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Best Sleep Products for Babies and Kids, Plus Parents Too!

Sleep. One of the hardest things to conquer as a parent. It seems so simple and satisfying to us, but to our kids, sleep is the last thing they want.

A good sleep routine is so important regardless of their age or stage, but trying to get your child to sleep (and keeping them asleep) can be one tricky feat! So, parents, please don’t be too hard on yourselves if your little one isn’t a great sleeper! You’re certainly not alone.

Time for sleep, little one

We have plenty of great sleep resources to help guide you and your child to bedtime bliss including sleep routines and sleep charts (keep scrolling for more on all of these topics). 

We also have narrowed down our eight best sleep products to help create a calming bedtime setting and hopefully help your little one settle down for the night. A good night’s sleep starts with a peaceful sleep environment and these products are ideal for creating just that! 

Some of these products are perfect for infants, others are ideal for toddlers and older kids. So, without further ado, behold our best sleep products for babies and beyond!

Of course, as parents the most important thing we can do is keep our child’s sleeping environment safe. Below are a few safe sleep guidelines for parents to follow when planning the nursery and putting your baby to bed.

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[mc_block_title custom_title=”1. An extra comfy mattress”]

Our Pick: Ecosa Nestflow Cot Mattress

IDEAL FOR: Newborns up to 4 years
PRICE: Starting at $440

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The Ecosa Nestflow Cot Mattress isn’t your typical mattress. Source: Supplied

A comfortable mattress can make all the difference to your baby’s sleep patterns which is why we recommend opting for a top-of-the-line product like the Ecosa Nestflow Cot Mattress. It’s designed for newborns all the way up to four years, is 100% recyclable, and is completely washable with a removable cover

With safety and comfort top of mind, the woven nest core is designed to be fully breathable and helps regulate your baby’s temperature to reduce overheating, therefore reducing allergies and dust-mites. It’s also made from food-grade polypropylene, which means no latex, adhesives, or chemical-filled nasties.

Each mattress has adjustable layers, designed to adapt to your little one’s needs as they grow, and is available in seven different sizes. Have a look at the Ecosa website for more details and to grab one for your little one. 

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[mc_block_title custom_title=”2. Blockout blinds”]

Our pick: ergoPouch Window Blockout

IDEAL FOR: Newborns and toddlers
PRICE: $44.95

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Give them total darkness, even in the daylight with these handy, reusable static-cling blackout blinds. Source: Supplied

Window Blockout is a window cover-style blackout blind that gives any room instant darkness.  This will in turn help to stimulate melatonin production (that magical hormone that helps regulate sleep/awake cycles ) and provide comfort for your bub. 

These magical blinds are ideal for setting the stage for slumber at night and during naptime. They’ll also prevent early waking or late settling during summer and daylight savings. Plus, they look stylish in any nursery or bedroom. Simply cut to size, apply to the panes of your windows and voila! Instant darkness! 

The Window Blockout comes in a roll. It adheres with static cling so it can be peeled off and reused over and over again without leaving sticky residue on your window. Pick up your roll at the ergoPouch website. 

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[mc_block_title custom_title=”3. Nightlight/LED therapy/aromatherapy”]

Our Pick: Glow Dreaming Children’s Sleep Aid Premium Bundle

IDEAL FOR: Newborns to 12 years+ 
PRICE: $149.95 for the Premium Bundle

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Discover the difference Glow Dreaming can make. Source: Supplied

Glow Dreaming is Austalia’s #1 ranked children’s sleep aid that combines the powers of red LED light therapy, pink noise, a humidifier, and aromatherapy (sleepy essential oil) into one.  That’s right – it DOES it all! 

Simply turn it on and enjoy a calming bedtime experience. It’s suitable for kids of all ages, especially those who have a hard time switching off, and designed by leading experts in their fields. Plus, with the premium bundle you will also get your choice of sleeve design for the device as well as Glow Lullaby Oil

In addition to the Glow Dreaming machine, the premium bundle also includes a 14-day sleep program to help create positive sleep habits. The bundle also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and countless success stories from sleep-deprived parents. Check out the various bundles at the Glow Dreaming website. 

MUM CENTRAL READER OFFER: Use the code MUMCENTRAL for $10 off any Glow Dreaming Bundle

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[mc_block_title custom_title=”4. A cuddly friend”]

Our Pick: Riff Raff Sleep Toys

IDEAL FOR: Babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers
PRICE: $65

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Experience the magic of sleep with a Riff Raff Sleep Toy! Source: Supplied

Designed by an Australian mum-of-two, these adorable little critters are a comfort toy like no other. He’s a cuddle toy, and a friend, but a Riff Raff is so much more! The removable soundbox has buttons that sit in the pal’s ears easily triggered by little hands. Press one ear and white noise plus heartbeat will settle your babe to sleep. Press the other ear for a unique soothing lullaby.  Riff Raff has a velcro arm to attach to the pram and a dummy locater strap. #winning

Designed to keep your little one calm and safe, even in the middle of the night, Riff Raff is machine-washable so you can wash away the germs (if you can convince your child to let their Riff Raff out of their sight for a couple of hours!). You can even personalise your pal with your little one’s name or, most recently, complete your gift with a matching book and bath set. 

Riff Raff comes with over 3,000 x 5-Star Reviews due to the positive changes these pals make to your child’s sleep habits. Read why their community loves Riff Raff and check out all the pals on the Riff Raff website. 

MUM CENTRAL READER OFFER: Use the code MUMCENTRAL15 for 15% off your first toy.

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[mc_block_title custom_title=”5. A baby monitor”]

Our Pick: Oricom Babysense7 Value Pack 

IDEAL FOR: Newborns and up 
PRICE: $658 – Now $499 – Save $159 for a limited time only! 

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Get a breathing monitor and camera in one with this value pack. Source: Supplied

A baby monitor isn’t just a sleep aid for bub, but for parents too. It provides peace of mind that your little one is sleeping safe and sound, allowing you to actually get some sleep too! 

One of the best baby monitor solutions is the Oricom BabySense7 when combined with one of their video monitors. We love it because it’s not only a baby monitor but also an infant breathing movement monitor. You see, the unit also detects a baby’s breathing movement rate and activates an alarm if their breathing movement slows to a rate of fewer than 10 breaths per minute, or cannot be detected for more than 20 seconds. The Babysense7 is included as a medical device on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. This kind of peace of mind is priceless. 

The latest BabySense7 Value Pack from Oricom also comes with the brand new, premium Secure875 video baby monitor offering a picture-perfect view at any angle and any time. The night vision is especially impressive as is the feature rich motorised pan-tilt camera. The Secure875 has a 5” touch screen, plays lullabies and white noise, has a parent talkback function (so you can talk to baby), digital zoom, and up to 6 hours of battery life.

MUM CENTRAL READER OFFER: Get the Babysense7 Value Pack for just $499 for the month of March only, plus free shipping Australia-wide. Limited time only! See the Oricom website for details. 

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[mc_block_title custom_title=”6. Cosy jim jams”]

Our Pick: Kippins Sleepwear

IDEAL FOR: Newborns to size 8
PRICE: Starting at $29.95

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Matching jim jams may help your little one get excited about bedtime. Source: Supplied

Another great way to set the scene for sleep time success? Invest in some extra comfortable pyjamas. And matching with an older sibling? Bonus! Toddlers will be ready to jump into bed with these ultra-sweet jimjams from Kippins. 

The range features bodysuits, long-sleeved KipZip rompers, and two-piece outfits for older kids, all made from pure, GOTS Certified organic cotton and printed with water-based inks. Sizes start at 000 all the way to size 8. Dress for sleep success!

Check out the full range on the Kippins website. They also offer matching bed linen and soft blankets to help your little one settle into slumber. 

MUM CENTRAL READER OFFER: Use code MUM20 to get 20% off all Sleepwear. Offer expires 19 May 2021. 

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[mc_block_title custom_title=”7. Baby bath and massage”]

Our Pick: GAIA Natural Baby Sleeptime Bath and GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil

IDEAL FOR: Newborns and up 
PRICE: Starting at $11.50

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GAIA Natural Baby is gentle, natural and ideal for baby massage and bath time. Source: Supplied

One of the tried and tested ways to help babies drift off to sleep is through a soothing bedtime routine including a warm bath and baby massage. Not only calming for baby, but it’s also a great way to bond at the end of the day -an ideal task for dads and other carers – while helping them learn to transition to sleepytime. 

GAIA’s Natural Baby Sleeptime Bath is made with organic lavender and ylang-ylang which creates a calming bath experience whilst also cleansing their skin. It’s gentle, free from nasties, and dermatologically tested so suitable for sensitive skin.

Combined with the GAIA Baby Massage Oil – made from cold-pressed sweet almond oil, organic lavender and organic chamomile pure essential oils – and you’ve got the ultimate bedtime routine sorted. GAIA’s Baby Massage Oil is mineral oil-free, won’t clog pores or cause irritation and is great for adults too! Check out the full GAIA Skin Naturals line at the GAIA website. 

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[mc_block_title custom_title=”8. Training clock”]

Our Pick: Tommee Tippee GloClock

IDEAL FOR: Children 2+
PRICE: $59.95

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Take the headache out of kids getting up too early with a Gro Clock. Source: Supplied

If your child has a habit of getting up before the sun, then a training clock is a MUST! GloClock is just that – a visual teaching tool designed to help kids understand when it’s sleep time and when it’s wake-up time. It’s perfect for toddlers who can’t tell time just yet. 

GloClock features a bright sun during daytime hours and a dark night sky during night hours. The stars go out one-by-one during the night to show the passing of time too. Cute!

There are heaps of extra as well – Sleepy Farm a fun bedtime storybook, adjustable brightness and an optional audible alarm. This clock may be your ticket to a semi-decent sleep-in past 4:30 am. Fingers crossed! Get your child’s GloClock on the Tommee Tippee website.

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Every child is different. Some babies can fall asleep with a simple kiss and a cuddle while others may require a bit more assistance. We hope our best sleep products list helps you find the perfect sleep aide to match your little one’s needs. 

The most important thing to remember is that mastering the fine art of sleeping takes time, especially for babies and young children. It may take a little longer than planned to get into the desired sleep routine but trust us, it will happen! 

And, if your baby is one of the many babies who is having trouble with sleep, fear not! There has been a study that actually shows that babies that don’t sleep through the night are more intelligent, which, is probably not super accurate but, hey, at least it makes those sleepless nights a little less painful, right?! 

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