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Bonds Recall Newbies Baby Clothing After Mother Discovers Needle in Garment

BONDS have been forced to recall thousands of its popular Newbies Coveralls, Woven Dressees and Beginnings Cardigans after a Victorian mother found an industrial sewing machine needle sewn into the arm of her daughter’s onesie.

Anny Brooks found the needle in a new Bonds Coverall on Sunday night when she was dressing her seven-week-old daughter Nina after her bath.

“I’m very pedantic about checking my kids’ clothes. I run my hands inside the garments, I think it’s just an OCD thing,” she told

“I ran my hand through it after I gave her a bath and it scratched my hand. I thought it was just one of those plastic tag things but I pulled my hand out and there was a nice big scratch there.”

“I turned the suit inside out and there was a broken industrial sewing needle there. It was intertwined in the thread — it was sewn into the suit. I had washed the suit beforehand and it still was stuck in there.”


Bonds have issued a recall on all three products in the range that could have been compromised and were available for sale between 29th May 2015 – 5th August 2015.

Retailers selling the products include Myer, Big W, Bonds Retail Outlets,, Toys R Us, Baby Bunting, House of Bonds, David Jones, Your Wardrobe, Trade Secret.

The product may have a broken needle from manufacturing and may protrude through the product, posing a potential laceration or puncture hazard.

The recall applies to Styles No: BYKUW, BYKUA and BYGJA

Consumers with affected styles are asked to return the product to the place of purchase or contact Bonds on 1800 806 906 or for a full refund or replacement

For more information, visit the Recalls website.


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