Beyonce Opens Up About Her Emergency C-Section and Post Baby Body

The Queen has spoken.

And she’s got some PRETTY important truth bombs to drop, regarding her emergency c-section and body after baby.

Bey opened up in the September 2018 issue of VOGUE magazine. She spoke candidly about the medical issues she experienced during her pregnancy with twins Rumi and Sir Carter, the emergency c-section after a month of bed rest, and her body after baby (well, babies).

Beyonce emergency c-section Vogue interview

Bed rest and babies

In a series of personal essays, Beyonce revealed that she had suffered toxaemia in the month leading up to the twins’ birth. The only cure is birthing your baby, which Beyoncé did in June,

My health and my babies’ health were in danger, so I had an emergency C-section. We spent many weeks in the NICU. I was in survival mode and did not grasp it all until months later.” Beyonce

Otherwise known as pre-eclampsia, the condition sees blood pressure soar and can lead to organ damage. Around 15,000 Australian women share the condition with B, which ranges in severity from mild to life threatening. The more severe cases require hospital admission and total bed rest. Beyonce shared that she was diagnosed with the condition which led to severe swelling and a stay in the intensive care unit.Queen B Opens Up About Her C-Section and Post Baby Body

“My husband was a soldier and such a strong support system for me. I am proud to have been a witness to his strength and evolution as a man, a best friend, and a father. … today I have a connection to any parent who has been through such an experience.” Beyonce writes.

Queen B Opens Up About Her C-Section and Post Baby Body

The mummy pouch appreciation society

Bey also shared how carrying then birthing twins has changed her body. “I was 218 pounds (approximately 100kg) the day I gave birth to Rumi and Sir,” the singer remembers. “After the C-section, my core felt different.  It had been major surgery. Some of your organs are shifted temporarily, and in rare cases, removed temporarily during delivery.

“I am not sure everyone understands that. I needed time to heal, to recover. During my recovery, I gave myself self-love and self-care, and I embraced being curvier. I accepted what my body wanted to be.”

“To this day my arms, shoulders, breasts, and thighs are fuller,” she wrote. “I have a little mommy pouch, and I’m in no rush to get rid of it. I think it’s real.”

beyonce reveal c-section

The mum-of-three went on to reveal that while she’d knuckled down after six months to prepare for her Coachella performance (“I became vegan temporarily, gave up coffee, alcohol, and all fruit drinks”), her body is still different to how it was, pre-twins but that she’s cool with the change.

‘I pray my children will have less complicated lives’

But even more touching, Beyonce has spoken about her hopes for her children – daughter Ivy Blue, now 6, and her twins,

“I researched my ancestry recently and learned that I come from a slave owner who fell in love with and married a slave. I had to process that revelation over time. I questioned what it meant and tried to put it into perspective. I now believe it’s why God blessed me with my twins. Male and female energy was able to coexist and grow in my blood for the first time. I pray that I am able to break the generational curses in my family and that my children will have less complicated lives,” she says.

mum central

“My mother taught me the importance not just of being seen but of seeing myself. As the mother of two girls, it’s important to me that they see themselves too … and that they know they can write the script for their own lives – that they can speak their minds and they have no ceiling.

“They don’t have to be politically correct, as long as they’re authentic, respectful, compassionate, and empathetic. They can explore any religion, fall in love with any race, and love who they want to love.

“I want the same things for my son. I want him to know that he can be strong and brave but that he can also be sensitive and kind. I want my son to have a high emotional IQ where he is free to be caring, truthful, and honest. It’s everything a woman wants in a man, and yet we don’t teach it to our boys.”

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