Better Periods for You and Your Teen With Modibodi Underwear & Swimwear

Remember back in the day when you could run through sprinklers, roll down hills, bounce on trampolines, swim across lakes and perform super awkward dance routines in your friend’s garage without a single care in the world?

There wasn’t any worry about possibly getting your period or potentially weeing if you happen to bounce too high or laugh too hard mid-dance.

While it’s not possible to bring back this pre-pubescent freedom or post-baby bladder completely, we have *ugh* adult responsibility now, we have found the next best thing. A way to swim, run, play, dance, bounce all month long and experience that same freedom we’ve been missing for years and years.

It’s called Modibodi underwear and ladies, it’s a game-changer for not only you but your tween/teen daughter too.

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Modibodi for every body

Modibodi underwear isn’t new to the period world. It’s been around since 2013 and is the original leak-proof apparel brand, designed to be worn instead of liners, pads and tampons.

They absorb the flow, keep you fresh and allow you to go about your daily business without having to worry about leaks, bunching, discomfort or weird smells.

At first, there was just underwear. But now, Modibodi has developed a whole line of reusable and sustainable apparel. We’re talking activewear, period swimwear and maternity wear for women and teens (even men).

Many of us don’t swim during our periods. We avoid running around the yard with the kids because of potential leaks. We get embarrassed over a milk-stain on our shirts. We quickly strip the bed at the sight of a patch of blood on the sheets.

It shouldn’t be this way.

Sure, we don’t have to announce to the world that, YES, I JUST PEED A LITTLE BIT WHILE SNEEZING. But, we also don’t have to shy away from daily life because of the occasional leak or monthly visit.

FUN FACT: Modibodi underwear and apparel completely replaces the need for disposable hygiene products and offers a better way to period.

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Milk, pee, period, perspiration proof 

Of course, Modibodi underwear and apparel isn’t just period proof. It’s also great for absorbing extra moisture from sweating, excess milk from breastfeeding, and even the occasional urine leak. Which, let’s face it, happens to the best of us at one time or another.

If you can perform a five-minute dance routine with your kids WHILE bouncing on the trampoline and NOT pee even a little bit, then we BOW down to you. If not, Modibodi has your back.

This is why we love Modibodi – it gives us our freedom back.
No shame, no fear, no embarrassment.  Just protection.

Pee, blood, sweat, milk, it’s all made so much more manageable with Modibodi.

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How does period underwear even work? 

Can underwear really soak up even the heaviest of flows without a single stain or smell?? Yes, it really can! It’s all because of Modibodi’s patented Modifier Technology: 3 layers of antibacterial, odour-preventing, moisture-eliminating protection. 

How’s how it works:

  • The top layer draws sweat and discharge away from the source and fights bacteria to keep the wearer fresh as a daisy, all day long.
  • The middle layer safely absorbs up to 50ml of fluid and locks it away with secured seams for extra protection.
  • The bottom layer offers extra waterproof and breathable protection, so you can rest easy knowing that nothing will leak through to their clothing.

FUN FACT: Modibodi period underwear safely absorbs fluid and locks away up to ten tampons worth of liquid (depending on the absorbancy chosen). YUP – That’s some mighty protective undies!

Shop the range of Modibodi underwear

With something to suit all tastes, Modibodi underwear comes in different styles, including bikini, briefs, thong, high waist and boyleg and more. Plus, you can also shop different collections – seamfree, curvy and sensual, to name a few.

Modibodi underwear also comes in different absorbency levels from 24-hour protection to light protection. If you’re unsure, we recommend a bundle pack that comes with seven pairs of undies, all with different levels for all-month protection.

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Protective active and everyday wear. 

The activewear range includes running shorts and tights that allow you to feel confident pounding the pavement, even if your bladder isn’t too happy to be out running around. They are comfortable for everyday wear too, even if you’re just running errands or running around the playground with your kids.modibodi underwear and activewear for 2021

We especially love their new anti-chafing shorts, which are ideal for every day! Comfortable and flattering, and, best of all, no more chub rub. These shorts are also seam-free, leak-proof, and made with Moderate-Heavy absorbent technology so you don’t need any other underwear beneath either. Score! 

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Another cool new product is Modibodi Sleep Shorts, ideal for heavy flow days. They hold 10 tampons worth of liquid and can be worn for 24 hours, ideal for sleeping at night, chilling on the couch, or scurrying around the house. So comfy too!

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Modibodi’s maternity range is ideal for pregnancy and breastfeeding – they’ve got breastfeeding singlets that not only offer you incredible protection for your massive milky mum boobs but also absorb the extra milk that comes with let down.

You’ll NEVER have to buy breastfeeding pads again!

Oh, and check these bad boys out – they are DETACHABLE UNDIES! Because bending down to remove your undies, whether pregnant or postpartum is an effort and a half. Unclick the sides and voila! You’re free to pee!

detachable modibodi underwear

Period swimwear

Of all the Modibodi products, the period swimwear range is by far our favourite. Why? Because we live in Australia and it’s bloody hot here. We should be immersed in water often – a pool, a creek, a beach –  you get it! And we shouldn’t have to sit on the sidelines one week a month or waddle through the water with a twinge of worry that our tampon isn’t holding up.

Modibodi’s swimwear allows you to swim without any disposables. Every swimsuit comes with Modifier Swim Technology – extra waterproof protection, with water repellant fabric that dries three times faster than any other bathers on the market. It can even absorb up to two tampons worth of fluid!

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Buy for your daughter too

Yes, that’s right – Modibodi isn’t just for us seasoned period-professionals. It’s also designed for our daughters, navigating the period-waters for the first time.

The teen range called Modibodi RED includes swimmers and undies in a range of cute styles and designs that look pretty much like regular undies but with one major difference – period protection.

Modibodi reds period underwear

Modibodi RED uses the same patented moisture technology as all Modibodi products so you know they are protected.

But what makes RED so amazing is that it provides teens with a better period experience. One that doesn’t involve tampon insertion or unexpected leaks at school. Where they can still feel that sense of freedom to roll down hills, swim in lakes, and even make up dance routines for TikTok or whatever the kids are using these days.

I would have LOVED to have RED as a teen and I will definitely be buying a bundle for my daughter in a few years’ time.

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Do it all with Modibodi underwear and apparel 

Whether buying for yourself, your daughter, or both of you, you really can’t go wrong with Modibodi. It’s fashionable, sustainable, comfortable, and flattering for all body shapes.

Ditch the disposables and remain confident regardless of what your breasts, bladder or uterus are up to. And do it all for 15% off too!


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