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Share Your Yakult Moments to Win an Awesome Prize Pack!

It’s no secret our digestive system plays a vital role in contributing to the health of our ENTIRE body at any age. That’s why we love YAKULT and everything it does to support our gut health.

If you’re not familiar, Yakult is a tasty Probiotic fermented milk drink containing a very high concentration of the unique bacterium Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain (LcS).  In a nutshell, this strain is scientifically proven to survive the journey through the gastric juices to reach the small intestine alive, and each of the 65ml bottles contains 6.5 billion of these highly acid-resistant bacteria. Best of all, it’s readily available at the supermarket!

That’s why Australians love Yakult as part of their daily diet. Not only will it help you to support your digestive system, it’ll also help to restore the good flora in your gut, especially after antibiotics.

But did you know that Yakult LIGHT offers the same probiotic benefits as Yakult original (red label) but with 40% less calories and less than 3g of sugar per bottle! #winning

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Work on your digestive balance, feel great AND win a cool prize? The whole family can get in on some Yakult fun with this cool competition and show us HOW DO YOU YAKULT?! It’s as easy as grabbing your daily bottle of delicious Yakult Original or Yakult LIGHT – just snap a pic, register and upload.

Here’s how to get in on the fun!

STEP 1: Shop it

Grab yourself a pack of Yakult Original or Yakult LIGHT and pop it in the fridge.

mum central
Grab yourself a 5-pack of Yakult at the supermarket! Source: Supplied

STEP 2: Snap it

Share with us your Yakult moments!  We want to see your fun, candid pics of the family enjoying their Yakult LIGHT or Yakult Original. It really is THAT easy!

Need some inspo? Try the kids building from Yakult bottles, Yakult in lunch boxes, pretty much how you Yakult any time of the day! You’re only limited by your imagination, so CHEERS! (HINT: You can even ‘cheers’ your Yakult)

Yakult LIGHT
Yakult LIGHT post-workout in your activewear! Source: Yakult/Facebook

STEP 3: Register

Be sure to complete our registration form below so that we know who you are, and are able to quickly and easily contact you if we choose you as our winner! If you haven’t registered, then you’re not eligible to win so don’t forget this step! Form down below! 👇👇👇

Step 4: Share it! 

You’ve snapped the pics and now it’s time to share them! Share your favourite pics onto your Facebook and Instagram profiles and they’ll get into the Yakult feed so we can see them!

Importantly, don’t forget to:

  • Make your post public so we can see it.
  • Ensure you add our exclusive competition hashtag #YakultMoments to each post and you’re in the running to win!

ENTER AS MANY PICS AS YOU LIKE – Just make sure you add the hashtag to each one. Entries close 2nd August, so get snapping! 

We will then shortlist our favourite 10 Yakult moments, and share them with you for our public voting round (where you will have ANOTHER chance to win a Yakult Prize Pack and a gift card to the value of $200, simply for voting!).

Yakult LIGHT
Yakult LIGHT as part of the weekly shop staples. Source: Supplied

Win a Yakult prize pack!

We have an awesome Yakult prize pack to give away, valued at $300 for our first prize winner with the most votes!  The prize pack includes a $250 Coles Group Gift Card plus a Yakult Merchandise swag set, valued at $50 containing:

  • Yakult Man plush doll
  • Cutlery set
  • Towel ® Yakult LIGHT
  • Shopping list
  • Face mask
  • Cooler Bag
  • Tote shopper bag
  • Phone sliders (to hold your phone)
mum central
You could be the lucky winner of a $250 Coles Gift Card and a Yakult prize pack. Source: Supplied

But wait, there’s more prizes…

  • Our 9 photo finalists will each receive a merchandise set (valued at $50 each)
  • 1 lucky voter will be drawn to win a $200 prize pack containing a $150 Coles Group Gift Card and 1x Yakult Merchandise set

Let the Yakult fun begin! 

Ready to get started in some competitive fun while helping your digestive balance? Fill out the form, snap some pics, share on social media, and don’t forget the HASHTAG #YakultMoments. Remember, enter as many pics as you like and add this hashtag to EVERY image you want to enter.

Entries close 2nd August 2021 so get your Yakult photos in before then! Our 10 finalists will be announced 9 August 2021 before we let our readers VOTE for their favourite ‘How do you Yakult?’ photo.

Improving your digestive balance has never been more fun – we look forward to seeing your pics!

mum central

Shop, Snap, Register and tag us in your fave Yakult moments and you could WIN an awesome Yakult prize pack, valued at $300!


This is a sponsored competition for Yakult Australia

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