Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

mum central
Source: Supplied

PRICE: $329

Co-created with a paediatrician, the Cubo Ai Plus is the sweetest bird watch ever! Using artificial intelligence to actively detect potentially dangerous incidents, Cubo Ai can alert parents of potential risks in real-time, like when a baby’s mouth or nose is covered, or if a baby has rolled over.

This baby monitor is loaded with awesome features including sleep analytics,1080p HD night vision and automatic photo capture. This monitor reports on room temperature and even humidity detection. Plus, it even hides the night vision red light so as to not disturb your baby. The Cubo Ai app supports several cubo cameras. For those with several young children, you can watch them in one place.

Unlike other baby gadgets, Cubo Ai has a long shelf life, helping keep your kids safe as they age. Parents can program ‘danger zone’ alerts that go off when their little one enters the specified dangerous area like a kitchen or balcony. Amazing!

MUM CENTRAL READER OFFER: SAVE $20 with code ‘MUMCENTRAL on your Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor and enjoy peace of mind. Valid until 31 October 2021.

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There you have it, all of our best baby monitor picks for 2021! Which monitor tickles your fancy and watchful eye the most?

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