Holy boob and crotch macrame Batman. Nothing says Hollywood glamour like sexy lingerie that makes you look like a rolled roast, whacking a heart on your well-shaped fupa, thrusting your furry koala ears forward and cutting your bulging breasts into scalloped quarters. This is a lingerie getup not for the faint of heart – and the internet LOVED it.

This week, Bras N Things treated us to a new pic on Facebook, spruiking their Hollywood Glam lingerie and the internet united beautifully to discuss. It’s been a tough time on the internet of late, but we put our differences aside to relish as a community and laugh hysterically at just exactly what this getup would look like on most of us. Because sweet mother of mercy, what even IS THIS?

Hollywood glam gets ELACTICISED

For $90 you can be strung up in gold-coloured elastic folks, looking every bit of a Hollywood star in the Night Games Hollywood Glam Cupless Bra and matching Night Games Hollywood Glam Cupless Bra Crotchless Knickers.

I’m not sure where the ‘Night Games’ comes from but I can bet my nipples it will be a case of Hunger Games if I were to wear this. My 40 something-year-old body would surely look as though it’s eating it. Though to be fair, the bra DOES have an underwire cup for support – kind of like the A-frame for the scaffolding. My boobs would just never…

The Bras N Things Facebook post was innocent enough and holy macrame, did Facebook bring the laughs as it did the rounds.

The Hollywood ham Glam set – complete with earrings. AS YOU DO. Source: Facebook

The comments are everything

I must give it to the Bras N Things model, there’s no denying that she looks amazing in the gold elastic lingerie. Though strangely nippleless, which I’m hoping isn’t the result of a horrendous accident and more some sort of weird Photoshop thing, as to not offend anyone with what EVERYONE was born with. #FREETHENIPPLE

What in the boneless roast, is that?

Nonetheless, the Facebook post has attracted more than a whopping 63 THOUSAND comments which is amazing engagement for Australia’s favourite lingerie store, Bras N Things, but leave many of us wondering what comes first? Do you put your nip in the heart shape hardware and scoop the rest of your boob in or just go hell for leather (or elastic in this case) and roll the bra on so you can look like the best rolled roast this side of spring. And that’s just the bra…

Bras N Things sexy lingerie
The Bras N Things Glam Hollywood lingerie set. Yeppppp. Source: Bras N Things

Of course, no set is complete without matching knickers. And these crotchless undies are exactly what everyone wants for this Christmas – a proper, good old fashioned flap flossing. Most excellent. PUT IT ON YOUR WISHLIST, LADIES.

Ready for a good belly laugh? Check out some of these comments below

Giddy up ladies, there’s bridle wear to buy this festive season.
Source: Facebook

“Security to the deli, please”. I’m DYING. And this from our breastfeeding mamas, always there with the good tips. Sling ’em and feed ’em ladies.

Bras N Things comments
Source: Facebook
Bras N Things comments
Source: Facebook


For anyone who ever wondered what the ‘Things” part of Bras N Things was, this sexy lingerie is definitely IT.

Bras N Things comments
Source: Facebook

My boobs. Definitely heirloom tomatoes. Heck, even a pumpkin if I’ve self-tanned.

Bras N Things comments
Source: Facebook

Possibly the best tip of them all: THE PERFECT SMEAR TEST OUTFIT, THANKS BRAS N THINGS.

The bravest of us can shop the sexy set at Bras N Things today!

Described as a “fashion-forward” lingerie set by Bras N Things, it’s clearly more flaps forward and something not to be worn with a denim boiler suit because the chafe would be at serious burn level. And for the love of haemorrhoids, just don’t. Ouch.

Head on over to Bras N Things and seal the deal on this lingerie (or not considering everything is WIDE OPEN), just don’t forget the earrings – accessories make the outfit, after all! Oooooh, ahhhhhhhh SEXY TIMES.

Check it out for yourself!


South Australian mum and self proclaimed foodie, Lexi can most days be found in the kitchen, apron tied firm and armed with a whisk or wooden spoon!

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