15 of the Best Jobs for Mums, As Rated by Working Mums

Looking for a new job? Or perhaps you simply want to know if your current job is considered ‘worth it’ by other working parents. We’ve rounded up the best working jobs for mums, according to actual working mums who are doing it day in and day out.

These results come from In Her Sight based on the jobs where mothers report the highest job satisfaction.

So without further ado, here are the best jobs for working mums, in no particular order. 


Real estate agent

Flexible hours, decent pay, freedom to set your own schedule – it sounds like a great gig! Real estate agents may be able to work around school hours and family activities, but you’ll probably need to work a few hours on the weekend doing open houses.

The income is good too, but, of course, this depends on the market where you live and how amazing you are at selling. 

CEO aka Boss Mum

You’re already the boss of your family so why not add a business to the resume? Sure, running a company sounds pretty daunting but many mums who are juggling Boss with Mum are super happy doing so.

Even if you start small with an Esty company, you’re still the Boss, right? Who cares if you don’t have any employees, yet. 


Recruiters generally work for a recruitment agency and will be in charge of pairing potential workers with open career opportunities. It’s people-orientated and very rewarding but it’s also quite flexible and many recruiters now work from home, especially thanks to COVID. 

Social media manager

Social media managers are the bosses of social media, perfect for all those Insta-savvy mummies out there. You will need visual design taste and an ability to understand social media and marketing trends.

Big benefits of this career are you can work from home (in many instances) andthere are plenty of career options out there – almost every brand, company, store, etc needs a social media presence or is looking to improve their current one. 


Social worker

A social worker is one of the most rewarding careers on this list but it is also incredibly draining. Your services could take you anywhere – schools, hospitals, public health organizations, foster care and adoption agencies, mental health clinics, human services organisations, settlement houses, substance abuse clinics and rehabilitation facilities, and more. Social works also require extensive training including a master’s degree. 


Another career that requires extensive training, lawyers make some serious cash, which can make up for the crazy hours and workload. Although it may seem like a lot, mums who double as lawyers report one of the highest levels of job satisfaction.  

Marketing and communications

Marketing jobs are incredibly popular these days and great for those creative minds. A lot of marketing is now online so you may be able to work from home full-time or part-time. Careers in marketing and communication require excellent multi-tasking skills, which mums are already masters of. 

Data analyst

STEM-based careers are on the rise and a data analyst is definitely up there, ideal for those with STEM degrees and a love of numbers. 

Financial analyst

Similar to data analysts, financial analysts love their numbers but work in specific industries, mostly banks. These are high-paying jobs but not suited to everyone. 

Event coordinator

Party planning is a big industry these days and event coordinators often have a blast at work. If you jump at the chance to organise your child’s birthday party, then this might be a good option for you. However, you may need to work nights and weekends depending on the type of events you’re doing.

Another good thing about this job is that you may be able to start your own party planning business and work around your family commitments. 

Software engineer

Software engineers are some of the highest-earning working mums on the list and ideal for techy mums out there. Most software engineers are able to work remotely but you will need a degree. 


I will be the first to admit I had no idea what this is… but essentially, it’s working with risk assessment for insurance companies and so forth. You’ll need a degree and, while this sounds boring as bat sh*t to me, it must be okay because it ranks high on the list of careers for working mums. 

School careers

A school counsellor was the specific school career that reported the most career satisfaction but this requires a degree in most instances.

If you are keen to work in the schooling sector, there are a few other options – a teacher, of course, a teacher’s aide or a school officer. You may even be able to land a job in a tuck shop. All of these careers are great for mums because #schoolhours. 

mum central

Web developer/design

The world of the interwebs has evolved so much and pretty much every company in the history of ever now needs a decent website. Enter web developers. Great pay, great work-from-home position and great for creative minds. You will need to be a master of coding though. 

Program manager 

Program managers are excellent multitaskers (again…MUMS). They will need to oversee a set of clients or programs so it can be demanding but also very rewarding and great for those who thrive in management roles and love to tick off boxes. Sure the hours may be long, but often they are flexible. 

More excellent career choices for mums

For creative minds

  • Graphic designer
  • Content writer

For people people

  • Human resource manager
  • Business consultant 
  • Travel consultant 
  • Administrative assistant
  • Sales representative
  • Brand strategist

For freelance/small business 

  • Personal trainer
  • Bookkeeper
  • Mobile hairdresser/nails/brows
  • Dietitian/nutritionist
  • Family daycare operator
  • Massage therapist
  • Photographer 

For a little cash on the side

  • Contact tracer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Tutor

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