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The ‘How to Induce Labour’ Video that Pregnant Mums Swear Really Works

There’s a YouTube video circulating the interwebs that have pregnant mums buzzing with excitement.

Called ‘Activating Labour,’ the 7-minute video touches on how to induce labour through several different exercises that are sure to get things moving down there, including your baby!

It’s pretty outdated compared to today’s video standards but it also comes with over 5000 comments, the majority of which are saying the same thing – it actually works!

If you’re overdue and ready for labour, then this how to induce labour video just might be worth a look.

activating labour video
Sit, squat and lift your way to labour. Source: YouTube

How to induce labour in just 7 minutes

The video comes courtesy of BabyWeightTV and takes expecting mums through 7 minutes of different exercises, thanks to the BabyWeight TV coach Micky Marie Morrison and pregnant mum, Nell.

The exercises are pretty straightforward – there’s a squatting one, followed by a weird frog squatting one (good luck getting up without farting after that one), knee lifts and a pregnant-twerk that is sure to speed things along.

See it in action below.

If you’re overdue and ready for labour, then this how to induce labour video just might be worth a look.

YouTube video

Mums go wild for ‘activating labour’ video

And the comments?? Well, these 7 minutes of exercises seem to do the trick. Check out some of the comments on the video:

At 40 weeks 4 days pregnant, I did this video for the first time. 7 minutes later, my water broke. 4 hours later, my son was born! I think this video helped! Thank you!”

I did this exercise twice one day and twice the next day at 38 weeks. Water broke at midnight and had my baby 3.5 hours later. I think this really helped speed things along. Holding my baby as I type this.” 

Adding my testimonial. My water broke 2 hours after this workout. Definitely don’t do this if you’re not 100% ready to welcome your baby

Aside from it clearing out my gas, I did these exercises at 4am, started cramping at 8am, then contractions started ramping up around 5pm, it’s now 10pm and they’re 7min apart! Let’s keep our fingers crossed

UPDATE: This works, I gave birth 6hrs after writing this post. She was born at 4:35am! Definitely induces labour! I gave birth naturally because she came way too fast.” 

Sure, they look a bit ridic but, but when you’re 41 weeks pregnant, you’ll try pretty much anything.

Case in point? These 3 labour-including techniques we’ve shared in the past:

1. The coffee pot and squat

Yep. Back in 2018 squatting over a pot of steaming hot coffee was actually a way to induce labour. Not recommended by any doctor, of course, but pregnant mums did try.

pregnant women using coffee induce labour

To caffeinate your cervix, 

  1. Place a plastic bowl in toilet.
  2. Place one to two cups of ground coffee into the plastic bowl.
  3. Heat up water in a kettle.
  4. Pour the hot water over the coffee grounds.
  5. Squat over the bowl and place a towel over you legs to keep the steam in.
  6. Steam your lady bits for about twenty minutes.

According to some women, the caffeine in the coffee stimulates the uterus to contract. The steam can also loosen the mucus plug to get labour going.

2. The super spicy salad (or pizza) 

Hilary Duff swore that this salad helped put her into labour with her second child in 2018, bought from Caioti Pizza in LA.

A Caioti Pizza employee confirmed that their salad is meant to have superpowers for pregnant mums.

Hilary Duff Pregnant Labour Salad

We do have a salad that supposedly makes people go into labour. They say it’s in the dressing, which is just a balsamic and there are special herbs that make women have contractions and go into labor. None of the servers know what exactly is in the ‘special herbs’ mix, only the kitchen knows.”

3. A paddock full of pineapples

Pineapples are also meant to induce labour – something about the bromelain in them which is thought to help soften the cervix. However, you’d most likely have to eat about 80 of them. Imagine the pineapple poops after that!!

mum central

Be sure to check out a few of our other ways to induce labour here. 

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