9 of the Best Breast Pumps Australia 2023: Find Your Perfect Pump!


A breast pump is a must for every breastfeeding mum and will quickly become one of your BFFs! Dependable, comfortable and designed to make feeding easier for you, the only thing your new breast friend can’t do is make you a warm cup of tea!

Finding the right breast pump for you depends on several things, including your budget and how often you plan on using it. For some mums, a lightweight milk catcher or a single pump is enough, especially if they don’t plan on expressing themselves too often. However, for other mums, a double electric, wearable or hospital-grade pump is more suitable, especially if they are returning to work and want to continue to breastfeed.

There is no ‘best’ breast pump because this is such a personal choice but we have listed 8 choices for the best breast pumps in Australia including wearable breast pumps, electric breast pumps and breast pumps under $100.

What are the types of breast pumps?

There are several different types of breast pumps to choose from: milk catchers, manual, electric and wearable.

  • Milk Catchers: These don’t require any pumping action and are ideal for catching the milk on the breast that bub is not feeding on.
  • Manual Breast Pumps: Require you to manually express the milk with a handle and are ideal for the occasional expressing session, and pumping on the go (no electric outlet needed).
  • Electric Breast Pumps: Uses an electric motor to express milk and are ideal for mums planning on doing a lot of expressing. They can be single or double.
  • Wearable Breast Pumps: Uses the same technology as electric breast pumps but in a wearable option. Simply place the pump in your bra for a wire-free, hands-free express session.

Our list of the best breast pumps Australia features electric and wearable breast pumps because these are the ones we find most effective for mums who are looking for the best of the best. These pumps are designed to complement a mum’s busy lifestyle and cater to the needs to express often. Of course, many mums actually find they prefer a milk catcher or a manual pump.

What to look for in a breast pump

Whatever you choose, we also suggest looking for a breast pump that comes with these 8 features:

  1. Discreet – The quieter, the better
  2. Portable –  This is a big plus nowadays as most mums don’t want to have to attach to an outlet every time they express or lug around a big power box.
  3. Battery power – A long battery is also important as it allows you to pump for longer without having to reconnect.
  4. Lightweight – Most pumps these days are quite small.
  5. Powerful – An efficient pump will include excellent suction, latch and pumping power.
  6. Comfortable – The best breast pumps often come with various suction motions so you can choose what feels okay for you.
  7. Safe – BPA-free is best.
  8. Easy to use and excellent customer support – Most breast pumps are pretty straight forward but if you ever run into issues, it’s nice to have a customer support team on hand to help.

All of our breast pumps below tick these boxes and more. So let’s take a look, shall we?

2023’s Best Breast Pumps Australia

Original Night Owl V2

WHAT: Hospital Grade ✦ Single ✦ Wearable Pump
RRP: $138
WHERE TO BUY: The Night Owl
Original Night Owl V2 best breast pumps
Source: Supplied

For the ultimate hassle-free experience, the Original Night Owl V2 is a winner! Used by over 10,000 Aussie mums, based in Melbourne with fast and free shipping, raved about customer service, and their breast pumps come with five-star rating. It’s a wearable breast pump that provides hands-free and cord-free pumping so you can walk, cook dinner, watch TV or do just about anything else (perhaps not run a marathon) while also collecting liquid gold.

Get on with your day unrestricted and comfortably – just pop it in your bra and you’re ready to go. The Original Night Owl V2 also features some serious suction – hospital-grade suction in fact (up to 300mmHg). It also features 12 adjustable suction levels and 3 modes (massage, express and automatic) for a tailored breast pumping experience.

Expect all the bells and whistles too including an LED Display, timer, memory function, fast-charge via USB, 90 minutes of usage time, and user-friendly touch buttons making it super easy to use and keep track of your pumping session – all for an affordable price so there’s no doubt about getting value for your money. The pump comes with a capacity of 180ml (single side) and two flange sizes to choose from (24mm or 27mm) plus smaller flange inserts available on their website.

The Night Owl is Aussie owned and operated by a team of amazing Aussie mums. They also offer buy now pay later options, and a 12-month warranty.  A single wearable breast pump retails for under $140 or double up with a twin pack for just $247 and save.


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Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump

WHAT: Medical Grade ✦ Double ✦ Electric
WHERE TO BUY: Eonian Care 
Eonian Care Smart Double Electric Breast Pump
Source: Supplied

Comfortable and convenient, Eonian Care’s Smart Double Electric Breast Pump is designed for discreet, lightweight and effective pumping no matter where you are. You’ll experience an easy express every time with this medical-grade pump which comes certified by The Therapeutic Goods Administration Australia.

The pump allows you to express on both sides (or just one if you’d prefer) with a rechargeable battery, neck strap, and handy USB cable so you can also charge and pump from anywhere – great for mums heading back to work at some stage.

The flexible pumping modes and comfortable suction strength are big pluses as it ensures a comfortable session every time you pump. Find your perfect pump level with 5 massage modes and 9 expression modes to choose from as well as soft massage cushions for easy expression.

BPA-free for peace of mind, this breast pump also comes with a patented closed-system design and is incredibly quiet (less than 45 decibels when pumping). It also features an LED night light for pumping at night, an LED screen and an innovative trackball for easy tracking.

Eonian Care is an Australian-owned and operated company and they take pride in their products and local customer service. All items come with free shipping and expect nothing but the best in customer support.

Certified by The Therapeutic Goods Administration Australia and European Medical Electrical Equipment Standards IEC-60601.


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The Mumilk Original

WHAT: Single or Double ✦ Wearable Pump ✦ Hospital Grade 
The Mumilk Original best breast pumps
Source: Supplied

Light, discreet, cordless and extremely efficient, The Mumilk Original has made thousands of Aussie mums happy! What sets Mumilk apart and makes it one of the best on the market is its exceptional combination of affordability, widespread acclaim among Australian mums, fast shipping from its Geelong warehouse and unparalleled customer service.

The Mumilk Original takes convenience to the next level with its wireless and rechargeable functionality. Simply place it in your bra and you can express while taking on the many other tasks the day brings.

It’s been designed to be easy to carry, wear and use with 2 flange size options (24mm and 27mm), 180ml capacity (single side), 2 modes and 5 adjustable levels of suction. The pump is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to charge with a micro USB. It also comes with 60-70 minutes of usage time.

You can purchase the single for under $120 or add another for a double expression for under $200. This is one of the best-value wearable breast pumps on the market, ensuring that high quality and efficiency are accessible to all mothers, without compromising on performance or comfort.


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Tommee Tippee Made for Me™ Wearable Breast Pump

WHAT: Double ✦ Wearable Breast Pump
WHERE TO BUY: Tommee Tippee, Baby Bunting and Amazon
Tommee Tippee Made for Me wearable breast pump
Source: Supplied

For ultimate pumping performance in a wearable breast pump, Tommee Tippee’s Made for Me™ Wearable Breast Pump goes above and beyond. It features all the power of a regular double electric pump but in a wearable design.

What sets Made for Me™ apart from other wearable breast pumps is the technology that ensures a more comfortable and effective expression session. The breast pump features Smart ConstantComfort technology which holds the pump in place for an effective, yet gentle pumping experience.

It is also designed to mimic your baby’s natural suckling sensation, which allows you to extract milk more effectively and features one massage mode and 8 express modes. You can also feed directly from the pump as the 150ml milk collector bottles are compatible with the Closer to Nature bottle range and comes with one teat.

The wearable breast pump also comes with a nipple alignment light guide to ensure better and more comfortable positioning of your nipple by using the light guide to direct you. There are no wires, plugs or the need to hold the pump in place with your hand. And with a four-hour charge, you can get 12 x 20-minute pumping sessions before having to plug it in to recharge – this is a big winner for busy mums!

Keep track of your expressing sessions and customise your settings from the comfort of your phone thanks to the Tommee Tippee app. If you’re planning on doing a lot of expressing and want the full package, then the Made for Me™ Wearable Breast Pump is made for you.

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Tyhan S12 Pro+

WHAT: Single or Double ✦ Wearable Breast Pump
Tyhan S12 Pro+ best breast pumps 2023
Source: Supplied

Wearable, wireless and hassle-free, the Tyhan’s S12 Pro+ delivers the ultimate in breast pumping convenience and quality.  Most importantly the Pro+ has incredibly powerful suction that will work to produce the most milk possible in the least amount of time. 

There’s a lot to love about this wearable breast pump! It comes with 4 modes – massage, lactation, expression and automatic and 12 adjustable suction levels, making it one of the most customised pumps on the market. The lactation mode is also unique to Tyhan and something mums absolutely love.

It also holds 180ml of milk and includes an LCD display for easy, touch-and-go readings plus up to 100 minutes of pumping power in one session. The pump features powerful suction (max 250 – 300 mmHg) and Air Pressure Pulse Technology, making it ideal for any mother who wants to express milk quickly and easily.

Tyhan is Australian owned and the S12 Pro+ ships from Australia and comes with several five-star reviews. You can purchase a single wearable breast pump for under $250 or double up for $480. Be sure to check the website though as they often have discounts on offer.


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Mininor Breast Pump – Mini Chargeable Electric

WHAT: Double ✦ Electric Breast Pump
WHERE TO BUY: Danish by Design
Mininor Breast Pump best breast pumps 2023
Source: Supplied

Small but super mighty, the Mininor Breast Pump is the latest in Scandinavian smart parenting from the award-winning brand Mininor. Not only is it super stylish and sleek, but it also packs a pumping punch with two functions (stimulation or pumping) and 15 different strength levels (6 in stimulation mode and 9 in pumping mode). This advanced selection means you can find the perfect fit and level for you.

Use it as a single or double pump, plugged in or charged, and pump from a comfy seat or move around hands-free thanks to the lightweight design and lanyard on the pump control. As with other Danish by Design products, you can expect nothing but the best from this breast pump which also features a closed-system pump that allows expressed milk to flow directly into the bottles bypassing the tubes for a much easier clean.

Tested by relevant European and Australian standards, its built-in 1200mAH lithium battery allows up to 2 hours of use after just 40 minutes of charging and can be used plugged in or charged and cordless. Easy to clean, easy to use, compact, portable, and lightweight, the Mininor is loved and trusted by mums around the world.


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Tommee Tippee Made for Me™ Double Electric Breast Pump

WHAT: Double ✦ Electric Breast Pump
WHERE TO BUY: Tommee Tippee, Baby Bunting and Amazon
Tommee Tippee Made for Me Electric breast pump
Source: Supplied

The Made for Me™ Double Electric Breast Pump is designed to express more milk in less time and mums absolutely love this efficient hard-working pump! It’s by far one of Australia’s best breast pumps on the market for innovation, design, and comfort,t plus it’s easy to clean and assemble and features a built-in closed system – a must for busy mums!

What makes the Made for Me™ stand out is its unique massaging petals that work to stimulate your breasts and create strong suction while still feeling gentle on your breast. There are 5 massage and 9 express settings to choose from and the pump can be disconnected for 90 minutes of cord-free pumping time.

Use this pump anywhere – in the car, at work, away for the weekend, wherever with a rechargeable battery that gets the pump back to 100% quickly. Lightweight, quiet and discreet, the power unit is also small enough to carry in your bag with a LED display screen so you can keep track of how long you’ve been pumping.

Another tick is that this breast pump also comes with 2 x 150ml Closer to Nature baby bottles to help kick-start your bottle-feeding/express-feeding journey. Choose to express from both sides at once or just one at a time and capture more milk in less time.

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Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump

WHAT: Single or Double ✦ Wearable Breast Pump
Welcare Nurture Wearable Breast Pump
Source: Supplied

A wearable breast pump under $100? Yes, it can be done!  The Welcare Nurture Wearable Electric Breast Pump is a lightweight, hands-free, and portable accessory for breastfeeding mums who need to express milk on the go or while travelling.

It easily fits into handbags or baby bags and offers an easy and efficient way to pump on the go. The milk cup holds 150ml of milk and comes with 3 modes – massage, suction and expression plus offers 9 different levels of suction.

It is safe, and hygienic with an anti-backflow function and easy to clean. It also comes with the fancy features we all love – LED screen, quiet operation, USB recharging and 3 funnels sizes for the perfect fit.

For an affordable, wireless and wearable breast pump, you really can’t go past Welcare! Get a single wearable breast pump for under $100 or buy two for $180.

 BUY 2 & SAVE 10% + Receive A FREE
Welcare Sleep-Tight Sleep Sound Machine 

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The Bubka Move Breast Pump Double

WHAT: Double ✦ Wearable Pump ✦ Hospital Grade
RRP: $379
best breast pumps 2023 - Bubka Move
Source: Supplied

Introducing The Bubka Move, a new Aussie hands-free breast pump designed for mums on the move.

The Bubka Move is not just another breast pump … it’s a game-changer. Designed with the active and on-the-go mum in mind, it combines innovation, comfort and efficiency to make pumping even simpler and more discreet than ever before. Whether you’re a busy working professional, an active mum, or simply in need of convenience, the Bubka Move is here to support your breastfeeding journey.

Bubka Move is Bubka’s most discreet and quiet (45dB) breast pump that easily fits inside your bra and can be used anywhere. It comes in only four easy-to-assemble parts making it one of the easiest wearable pumps to use and put together too. Plus, it offers a hospital-grade pumping performance, without the noise and cords!

There are five flange sizes to choose from to suit a range of nipple sizes, and each pump comes with a 180ml capacity. You’ll also love the long battery life (up to 100 min) plus 48 different suction variations.

Bubka is an owned and operated Aussie company offering free & fast shipping. Plus, their customer service team is run by mums, so if you have a question late at night, don’t be surprised to get a quick response. They are here to help.

Join the movement.


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