NSW mum Emma Millar knew she was expecting a larger-than-average-sized baby. 

However, she never expected her baby’s birth to make headlines!

Emma gave birth to adorable chubby-cheeked Remi Frances Millar via emergency cesarean at 38 weeks gestation. That’s right – this little sweetie was actually early! She weighed in at an incredible 5.88 kg. 

To put this into perspective, most babies are born around the 3.3kg marker. Most babies won’t hit the 5.88 kg marker until at least two months, but more likely at three or four months.

big baby nsw - remi born 5.88 kg
Emma Millar and baby Remi. Image: Honey Nine

‘She’s like a mini-sumo wrestler’ 

Emma and her husband, Daniel, have two other kids. Both were born weighing more than the average, so Emma did have an inkling that her third bub wouldn’t be on the petite side. Her daughter Willow, now age two, was born at 5.5kg and her son Ace, age four, was 3.8kg. Additionally, Emma had gestational diabetes which can result in larger babies.

But 5.88 kg! Wowsers! That is quite an effort. The big bundle of baby joy has bypassed the traditional 0000 and 000 newborns outfits and gone straight into 00. This is the same size my daughter is currently in and she’s nine months. 

Emma tells Illawarra Mercury, “She’s like a mini sumo wrestler. I did expect to have a larger baby as I had gestational diabetes, but not this big. At 35 weeks an ultrasound revealed she was about 4kg (8.8lbs) but we didn’t think she’d grow that much more.”

Mount Warrigal couple Emma and Daniel Millar knew their baby would be on the larger side – but didn't expect to welcome a 5.88kg bundle of joy this week.

Posted by The Sydney Morning Herald on Thursday, October 10, 2019

No heavy lifting… babies excepted

As Remi was delivered via cesarean, Emma is on strict ‘no heavy lifting’ rule until she has recovered. She is not meant to lift anything heavier than 6kg so Remi just scrapes by.

“She’s about the limit I’ve been told,” Emma added.

Remi is certainly making an impression everywhere she goes but perhaps the people most excited about Remi’s arrival are her two older siblings.

“Our other children just adore Remi, who is really healthy and content and just thriving.”

Remi and her family - big baby born in nSW
Image: Honey Nine

Even more big bundles of baby joy

The staff at Wollongong Hospital said they can’t remember a baby ever tipping the scales at 5.88 kg, so Remi could be a hospital record holder!

Although only 1.2% of babies are born larger than 4.5kg, Remi is in good company. There have been plenty of big baby births that have made headlines across Australia. Here are a few of our favourites:


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