This Sad Bluey Theory Will Make You Love the Show Even More

Described as one of the greatest children’s television programs of all time, Bluey has never shied away from serious situations.

They speak openly on the show about death, divorce, bullying, and several other tough life moments.

But one episode and Bluey theory, in particular, has sparked the attention of many parents and is being hailed as a heartfelt way to represent miscarriage or stillbirth on the small screen and to our littlest viewers who may have a hard time coming to terms with this.

The Balloon Pop – Bluey Theory

The Bluey theory is simple: In one episode (episode 16, season 2 to be exact – The Show), Bingo and Bluey are playing “mum” and “dad”. Bluey takes on the role of Bandit and Bingo takes on the role of Chili.

The siblings act out various scenes from their parents’ lives while Chili and Bandit watch.

First, they act out the first time they met at a party in London, followed by the proposal during an Italian backpacking trip. And then they act out Chili’s first pregnancy.

Unfortunately, during the reenactment of the pregnancy, the blue balloon under Bingo’s shirt pops. Both pups stand there in shock and sadness.

Bluey theory
Source: YouTube

The camera then flashes to Bandit and Chili who grab each other’s hand with a pained expression on their faces, suggesting that this really did happen. It’s a very small detail but eagle-eyed fans, including TikToker @world.shaker have found this particular part of the show to be incredibly important and touching.

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He suggests that Chili and Bandit did lose a baby pup before they had Bluey, making Bluey a rainbow baby (a baby born after a loss).

One in four

One in four pregnancies end in loss but many people who have experienced a loss prefer not to talk about it. Many choose to grieve on their own or simply push the feelings away which is perfectly okay.

However, more and more women are opening up about miscarriage and stillbirth. We love that Bluey has taken a once-hidden topic and brought it to light in such a subtle and touching way.

This representation of miscarriage once again cements Bluey as the leader in children’s television, not just for kids, but for parents too. For real life.

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