Pharmacy Choice Recall Pain Relief Over Choking Hazard


Medicine wholesaler Symbion has issued a Pharmacy Choice Recall on batches of their children’s pain relief.

The two generic-brand pain relievers for children have been recalled due to the risk of the bottle grooves splintering off when opened, posing a choking hazard.


The issue affects some batches of the following products supplied in 200 ml bottles:

  • Pharmacy Choice Ibuprofen Children’s Suspension (6 months – 12 yrs)
  • Chemmart Children’s Paracetamol 6 – 12 Yrs Concentrated.

The medicines, described as being similar to children’s Nurofen, are liquid ibuprofen and paracetamol for children under the age of 12, and all come in a 200ml bottle.

The recall also comes shortly after a previous pain relief recall was issued on the Pharmacy Choice and ChemMart brands.

Affected batches are as follows:

Pharmacy Choice Children’s Paracetamol 6 to 12 Years Concentrated 200mL
Batch Numbers: IA45030, IA50152
Expiry Dates: 10/2016, 01/2017
AUST R 174833

Pharmacy Choice Ibuprofen Children’s Suspension 200mL
Batch Numbers: FA4514, IA50044, IA45162, IA50026
Expiry Dates: 03/2017, 06/2017, 05/2017, 06/2017
AUST R 126539

Consumers with affected batches should stop using the product immediately and return to their place of purchase for a refund or call the Symbion customer service line (1300 430 611) to arrange the return of affected product and a refund.

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