Big W’s New Program Rehomes Your Old Toys to Kids Most Deserving

Have you ever looked at your kids’ playroom or bedroom and thought, “Seriously, do they really NEED all these toys?”

Toys that are rarely played with, toys that need new batteries, toys that take up space, toys that they wouldn’t even miss if you accidentally “lost” them.

Big W has come up with an amazing option for families looking to declutter some of their old toys, do their part to prevent adding plastic to the landfills, AND benefit children who would love even just one toy to play with.

It’s called Toys for Joy and we are so excited to get behind it.

Rehome and recycle old toys through Big W

Big W’s Toys for Joy program takes our old toys and rehomes them to kids’ charity partner, Save The Children’s op-shop network to help raise much-needed funding to support children in need.

The toys that have reached the end of their lives will be recycled by TerraCycle as products such as garden beds, decks, fences, and benches.

Either way – your children’s old toys are going to be doing good, not just sitting there gathering dust or taking up space in the landfill.

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Give new life to pre-loved toys

This is a first for Big W and we reckon it’s a fantastic idea! Here are the details about Toys for Joy and how you can get involved:

When is it?

It’s on NOW and runs until 5 May 2021.

What do you do?

Simply take your pre-loved toys to one of the 10 Big W stores taking part in the incentive. The bins are located at the front of each of the trial stores.

toys for joy drop off bins
Look for the colourful bins at your local Big W, Source: Supplied

Below are the drop-off points:


  • BIG W Rouse Hill, NSW
  • BIG W Erina, NSW
  • BIG W Winston Hills, NSW
  • BIG W Warringah Mall, NSW


  • BIG W Robina, QLD
  • BIG W Mt Gravatt, QLD
  • BIG W Clifford Gardens, QLD
  • BIG W Cairns, QLD


  • BIG W Elizabeth, SA
  • BIG W Bunbury, WA

Is it free to drop?

Yes, it is. However, it’s important that the pre-loved toys are in decent condition. We suggest spending some time going through your kids’ toys with them and placing all pre-loved toys in a box or bucket.

Get the kids involved too – it’s important for them to understand that these toys will be making other kids very happy.

Make sure the toys are:

  • Not broken.
  • Clean and have all their parts.
  • Works the way they are meant to.
  • Don’t have a battery – battery-operated toys are fine, but just make sure you’ve removed the batteries first.

The whole process is COVID-safe too. All BIG W stores taking part in the Toys for Joys program have hand sanitiser stations located next to the donation drop-off points, while all toys will go into a mandatory two-week quarantine before being resold through the Save the Children network.

So. Many. Toys.

Australians spend over $3.7 billion annually on toys. But some families don’t have the opportunities to buy their kids many toys, if any.

This is why we love this program so much – it gives underprivileged famiies a chance to enjoy something that our kids have outgrown.

Save the Children works with more than 197 communities and locations across Australia, with 100% of profits from op shops used to fund educational and child protection programs that set children and families up for success.

The toys that don’t make it to these kids are also going to a better place and remaining out of our already clogged waste system. Either way, it’s a win-win and a great incentive!

The next time you’re on your way to Big W, grab your donation box and support this great cause. You can find out more about it at Big W. 


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