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10 Adorable Baby Turbans, Headbands, Wraps and Bows for Your Little Ladies

Pint-sized headwear has have come a long way, baby. The must-have accessory for any new bundle of baby girl burrito is a gorgeous baby turban, head-wrap or bow. Soooooo cute and an excellent beanie alternative!

Perfect for that newborn photography session or to stave off strangers poking their head in your pram and asking boy or girl? Hair accessories – for those who mostly have next to no hair – have never been more in demand!

Want to start your own babe’s collection, buy one for your bestie’s baby shower or a special gift? Hit up our list below, from small and petite to statement pieces – there’s something for every sweet baby girl and her little noggin right here.

Tips for little ones’ headwear:

  • Always choose headwear with a bit of stretch and made from soft fabric. No one wants something tight or itchy on their head, least of all a baby.
  • Skip any headbands that are hard or plastic for babies – their little heads are delicate, still taking shape and need protecting.
  • Make sure it fits right! Too big can become a hazard and too small – ouch!
  • Do remove headwear when putting your bub down for a nap. Wearing these kinds of accessories should always be done so under supervision. Babies wriggle around a lot which can sometimes cause accessories to gradually move over the face. So keep an eye on where that bow is at.

Tips to keeping headwear on:

Let’s be honest, this is half the battle, right? You’ve found something super cute and your little princess is just NOT HAVING IT. Here are our tips for keeping headwear on!

  • Start them young! If you start putting headbands on for just a small amount of time from the very first few days, your little lass won’t know any different. She’ll be familiar with wearing something on her noggin and won’t go to pieces when you want her to wear a giant Christmas bow for photos.
  • Start small. Start with just a lightweight small bow in the early days before launching into bigger bows. Lightweight is key!
  • Model the behaviour. Monkey see monkey do! Matching with mummy or siblings is always fun and can encourage kids to keep theirs on a little longer. Hopefully. EVERYONE put their headbands on!
  • Good old fashioned distraction. When dressing your bub, keep her hands and mind busy with another activity or toy so she isn’t so quick to immediately pull off her spunky turban or headband.
  • If your baby’s natural reaction is to pull their headwear off, try putting it on just before you wake them up from a nap. Sneaky, but often successful.
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CUTE and NAILED IT. Baby turban remains on! Source: Bigstock

Want to see some of our favourites? Scroll on!

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1. Kute Cuddles Baby Turban

PRICE: $15
FITS: 0 to 3-month-olds.

Exuberant, sweet and bursting with floral blooms, the Adeline baby turban is the perfect accessory to brighten your day. In soft vintage shades of pink, yellow and sage, Adeline is the cutest way to amp up your bubba’s style.

Made from buttery-soft bamboo jersey, in this gorgeous exclusive to Kute Cuddles print. You can even match it to an organic bamboo swaddle if you want to be real extra for Nanna’s first visit.

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It’s like your baby is dressed as a summer holiday. LOVE. Source: Oakie Baby

2. Snuggle Hunny Kids Baby Bow Headbands

PRICE: $14.95
FITS: 0 to 2-year-olds.

Made from 100% linen cotton, this linen bow headband provides a hint of subtle texture to any outfit in this seasons hottest colour – rust pink.

Can’t tie a bow for quids? Here’s the clincher – this bow even comes pre-tied so you don’t need to have epic bow-tying skills to have it look perfect. Winning!

linen baby bow
Soft and breathable linen baby bow. Source: Snuggle Hunny Kids

3. Bowy Made Mimi Baby Turban

PRICE: $32.95
FITS: Newborn to 5-year-olds.

This Bowy Made Mimi baby turban ticks ALL the boxes. It’s luxuriously soft, gently breathable and super-stretchy, all the while being comfortable and chic for bub. Designed to stay in place on little heads from tiny newborns to tots, they keep them warm with a fashionable edge.

Sporting three cute fabric ties right up front, the Bowy Made baby turban is destined to become a wardrobe staple. You can even team it with a Mimi matching swaddle or knotted gown. Bless!

baby turban
Three bows for extra cheer! Source: Bowy Made

4. Luna’s Treasures Jersey Bow Headband

PRICE: $10.95
FIT: From newborn

Have you ever seen a more sweet or subtle bow? This gorgeous Luna’s Treasures jersey bow on a stretchy nylon headband suitable can be used from the very first photos right through to the first day of school photo!

This petite bow in wild meadow print provides just enough zhush to any outfit without being too much, plus there’s a matching wrap available. Go on, you know you want to!

baby headwear
The sweetest little bow we ever did see. Source: Oakie Baby

5. Sommerfugl Kids Baby Top Knot Double Bow Headband

PRICE: $12.95
TO FIT: Newborns to 4-year-olds

It’s a mouthful to say, but Sommerfugl Kids Baby Top Knot Double Bow Headband is an absolute score of a buy. Big, bouncy and fairy floss soft, these bows are available in 27 fabulous colours so you are destined to find one for every outfit!

Soft, stretchy and super comfortable, they feature a hearty double bow design for added texture. The bigger the bow, the more fun there is to be had.

baby bow
So much bow – and we’re all for it! Source: Sommerfugl Kids

6. Mae and Rae Baby Turban

PRICE: $27.50
TO FIT: 0 to 6-month-olds

Mae and Rae Knot Turbans are so very cute and are made to fit even the littlest of little lasses heads just right.

Made from soft and stretchy fabric, this dark mustard colour doughnut turban is the perfect autumnal hue for the season. Don’t get yourself in a knot thinking about it, hop to it!

baby turban
Mustard colour never goes out of style. Source: Oakie Baby

7. Bowy Made Baby Betty Headband

PRICE: $16.95
TO FIT: One size fits all

Each Bowy Made Baby Headband is designed with luxe style and practicality in mind. Creating a chic polka dot look for your little one, Bowy Made headbands are comfortable to wear and are made to stay on.

Made with just the right amount of stretch, this is a must-have for your bubba’s accessory collection. And mamas, you can tie the headband any which way you like!

Baby bows
Polka dots all over, so adorable! Source: Bowy Made

8. Fini The Label Head-wrap

PRICE: $19.95
TO FIT: 3-months to 3-year-olds

Look, it’s not black! A shade lighter than black with an amazing opal shimmer finish is what this liquorice coloured Fini The Label head-wrap is all about! #SPARKLES

Made from water-resistant Nylon Spandex, the swim range head-wrap can be worn with summer threads to complete an outfit, or whilst splashing around in your swimwear, should you be lucky enough to live somewhere warm!

baby turban
A water-resistant baby turban head-wrap! Source: Avani & Co.

9. Mini Monogram Kids Baby Turban

PRICE: $28
TO FIT: Newborn to 5-year-olds

An adorable Etsy discovery, the Mini Monogram Kids baby turban is a print-lovers dream.

The glorious baby turban sports a beautiful print in blush pink, black and mustard with a sensational plait top knot. There’s a lot going on and we LOVE it. Shop small and make a difference!

mum central
Fashionista in print! Source: Etsy Mini Monogram Kids

10. Cheeky Little Fox Top Knot Headband

PRICE: $16.95
TO FIT: 0 to 12-month-olds

Australian owned and made, these funky, soft jersey knit fabric Cheeky Little Fox top knot headbands are a fun alternative to traditional headbands. They’re a fantastic, practical size for babes and great for finishing off a casual look!

The teal floral top knot headband is a gorgeous colour and comes untied, so you can make sure the fit is comfy and just right for your daughter.

mum central
Pink and teal floral top knot headband, divine! Source: Cheeky Little Fox

There you have it, baby turbans, bows and headwraps galore! Have you got a favourite brand for gorgeous baby headwear? Let us know below, we’d love to hear it so we can add it to the list!

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