REVIEW: Oricom Babysense7 and Secure870 Baby Monitor Value Pack

Sometimes, when you have a newborn, despite being bone-tired, you wake in the middle of the night with a pit of anxiety in your stomach. Is the baby OK? How will I know if they are still breathing? Do they need me?

All this is completely normal.

That gorgeous little bundle has gone from being inside you to sleeping in another room. You’re worried about correct sleeping posture and so much more. We get it. We’ve been there.

It’s impossible to watch your baby 24 hours a day. You do need sleep.

Allow us to introduce the ultimate baby monitoring bundle package  – Oricom’s Babysense7 + Secure870WH Baby Monitor Pack. This incredible bundle of tech will help ease your anxiety and give you a little bit more peace of mind.

In this package, Oricom has combined an exceptional breathing movement monitor with the quality video monitoring of the Secure870.

Oricom Babysense 7 breathing plus video monitor
The complete peace of mind package. Photo: Felicity Frankish

Peace of mind that baby is breathing

Babysense 7 is a breathing movement monitor that fits snugly under the baby’s mattress. It is intended for use as an Infant Apnoea Alarm. Apnoea is a technical term for when the body stops breathing as you sleep.

The hyper-sensitive monitor detects the baby’s breathing and will set off an audible alarm if your baby’s breathing movement slows to a rate of less than 10 breaths per minute or cannot be detected for more than 20 seconds. With Babysense7 breathing movement monitoring, you have the assurance that baby is OK, even if you doze off for a few minutes (or, fingers crossed, a few blissful hours).

Like a second set of eyes

If you’re not sleeping – you can still monitor every sight and sound in their room with incredible clarity on the Secure870 video monitor. This is top-of-the-line baby monitoring, that is super simple to use. You can even use it long-range so you can put the washing on the line or take a quick swim in the pool child-free. It has zero interference and crystal clear sound with complete privacy so you can be sure that you are the only one listening to or watching your baby.

These two devices work seamlessly together and will eliminate the fear that drives us to check on the baby every 15 minutes. So get some rest, mumma – Oricom has it all under control.

Oricom is one of the most trusted names in baby care on the market and we are absolutely delighted to offer our Real Mum’s Video Review of their Babysense7 + video monitor.

This is the baby monitoring system you need. Picture: Oricom

Tech that makes life a little easier

Most baby monitors deliver a promise to mums … to watch over our babies day and night. Most include cool features such as night vision, a pan/tilt camera, and a crystal clear display. Secure870 delivers all this PLUS plenty of AWESOME additional features that will make your life as a new mum easier. It has:

  • Parent talk back so you can talk to your baby or toddler from the other room (and tell them to lie back down). You can even sing them a song from the couch – how cool is that??!!
  • Long-range, zero interference, secure connection, and crystal clear sound. That means if you have a big house and the baby’s bedroom is far away from the lounge, you can still talk to them and you won’t get crossed lines and hear the man on his mobile phone ordering pizza next door.
  • Perfect image day and night with baby-friendly night vision and 3 x digital zoom. This baby monitor lets you see in the dark so you can know whether they are likely to settle back down or whether you really need to get out of bed. Trust us, those extra seconds on your own mattress are crucial.
  • Room temperature monitor, lullaby player and white noise machine. It plays 19 lullabies plus womb sounds, ideal for newborns. These little details will allow you to step away and perhaps even take a shower.
  • Night light and starry night light show. This is perfect for toddlers who will LOVE being able to watch the starry night while drifting off to sleep.
  • Oricom is 100% Australian owned, and they have a dedicated local call centre for added peace of mind.
Oricom Babysense7 video monitor
Babysense7 plus video monitor is a great addition to any nursery or bedroom. Photo: Felicity Frankish

Real Mum’s Review: Oricom Babysense7 Infant Breathing Movement plus Video Monitor

We recently asked Sydney mum-of-three, Felicity, to trial and review the and Oricom Babysense7 and Secure870 Baby Monitor Value Pack. After all, it sounds like a dream, but how does it really perform? Have a look at what Felicity had to say.

mum central

YouTube video

What our reviewer had to say: 

This is our favourite purchase with our daughter. Love the peace of mind it offers each night when the kids are sleeping soundly. All three of my children were in their own room from day one, which wouldn’t have been possible without the breathing motion sensors. Every time I woke worrying about them and whether they were ok, I had the peace of mind that the sensors were on and I would be woken if they weren’t.” – Felicity, mum to Cassandra, 4, Vivienne, 2 and Elliot, 6 months.

However, it was also the added features of the video monitor that really stood out for Felicity including the thermometer, the night light, and the music player.

I also loved the picture quality – it’s really easy to see both during day and at night. Plus, it’s the easiest monitor I have ever, ever had to set up. It did all the work for me. I simply charged the unit and turned it on and it paired itself.” 
Oricom Babysense7 breathing monitor review
Perfect display day or night. Photo: Felicity Frankish

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Babysense7 + Secure870WH Baby Monitor Value Pack

Babysense7 + Secure870WH Baby Monitor Value Pack
Ease of Use10.0
Affordable Price9.0
Peace of Mind10.0
Quality Sound + Video7.8
Breathing Movement Monitor9.0

mum centralWhere to Buy

You can pick up this complete peace of mind package for just $499, exclusive to Baby Bunting.

Knowing the quality of the product and how many years the old version lasted us, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase at this price.” – Felicity

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This is the ultimate package for constant monitoring and peace of mind that grows with your baby. From monitoring your newborn’s breathing to helping your toddler drift off to sleep, Oricom’s baby monitor bundle does it all.

We are sure you will love the Oricom Babysense7 as much as Felicity does!

This is a sponsored post for Oricom.
*Babysense7 is intended for use as an Infant Apnoea Alarm. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND USER GUIDE, USE ONLY AS DIRECTED.
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