Modibodi Review: Our Mums Tested and LOVED Modibodi Leakproof Undies & Leggings

Our bodies have been through the wringer (thanks A LOT, children). We grew our babies, we birthed our babies, we fed our babies.

Now, we leak because of these babies. Blood. Sweat. Milk. Pee. It’s all happenin’, folks!

We DESERVE a better way to protect ourselves from leaks, especially when on our periods, out for a run, or after a sneeze, cough or laugh. This is exactly what Modibodi delivers. 

Modibodi is an all-Aussie label of leakproof underwear and apparel (including leggings, swimmers and maternity tops). Their apparel is designed to take the place of liners, pads, and tampons all the while protecting you from leaks, sucking up extra moisture (goodbye sweat!), eliminating odour and keeping you feeling fresh all day (and night).

mum centralBut does this magical period underwear really work?

We asked ten mums to trial the Modibodi range of leakproof undies and apparel to find out. We tested their comfort level, quality, and effectiveness to see if we really can kiss our emergency supply of pads, tampons, and liners goodbye for good (and the rubbish that comes with them!).

Well, mums, the results are in. When it comes to comfort, convenience, and confidence, hands down, Modibodi is a winner!

modibodi active range
Modibodi have just released a sweat-proof range of activewear, and our mums seemed to love them too!

Mums share why they loved Modibodi

All of our reviewers agree that Modibodi kept them protected against unwanted wetness and would recommend Modibodi to other mums. Here’s what they had to say about Modibodi:

I used this on Day 3 [of my period]. The product was comfortable, I felt protected and I did not feel wet at any time using the product.”  Bec – trialled Modibodi Sensual and Classic Ranges

Modibodi review

It was so great to wear underwear and not worry about having to put an uncomfortable sanitary product on daily!”  Melanie – trialled Modibodi Classic

They are honestly the most comfortable undies I’ve ever worn! I absolutely loved them! The fabric was super soft and I felt very protected from leakage.”  Chantelle – trialled Modibodi Vegan

I felt more secure and less hassle during my period. Love that it’s comfortable and seam-free,” Cindy – trialled Modibodi Contour

Hands down these leggings gave me comfort, support, kept me dry after a big workout and best of all, I didn’t have to cringe when I was asked to do startjumps and squats at the gym! Winner right there!” Maureen – trialled Modibodi Active Leggings

modibodi active leggings review

mum central

Real Mum's Review: Modibodi Undies and Apparel

modibodi period undies styles
Odour Protection8.6
No Need for Other Products9.0

mum centralWhat makes Modibodi the #1 period and bladder leakage underwear on the market?

1. Super comfortable + super absorbancy  = super confidence!

One of the things that our reviewers really loved about the Modibodi range was how comfortable they were to wear. They flatter the female shape and protect without being bulky or heavy.

Period-proof, sweat-proof, leak-proof, milk-proof, they soaked up all the excess moisture and odour.

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2.  Better for our bodies and the earth

Another great thing about Modibodi is how eco-conscious they are. By swapping to Modibodi you are replacing hundreds of pads, tampons and liners, plus the plastic waste they are packaged in.

3.  Massive range!

Modibodi have heaps of different products to choose from too. Their underwear comes in different styles in bikini, boyleg or full brief in the following ranges:

  • Classic
  • Contour
  • Vegan
  • Seamfree
  • Sensual

Every pair has different absorbency levels too from super light (occasional discharge and little drips) to heavy (for overnights and heavy period days).

You can learn more about their extensive range and find the right fit on their website.

They also have breastfeeding singlets, active leggings, swimwear and even a new teen range called Red.modibodi review activewear

4.  Great price 

Modibodi undies start at just $26.50 and there’s free shipping on orders over $120. To be frank, once you get them, and wear them, and realise how great they are as everyday undies, they’ll be your go-to pair time after time!

Plus, think of the money you’ll save on pads and tampons!

mum central

Because we love Modibodi so much and want you to road test them for yourself, we’ve secured 15% off* your first Modibodi purchase.

Simply head over to the Modibodi website and use the code ‘mumcentral’ at the checkout to get your special offer. Don’t forget to spread the word. Offer ends 30th July 2019. Or keep scrolling for your chance to WIN A MODIBODI PRIZE PACK.

Foam Alive
*Excludes packs, sale items and gift cards. Promotions can not be combined with any other offer.

Two BIG thumbs up from us! 9/10 from our mums!

  • mum central10/10 love them. Super comfy, confidence boosters and they really protect!
  • 10/10 recommend them. Great for mums and their teen daughters too! 
  • 10/10 will continue using them.

Modibodi undies and apparel are a staple for us and we are sure you will love them as much as we do. Make the switch from period products to Modibodi and see what you think!  We’ve got a great opportunity to win a prize pack below… 


This is a sponsored post for Modibodi. All opinions are those of the reviewers.
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    Such an amazing prize pack; thank you for an opportunity to win and good luck everyone.

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