Target’s Dropped a Bunch of Easter Pyjamas Featuring Bluey, Peter Rabbit and Miffy!

February is almost over, and the kids are knee-deep in schoolwork. You know what that means, don’t you? Easter is around the corner. Eek! That’s right, Easter has landed in March this year, which means the sneaky bunny is on its way! Never fear, mamas; Target has just released its gorgeous range of Easter pyjamas, with many matchy-matchy designs. Best of all, they’re perfect for wearing all year round, long after the bunny has been.

target easter pyjamas range
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Matching Easter pyjamas for the WIN!

Matching PJs has become a tradition in Aussie homes, with Christmas Eve becoming THE time to post that colour-coordinated family shot. But why not go matchy-matchy for Easter?

Available in iconic Bluey, Miffy, and Peter Rabbit character designs, these sweet Easter pyjamas are soft, cosy and perfect for wearing all year round.

Let’s get Easter pyjama-clad family snaps trending for 2024. Need another reason to don Easter PJs? They make a great cosy gift alternative to chocolate (because what kid isn’t full of chocolate at Easter?).

Read on below to see Target’s gorgeous new range of matching Easter pyjamas – there really is something for everyone (and every age!).

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Alternative Easter gifts to chocolate

Easter = bunny-mania, with almost every store selling Easter-themed items that make great alternatives to chocolate eggs or bunnies. Easter outfits, crafts, or toys can make great gifts, especially for little bubs who haven’t yet scoffed chocolate!

Here are our favourite Easter gift alternatives to chocolate:

  • DIY craft: make cute bunny ears, egg-shaped cards or fun potato-stamp wrapping paper!
  • Easter PJs, clothes or accessories: these are great to wear year-round. Check out Target’s Easter pyjamas range below!
  • Bunny toys: Peter Rabbit, Miffy, and Jellycat have some great, super soft plush bunnies that are perfect for little ones.
  • Baskets: pick these up at dollar stores such as The Reject Shop or Cheap as Chips and fill them with Easter-related stickers, paper, pom poms, crafty chicks and more so kids can make their own Easter baskets, ready for the big day!
  • Books: Bluey has a good range of Easter books, as well as Peter Rabbit, Miffy, Spot and even Peppa Pig!
  • Colourful plastic eggs: Kmart has some great plastic eggs that open so you can put tiny gifts inside instead of chocolate. Perfect for kids with allergies!

Find more Easter gift inspiration here: 12 Eggcellent Chocolate-Free Easter Gifts For Everyone! and 23 Super Sweet (And Chocolate-Free) Easter Gift Ideas For Babies and Kids

Easter pyjamas featuring Bluey, Miffy and Peter Rabbit from Target

Easter and Target go hand-in-hand, and you can’t go past its new range of Easter pyjamas, featuring iconic characters such as cheeky Bluey, sweet and shy Miffy and rambunctious Peter Rabbit. Each set comes in a matching style for the whole family. Why not get some for Nanna and Grandad this year?

Sure to be a huge hit, Bluey pyjamas

Whackadoo! Adored the world over, the cheeky blue heeler that is Bluey can be found in books, toys, accessories, clothing and more. We think Target’s Bluey pyjama range is heeler-ific!

Whackadoo! Target’s got a HUGE range of Bluey PJs suitable for year-round wear! Source: Supplied

Our sweet adventurous bunny, Miffy

Miffy, the sweet little bunny, is making a comeback! Disappearing from books in 2011, this famous white bunny who’s always up for an adventure is now hopping onto cute and colourful PJs!

Get your family matching in Miffy Cotton Pyjama Sets starting at $18. Source: Supplied

And, of course, we can’t forget the Peter Rabbit Pyjamas range

Beatrix Potter’s little rascally rabbit has graced Easter gifts since his inception in 1902. Popular with both girls and boys, Peter Rabbit has a fun and fashionable Peter Rabbit pyjamas range at Target, in either silky satin or cosy flannelette!

These Family Matching Peter Rabbit Cotton Flannelette Pyjama Set range between $18 – $35 a pair.

Who doesn’t love Peter Rabbit? Source: Supplied

If you love the silky pyjama feel, reach for these gorgeous Family Matching Peter Rabbit Satin Pyjama Set is priced between $28 – $35.

Soft and luxurious, these are sure to be a winner! Source: Supplied

More sweet Easter pyjama looks, that keep on giving!

If you prefer the licence-free look, Target also has its own gorgeous range of Easter pyjamas, with $2 from every purchase donated to the Australian Childhood Foundation.

Target’s Family Matching Easter Bunny Cotton Flannelette Pyjama Set starts at just $15.

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Target’s Family Matching Checkered Cotton Flannelette Pyjama Set is super affordable, with prices starting at just $12 per pair.

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So there you have it! Hop on into Target and check out the Target Easter pyjama range in store this Easter, and grab yourself a pair or two of awesome PJs. Best of all, these can really be worn all year round, well beyond the chocolate haze of Easter!

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