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Best Sleep Songs Revealed! Experts Confirm Which Pop Songs Will Put Your Baby to Sleep

If you’re struggling to get your little one to sleep, it could be time to swap Bah Bah Black Sheep with Billie Eilish. According to a new study, the best sleep songs to fall asleep to also happen to be chart-topping bangers. recently shared their full list of most sleep-inducing songs to calm the nerves and help you fall asleep. These songs are not only great for our little ones but also can help us fall asleep too. 

The study includes songs from all genres – hip hop, rock, country, even classical. 

Below are the songs that scored the highest Zzzs. 

Let’s start with the best of the best -the top ten best sleep songs, including popular artists like Billie Eilish, Maroon 5, Olivia Rodrigo and XXXTentacion. John Legend and Harry Styles also made the list. 

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Rock music as a sleep solution

In terms of genre-specific best sleep songs, there are plenty of rock tunes that hit the mark including Elton John’s Your Song as the winner. There’s plenty of classics too – Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Eagles.

songs for sleep - rock songs

Boot, scoot and boogie to sleep

If country music is more your jam, then Little Big Town’s Girl Crush is a good one to add to your night-time playlist. Oher country classics destined to put you to sleep include Burning House by Cam, Better Together by Luke Combs and Mercy by Brett Young. Keith Urban also got a mention on this list at number #5. 

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From beats to bed

EDM isn’t usually considered ‘sleep’ music, but, hey, if you’re not hitting the clubs, then I suppose you can hit the bed with these options. Note that even the highest EDM song didn’t even crack a 70 sleep score (more on sleep scores in a moment), so probs not going to work too well to put your baby to sleep. Make them want to hit the dance floor? Maybe. 

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Sleep inducing classical songs

Classical songs, on the other hand, ranked incredibly high in terms of sleep scores. I don’t have a blues clue what any of these songs are but science says they are great for getting to sleep. So there you go.

best sleep songs - classical

Snoozy hip-hop hits

Finally, we will end with some hip-hop hits to set the stage for sleep. Post Malone and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis should do the trick. StaySolidRocky, Drake and Lil Pump also made the list. 

best sleep songs - classical

How did they find the sleep score?

Pure science. Sort of. It’s actually a pretty complex process. 

To discover the formula for a sleep-inducing song, the team wanted to find the average audio features of songs intended to help us sleep: lullabies.

They analysed 100 lullabies on Spotify using 10 audio features such as tempo, danceability, energy and scale (major or minor). 

And then the team compared their results to a curated list of 1,721 songs, including Spotify’s most streamed and essential tunes from a range of genres. From there they have each song a ‘sleep score’ based on a scale used to analyse the lullabies. And voila – the best sleep songs! 

So the next time you’re bouncing your baby around the living room, hushing them to sleep with Twinkle Twinkle, try one of these songs instead. They are much easier to listen to and, bonus, less likely to get stuck in your head. 

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