‘No Sex for a Month Before Party’: Mum’s 1st Bday Party Request Baffles the Internet

We get it. A child’s first birthday party is pretty special. Sure, the child turning one won’t remember anything about it, but it’s a great opportunity to get friends and family together, to shower the child with gifts, and to celebrate the first year of parenthood.

However, this mum had a very specific list of demands for anyone attending their child’s first birthday.

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Source: Reddit

No drinking (okay, cool), no drugs (yep, fair enough), and, no sex. Not just at the party – which, let’s face it, makes sense. But no sexy time for one month prior to the party too.

Oh, and after the party as well.

Keep it in your pants for a grand total of five weeks, or don’t bother coming to my kids’ birthday party. 

A man shared this interesting demand on Reddit, explaining that he and his partner were invited to the child’s birthday through a friend they met at church. 

It was all well and good until EM (entitled mother) gave us the rules a couple of days before the party,” the poster wrote on Reddit.

“They were normal rules, no drugs or alcohol, decent attitude, except for one rule. It said ‘anyone attending this birthday party must not have had sex for the month prior and must not have sex for a week after’.”

Broke the rule.

The couple decided not to attend because they had already broken the rule. And, it turns out, they weren’t the only ones. Most people opted not to go to the party, leaving the mother with an empty house come party day.

On the day of the party, the mum sent out a group text to everyone, asking where they were. 

A good amount of people said they were breaking that rule.

EM got mad at all of us for being ‘sinners’ and blocked all our numbers. It turns out her husband didn’t know about the rule before the group chat. Two weeks later, she was found to be five weeks pregnant.”

Pregnant…and entitled

While it’s not exactly clear WHY the mum turned into the sex police, I reckon it’s because she wanted to announce her pregnancy at the party and didn’t want anyone to ‘steal her thunder.’ Or, she didn’t want any of her ‘friends’ having babies at the same time as her. Either way, it’s weird and wrong and all sorts of entitled. 

Commenters of the post didn’t disappoint either, ripping into the mum over her absurd sex ban and wondering how she planned to enforce such a rule. 

“Does she have a sex radar?” one mum questioned. 

 “Was she going to administer a polygraph?!” another exclaimed “Was she going to sniff out the sex? I have so many questions!”

Another poster admitted that she would have gone to the party and made a point to have sex at the party and I’d probably do the exact same thing TBH. 

We’ve shared a lot of ‘interesting’ party requests in the past, including this woman’s lengthy wedding rule list, but this one takes the cake. 

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