Baby Sleep: Best Cots in Australia, Bassinets and Sleep Products 2023

Next to finding out you’re pregnant, there’s nothing more exciting than setting up your little baby’s nursery – and that means finding the best cot, best bassinet and baby sleep products to ensure your little one (and parents) get some good quality, safe, shut-eye. Get your pj’s ready, you’re all in for a great sleep with these picks!

Being warm will prevent your baby from waking up cold – and sleeping bags are amazing at regulating body temperature and don’t pose any risk of being kicked off. And of course, there are non-scratchy sheets, comfy pj’s, nightlights, white noise machines and the darkness of the nursery to consider too – especially for babies learning their days and nights!

What does a baby need for quality sleep?

For quality sleep and the sweetest of dreams, your baby needs a bed where he or she can sleep safely. A bassinet helps babies make the transition from womb to bed a little easier because it’s a little nest-like bed. A cot gives more room and is perfect for older babies and toddlers. Each requires a firm mattress for safe sleeping.

Why choose a bassinet:

A bassinet is a good choice for parents who want a cosy and portable sleeping option for their newborn. It is smaller and more lightweight than a cot, making it easy to move around the house and even take on the go. A bassinet also offers a snug and secure sleeping space for a newborn, which can help them feel more comfortable and settled. Additionally, bassinets are often designed to fit in the parent’s bedroom, making it easier for parents to keep a close eye on their baby during the first few months.

Why choose a cot:

A cot is a good choice for parents who want a more long-term and cost-effective sleeping solution for their baby. A good quality cot can be used for several years and can often be converted into a toddler bed, making it a worthwhile investment. Cots also offer a larger sleeping space for a growing baby, which can be important for their comfort and development. Additionally, many cots come with adjustable mattress heights, making it easier for parents to access their baby and reducing the risk of strain or injury.

Best cots in Australia: What to look for when buying a baby bed

When it comes to the best cots in Australia, we’re spoilt for choice. Here are some helpful things to remember when considering your options:

  • SAFETY: Cots should be certified under the Australian safety standard AS/NZS 2172, but not every cot on the market complies. Check the specifications (or measure in person) that the measurement from the top of the mattress to the top of the closed dropside is at least 50cm on the lowest base position and 30cm from the upper base position, to prevent falls.
  • MATTRESS FIT: The mattress needs to fit SNUG around all sides. Gaps between the mattress and the cot sides pose a suffocation risk. There should be no more than a 2cm gap between each cot side and the mattress when it’s centred.
  • WHEELS: Cots can be cumbersome and awkward to try and move, especially on your own. A cot on small swivel castor wheels makes this job a heck of a lot easier!
  • TEETHING STRIP: You wouldn’t think it, but chances are, your baby WILL try to eat his cot when he’s teething. A snug-fitting plastic teething rail over the drop side prevents your cot from being damaged with teeth marks and no mouth splinters for bub!
  • EASE OF USE: You want to make sure that the cot you choose is easy to use as a parent. A lot of the time you’ll be putting an already sleeping baby or toddler to bed, so make sure you can operate the drop side with a single hand for a seamless and still-sleeping transition.
  • LONGEVITY: If your budget allows it, a cot that transforms into a toddler bed is a lifesaver. Not only does it save you money, but toddlers are already familiar with the feel of their cot and mattress, so it makes the milestone change a little less daunting.

Best Cots in Australia, Bassinets and Sleep Products 2023

Stokke® Sleepi™ Mini V3

PRICE: $899

Stokke sleepi mini
Source: Stokke

The ideal bed for your newborn, the Stokke® Sleepi™ Mini creates a nest-like environment, helping babies feel snug and secure as they drift off into a blissful slumber. The soft oval design cocoons your baby just the right amount, while the drape rod and canopy make it a stunning addition to the nursery. It is available with a firm and breathable Sleepi™ mattress (available separately, RRP$350) which exceeds the highest safety standards, giving your baby a sound and safe sleep.

A literal dream, the Stokke® Sleepi™ Mini is all curved edges with no sharp corners and a perforated mattress bottom for maximum air circulation and comfortable sleeping. Lockable swivel wheels make it easy to rock to sleep as well as move the Stokke® Sleepi™ Mini around – its narrow design will even fit through doorways, so put that Allen key away!

Crafted to last, the Stokke® Sleepi™ Mini is designed to grow with the child. The sturdy beech wood frame provides the perfect bed for your baby’s first six months before converting into a Sleepi™ Bed using the bed extension kits, (available separately) suitable for babies, toddlers and children aged up to five years old.

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Gaia Baby Hera Collection Cot Bed

PRICE: $899

Source: Gaia Baby

Mark the start of your baby’s journey with a beautiful real wood baby cot. Part of a timeless, heirloom collection, the Hera Cot Bed is designed to live and grow with your family from the very first day you bring your baby home, through to their fifth birthday. It’s an amazing cot, toddler bed and first bed, all in one package!

When you buy the Hera Collection Cot Bed, all the parts you need from the first day of use, through to the last, are included. Even the mattress is included! Available in two colours to best suit your style, choose from the Scandi White/Natural and Natural Ash/Walnut, both being equally beautiful.

Made using sustainably sourced European natural ash wood, the Hera Nursery Collection is certified to the highest global safety standards and offers two safe mattress heights to transition through. Inspired by iconic mid-century designs the Hera Complete Sleep Cot features contrasting accents, gently curved ends, and beautiful real wood grain.

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Joey by Koala Kookaburra Baby Cot

PRICE: $799

Source: Koala

Known for their Award-winning mattresses and furniture, Koala has launched JoeyAustralia’s most safety-certified baby range.

This exciting new range includes the Kookaburra Baby Cot ($799) and Joey Baby Mattress ($299, available separately), both meet the Red Nose Australia Safe Sleeping criteria. The cot is Australia’s first tool-free cot and takes less than 10 minutes to assemble. Quicker than the bedtime routine itself!

A stunning nursery piece, the Kookaburra Baby Cot is a high-quality, premium-designed cot to tuck your little one into. Offering two mattress heights and maximum ventilation with its wide-spaced rails, this cot promises the sweetest of dreams. A timeless design and built to last, the solid timber Kookaburra will be the centrepiece of your nursery and sleep your first, second, and even third baby with ease.

You can even try it for 120 nights and if it’s not the perfect fit for your family, return it for a full refund!


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Babyhood Kaylula Sova Clear Cot

PRICE: $1649
WHERE TO BUY: Babyhood

Kaylula Sova Clear Cot
Source: Babyhood

A world first, the award-winning Kaylula Sova Clear Cot is a revolution in nursery furniture design – the first and only clear oval cot in the world! The brilliantly unique cot design and concept is made from sustainable European beechwood and is placed on lockable wheels, so you can manoeuvre and move this sweet cot around wherever you need to with ease!

This stunning cot features unique clear panels which allow your baby to wake free as a bird each morning and see straight out into the world ahead, without their surrounding view being obscured by traditional cot rails. The revolutionary and stylish design is perfect for modern aesthetic nurseries and blends into decor seamlessly.

The most versatile of cots, the Kaylula Sova Clear Cot evolves as your little one grows from babyhood to adulthood. Watch this nursery piece transform from a bassinet, cot and toddler bed to an adult table and chairs set, even a playpen, all included. Magic!

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Boori Natty Cot Bed

PRICE: $549.95

Boori Natty Cot
Source: Boori

The only bed you need for the first five years, Boori Natty Cot Bed transforms as your child grows, from a cot to a toddler bed (when you’re ready) with ease – and without the additional financial outlay of extra pieces. Hooray!

Featuring two cot base positions, the higher height is suited to newborns while the lower bed base is best for babies starting to pull themselves up and climb. Switching to a toddler bed is easy and sleeps children comfortably up to age five. The cot end panels become two bedside guards to prevent your child from falling out of bed (or losing teddies), so no conversion kit is required!

Quality built to be both strong and durable for longevity, the Natty Cot is available in three colours, choose from Barley White, Barley and Almond or Barley and Oak – all of which work harmoniously with the existing Boori collection, making your dream nursery come to life, effortlessly.


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Babyhood Organic Breathe Eze Cosy Crib

PRICE: $169
WHERE TO BUY: Babyhood

Source: Babyhood

Loved by thousands of Australian parents for almost 20 years, the Australian-designed Cosy Crib is the perfect baby lounger pod to safely sleep your newborn. Featuring certified organic cotton covers, a flat and firm Breathe Eze Fibre mattress and machine washable covers, this sweet portable pod enables you can safely put your baby down wherever you are!

The Organic Cosy Crib has no dangerous ties or strangulation hazards and no excessive fabric – the covers have a tight fit and can’t be pulled away, contributing to the design to safely sleep your baby in accordance with safe sleep practices. Use a Babyhood Sleep Positioner (available separately) with the Cosy Crib to reduce the risk of your baby rolling over (plus it helps make your baby feel securely snuggled).

Perfect for home, visiting friends or family or even holidaying, the Organic Breathe Eze Cosy Crib is a practical sleeping solution for your baby in those first few months!

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ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag 2.5 TOG Lucky Ducks

PRICE: $59.95
WHERE TO BUY: ergoPouch

Source: ergoPouch

Your little one really will be the luckiest duck at bedtime with this sweet and snug ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag 2.5 TOG in Lucky Ducks print!

The new unisex Lucky Ducks print joins the ergoPouch Autumn Winter ’23 Park Adventures Collection featuring considered designs created using organic fibres. Safe sleep-approved and TOG rated, this award-winning sleepwear is inspired by fun winter park adventures.

Available in sizes to fit newborns up to 1-year-olds, the 2.5 TOG is rated for winter warmth, there’s no need for added blankets when your little one is wearing an ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag. Cocooned in warmth, arm poppers transition the Cocoon from an arms-in swaddle for young babies to an arms-out sleeping bag for older babies. And you needn’t worry about cold late-night nappy changes – they’re a walk in the park with a two-way zipper that makes for quick and easy access. Phew!

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Babyhood Kaylula Co-Sleeper Cradle and Bassinet

PRICE: $469
WHERE TO BUY: Babyhood

Source: Babyhood

Need sleeping versatility for your sweet baby? The Kaylula Co-Sleeper Cradle and Bassinet keep your options open! Choose to use the cradle at your bedside at night or wheel it around as a bassinet through the day, keeping your baby within arm’s reach of you, wherever you are at home.

You can now safely co-sleep with your baby in the Kaylula Co-Sleeper Cradle. Its adjustable mesh dropside can be moved down for easy access for settling your baby while remaining in close proximity, before gently lifting the dropside once bub is asleep, ensuring their safety.

Unlike other co-sleeping products, the unique panels allow visibility for you and your baby, as well as excellent airflow. Adjustable legs ensure your baby is at the optimal height for your bed and a secure safety strap attaches to the parental bed for safety.  Fantastic value for money, the Kaylula Co-Sleeper Cradle and Bassinet includes a washable mattress and a super cute, removable toy bar loaded with toys for your baby to enjoy from the get-go.

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Nodiee Sleep Assist Smart PRO

PRICE: $119.95

Source: Nodiee

Your secret weapon in the battle of bedtime! Sleep Assist Smart PRO is the first app-controlled white-noise machine in Australia, parents no longer have to creep in and out of their children’s nurseries to adjust lights or white noise!

You can control the light, the brightness of the light, the sound, the volume, the duration of the machine playing and so much more – all from the app. Amazing, right? You can even set sleep times and schedules so you can time your machine settings with naptimes, and bedtimes or even use it as an ok-to-wake alarm clock.

The Sleep Assist Smart PRO can be used when plugged in or can become completely portable, playing unplugged from power for 8 to 10 hours. Nodiee’s Sleep Assist Smart PRO can even run all night long if you need it to. Featuring seven-night light colours (including rainbow) and 34 sounds including white noise, pink noise, heartbeat, shushing and lullabies, there’s a comforting sound for everyone.

The Sleep Assist Smart PRO is a night light, sound machine, sleep trainer, alarm clock, and comforting shusher all in one – and the perfect addition to your nursery.

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Midnight Anytime Blackout Blinds

PRICE: From $399
WHERE TO BUY: Midnight Anytime Blinds

Source: Midnight-Anytime Blackout Blinds

It’s never been easier to install DIY blinds and create beautiful dark rooms for the best sleep, any time of day or night than it is with Midnight Anytime Blackout Blinds. Available in a vast range of fabrics and colours, these blackout blinds look amazing in your windows and are neatly fitted within the window reveal for no light leaks whatsoever.

Fancy super smart blinds? The E-Smart blind system is a sanity-saver. You can enjoy the ease of opening and closing your blinds with a remote control, so you don’t have to risk disturbing anyone’s sleep or tripping over toys on the floor. Simply press the remote button from the door and you’re done!

If you prefer a manual blind, the Cloud 9 blind system perfectly balances your blinds to pull down or push up easily. There are no chains to have to worry about, Cloud 9 Midnight Anytime Blackout Blinds are convenient, stylish and safe for children’s rooms.

Easy to install, heat and noise insulating and the only DIY blinds to offer total room blackout, turn your bright nurseries into stylish, sleep-friendly darkness today!

EXPIRY: 31 May 2023

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*Discount applies to Cloud9, eSmart, Transforma and standard blinds

There you have it folks, our top picks for the best cots in Australia, best bassinets, and best sleep products for 2023, let the sweet dreams begin! Wondering what our other favourite items are? We’ve also got plenty of other guides to cater for all of your shopping needs, filled to the brim with our top picks!

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