10 of the BEST Mums on TV and Why They Totally ROCK!

When it comes to our favourite famous mamas, many of ours are of the fictional kind – the best mums we remember from our TV screens while growing up. These are the mums who rocked their #mumlife and who we secretly wished were ours.

But what makes the best mums on TV? Is it the fact they lose their shiz at the kids constantly? Or is it that they won’t play second-fiddle to their on-screen hubby?

From Nina Proudman to Carol Brady and Susan Kennedy, we’ve rounded up some of our fave mums. Tell us, who is YOUR favourite TV mum?

10 TV mums who rock the parenting gig

So without further ado, here are the best badass mums…

1. Lorelai Gilmore

Proving that we can have close best-friend-like relationships with our kids, Gilmore Girls single mama Lorelai Gilmore is the very essence of cool. Well, to fellow mums at least. Lorelai’s teenage daughter Rory might think differently from time to time but at the very crux of it, these two are thick as thieves and we bloody love it.

Why this TV Mum rocks: Flying the flag for single mums, Lorelai is cooler than my fridge crisper with a kickass wardrobe to match.

best mums on TV Lorelai Gilmore

2. Claire Dunphy

From the long-standing TV show Modern Family, Claire is wife to Phil and the mother of Haley, Alex, and Luke. A sassy mum with a kind, honest heart and extremely competitive nature, you know for sure Claire won’t be beaten at most things. For the best-dressed house on the street at Halloween and winning every parent race at the sports carnival, Claire’s your woman. Plus this is one mum that WILL NOT let the kids get one over on her. Yes, she might be uptight and bossy, but heck, if there’s something that needs doing – she gets that sh*t done! Lesson learned kids.

Why this TV Mum rocks: She’s a straight shooter, Claire wants to win at parenting, life, EVERYTHING. Her stamina and determination to do so are inspirational. And when it all turns to custard, her eating of humble pie is always HILARIOUS.

TV mum - Claire Dunphy

3. Marie Barone

Ahh Marie, when it comes to best mums – this one’s a legend. Marie Barone, from Everyone Loves Raymond, is your typical matriarchal mother. Wife to Frank and the mother of Raymond and Robert, she likely believes no one can parent quite as well as she can. So much so she continues with her doting suffocating and imposing mum ways well into her sons’ adult lives.

She excels in every household duty; cooking, cleaning, laundry, it’s her way or the highway. And while she’s pretty sure of herself, she definitely knows how to guilt her boys into doing EXACTLY what she wants. She’s the kind of mum we all hope we won’t be but secretly know we will be.

Why this TV Mum rocks: We all have a little inner Marie Barone in us. Marie serves as a reminder to be less judgy of others and just let everyone be. Now if we could just apply it and not just think it…

best mums on tv - Marie Barone

4. Carol Brady

A master in problem solving and patience, The Brady Bunch‘s Carol Brady takes every task to hand with ease. Mum to Marcia, Jan and Cindy, Carol married Mike Brady and then became step-mum to Greg, Peter and Bobby. Anyone who can be a SAHM, wrangling six kids and keeping hilarious housekeeper Alice in line, gets our tick of approval.

Why this TV Mum rocks: Carol has SIX CHILDREN. ‘Nuff said.

TV mum - Carol Brady

5. Roseanne Conner

We love Roseanne and her tell-it-like-it-is parenting style. Her family (that’s hubby Dan and kids Darlene, Becky and DJ) was somewhat dysfunctional, with a whole lot of extended family and friends constantly dropping by their home to add to the mix. Never afraid to drop a truth bomb, Roseanne was shouty, mouthy, hilarious as hell. However, you knew whatever she said was coming from a place of love. And there’s a lot to be said for that.

Why this TV Mum rocks: Roseanne is a comfort for the yelly, not-so-delicate mothers among us. We don’t always have to pussyfoot around the truth with our kids, just say it how it is, Roseanne style, and wait for the dust to settle.

Roseanne Conner

6. Jill Taylor

From Home Improvement, Jill Taylor is wife to the famous ‘Tim The Tool Man Taylor’ and has three sons, Brad, Randy and Mark. A hopeless cook, Jill lives in a home bursting with ALL the boy stuff and often seeks advice from the neighbour over the fence, wise ol’ Wilson. Often appearing on the list of “most memorable” mums, Jill is always the voice of reason. She’s totally in-tune with her emotions (you’d need to be in a house full of boys) but she’s also got a bunch of bad habits – selfish, lacks judgement, often immature. Well, who said us mums are perfect?

Why this TV Mum rocks: In the 90s Jill showed us that you can be a crap cook, often unemployed, judgement-lacking mum-of-three boys AND still be married to a fella with his own TV show. WINNING.

 Jill Taylor

7. Julie Rafter

Parenting adult children is HARD, so I give The Packed To The Rafters mum Julie Rafter, two thumbs up. A constant source of support for her three adult children Rachel, Ben and Nathan, life got a whole lot busier when Julie discovered she was pregnant with her and Dave’s fourth child Ruby in her 40s. Back to the trenches of babyhood, go Julie! Julie is pragmatic, feisty, lively and fun and this makes her a terrific mum.

Why this TV Mum rocks: Adjusting to life with a new baby while dealing with the highs and lows of a family business and a house full of adult children? Jules is a frigging SUPERMUM.

Best mums on TV - Julie Rafter

8. Lois Wilkerson

If there’s a mum just like many of us, it has to be Malcom In The Middle‘s TV mum. Lois is a slightly crazy, controlling, hard-working mum to Francis, Reece, Malcolm, Dewey and Jamie. And boy, does she have her work cut out for her. Five boys, working anywhere she can and coming home to disarray on the daily, she takes no prisoners in her parenting style. It’s her way or no way!

Why this TV Mum rocks: Lois takes no sh*t from anyone. Not her kids, not her husband, not her co-workers and most definitely not anyone who knocks on the front door. For all the mums who say yes when they really want to say no, look to Lois for some inspo!

Tv mum - Lois Wilkerson

9. Nina Proudman

Mum to Zoe, Offspring character Nina is just trying to survive each day the best she can. She makes mistakes, questions and doubts herself constantly and yet ultimately follows her heart and gut as she wades her way through this parenting gig. She loves her family and friends hard and fiercely and we very much admire her steely determination.

Why this TV Mum rocks: If a smart, highly successful woman like Nina feels and thinks like this it HAS to be normal, right? A woman with 100 pairs of boots, she’s the bestie we wish we all had. Rest assured though, we will never ever get over the passing of hot AF Patrick. Soz Nin’s.

best mums on tv - Nina Proudman

10. Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy is an absolute rockstar of a mum. Her own children Malcolm, Libby and Billy have long flown their Erinsborough nest but Susan continues to bestow her maternal ways upon any new (or old) kid in her famous Neighbours street, regardless of whether they’re looking for guidance or not. We all need this kind of Susan in our lives, one who’s always ready with open arms and a giant hug. We love you Susan!

Why this TV Mum rocks: Drama is water off a duck’s back for Susan. It takes a fair bit to ruffle her feathers but she’s never one to waste energy on grudges, which is somewhat fortunate for hubby, the philandering Dr Karl. LET’S ALL BE MORE LIKE SUSAN.

TV mum susan kennedy

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