Bike Washing Machine — What Multi-Tasking Dreams Are Made Of

Us ladies are the kings (or Queens) of multi-tasking. I mean who doesn’t love to kill two birds with one stone? So when we saw a bike that doubles as a washing machine, well, we were intrigued.

This pedal-powered bike washing machine lets you workout while you wash. So it’s great for your fitness levels and the planet (not to mention that pile of dirty laundry that’s been giving you the hard stare for days!).

Of course, everything comes with a price. The downside of the bike washing machine is that it means no more excuses. Forget, “I’m too busy to exercise,” or “I can’t do the laundry, I really need to go to the gym”. Darn new technology!

That’s right, the combination of a stationary bike and washing machine allows you to exercise while simultaneously washing your clothes. Whatever will the smart folk come up with next?

bike washing machine

Who’re the brains behind the bike washing machine?

Designed by the clever students at China’s Dalian Nationalities University, it harnesses the power of your peddling to operate the washing machine drum. Genius!

It also stores surplus electricity for future battery use. So not only is it the ultimate multi-tasking tool, but it’s an eco-laundry win too. Amaze-balls!

We love that the bike washing machine supports us multi-tasking mums, while boosting our fitness in a fun way. However, I’m not sure how long it would take for the novelty to wear off — we’re still doing the laundry after all.

bike washing machine

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An extraordinary concept, the Bike Washing Machine isn’t available to buy yet but we might be tempted if and when it does hit the market. What say you?

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