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Mum’s ‘Magical’ Birth Method to Birth a Baby in a Few Pushes

The time to push has come. You’re in pain, you’re exhausted and your body doesn’t want to do it anymore. After hours of labouring, finding the strength to push is difficult. Even finding the right way to push is tricky.

The pushing phase of labour can take as long as three hours for first-time mums (EEEK) but a mum-of-two has revealed her super simple birth method to birth a baby in just a few pushes. It may be a game-changer for those entering the delivery ward.

What’s the magical birth method?

To cough.

The mum, who shared her birth method tip on her TikTok account, Biscotti Babies, explains that the muscles you use to cough are the same muscles you use to push but lots of new mums are not aware of this.

“COUGH before you go into the hospital and focus on what muscles you used to cough in your abdomen! Use those muscles to push, it’s not the muscles you use to poo!” she said in her Tiktok video.

Just to be clear, she’s not suggesting that you cough your way through every contraction, but rather, familiarise yourself with the muscles used to cough and focus on using those same muscles when you are pushing.

The mum explains how she was able to birth both her babies in just a few pushes using the coughing method. And no tearing either!

Heck, it’s worth a shot, right!?

More labour tips to try

Here are a few other ways to help new mums during labour:

The comb trick 

A cheap hair comb is the latest must-have item for your labour bag. According to the now-viral post on the Fox Valley Birth and Baby Facebook page: 

childbirth pain relief using a hand comb
Source: Facebook

When gripped in your hands, a comb can help hit acupuncture points in your hands.

It also plays into the gate control pain theory. This theory states that the brain can only focus on a select number of sensations. Because the nerve endings are closer on your hands they reach your brain faster helping your body forget about the contractions.”

By gripping the comb, you are transferring the pain to something else, similar to when we tell our kids to pinch themselves when they hurt a body part. Read more: The Simple Comb Trick That Reduces Pain During Childbirth

Holding hands

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Halifax have confirmed that holding hands during labour is another easy way to ease labour pain.

They found that when the woman experienced pain, holding hands synced the couple’s brainwaves. This connected the couple and somehow, alleviated some of the pain. However, when she was in pain and her partner wasn’t in the room and couldn’t get to her, their brainwaves stopped syncing. Read more: Say What? Holding Hands During Childbirth Can Actually Ease Labour Pain

Rebozo Sifting

Rebozo sifting is a natural labouring technique that uses a long scarf-like garment (called a Rebozo) to relieve pain during labour. The garment is also used to help breech babies turn and assist in getting baby into the optimal position for birth.

rebozo sifting natural pain relief labour
Source: Instagram

Reoboze sifting involves using the rebozo around mum’s tummy and gently moving it back and forth. The mother remains on her hands and knees while a birth partner wraps the Rebozo around her bum and gently jiggles it. It looks simple enough and apparently, it works a treat! Read more: Rebozo Sifting: Natural Labour Pain Relief Technique To Try. 

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