Rainbow Baby Names Perfectly Suited to Your Beautiful Blessing

Many parents know the overwhelming heartbreak that comes with the loss of a baby. Whether through miscarriage or stillbirth, or termination due to medical reasons, this darkness is hard to overcome.

But sometimes out of this darkness grows a beacon of light – another chance at adding to your family, another little one to love, another baby growing inside.

These special little miracles are known as rainbow babies. And these 29 rainbow baby names honour your bright baby beautifully.

Rainbow Baby Names for Babies Born After a Loss

Anastasia –  Meaning “resurrection or rebirth”, Anastasia is a unique option to symbolise new life.

Nyssa – Another uncommon option, Nyssa, is Greek for “new beginning”.

Zera – Zera also means “new beginning” but in Hebrew.

Mia – The popular name means “a child much wished for”.

Nadia – Russian for “hope”, this is one of the many names that mean “hope.” Other options include Beatrice (she who brings hope) and Von. And, of course, Hope.

Phoebe – Associated with the moon goddess, Phoebe means “shining one”.

Asher – Another name that is climbing the charts is Asher, which means “blessed”. Other baby boy names that have a similar meaning include Bennett (blessed), Benedict (blessed) and Felix (fortunate).

Jayden – Finding out you are pregnant after a loss can be overwhelming. You probably feel anxious, happy, excited and, mostly, thankful. Considering Jayden means “thankful”, this might be the perfect option for your rainbow baby.

Angel – A perfect name to commemorate both your new baby and his or her lost sibling.

Iris – Goddess of the rainbow, Iris is another colourful name to consider.

Amari – For those who are religious, Amari is a beautiful option and means “miracle of God”. Other names with a similar meaning include Matthew (gift from God), Eliana (gift from God) and Theo (God given).

Ethan – Or, you could go with Ethan which simply means “gift”.

Mira – Short for Miracle, this is another cute and uncommon option.

Jalus – This name literally translates to “rainbow baby”.

Pearl – If you love gemstone names, Pearl is a perfectly precious option especially for your precious bundle of joy.

Chance – Symbolising a second (or third, fourth, fifth) chance.

Ayah – Another gorgeous name for a baby girl, Ayah means “miracle”.

Ravi – A rainbow baby is a bright light at the end of an undoubtedly dark period of your life. So why not consider a name that means “sunlight”, such as Ravi?

Lucas – Another bright option is Lucas, which means “one that gives light”.

Phoenix – Deriving from the Greek mythological bird, the Phoenix was “reborn from his own ashes” and often symbolises rebirth.

Shine bright, little one

We hope you enjoy our collection of rainbow baby names. We’d love to hear what you called your rainbow baby – share your names in the comments below.

And, to all the mums who have experienced a pregnancy after a loss, we wish you all the best for a safe and anxiety-free pregnancy. Through darkness comes light and this is exactly what your new baby will bring.

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