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The Brazilian Waxing Technique Making Eyes Water

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We get it. Some women like their lady garden smooth, slick and shiny. Others prefer to cultivate a thick, abundant bush. And then there’s the in-betweeners, the seasonal pruners who chop and change their hair ‘down there’ in line with the demands of the season. 

Whether you’re a ‘short back and sides’ kind of girl or really couldn’t care less if your muff is hanging out of your swimmers like a Wookie gone rogue, one thing we can all agree on is that this new wax technique will make your palms clammy.

And that’s just looking at the pictures.

Enter the horseshoe Brazilian wax. A brand new technique that has burst onto the internet this week, supported with some terrifying pictures that’ll make your lady parts clench on sight.

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The technique was pioneered by Jessica, Master Esthetician (what the Americans call a Therapist) of Wax’d Day Spa in Alabama. Taking less than 15 minutes and costing $85, this approach sees, for want of a better way to describe it, your entire front bottom stripped bare in a single swoop.

Clients claim it’s a victory for the hair-free vag

Whilst it does look more medieval torture than a beauty treatment, Jessica’s many clients (and the therapists she’s also taught the technique to) swear that once you’ve had your kitty stripped bare in this fashion, you’ll never go back to traditional waxing again. mum central

The shock factor is that the after result (with its skin-coloured wax) does look like your entire bits have been removed and of course, the internet has gone wild at the thought.  Code Beauty another salon who’ve successfully embraced the horseshoe wax shared their work and have had over 15,000 comments so far.

You go girl – and take my pubes with you

Kudos to Jessica for developing this ‘virtually painless’ technique and the hundreds of thousands of views her video demonstrations have had on youtube. To be honest I watched the entire 50-minute tutorial and whilst that’s seared into my retinas forever more the ever-brave model actually doesn’t even flinch while the waxing is done. In some bits, she’s even smiling.

Wax-pioneer Jessica is also passionate about hair removal safety and hygiene. This raises a good point, if you are thinking about trying the horseshoe Brazilian out – this is definitely something best left to the professionals.

Whatever your position on how you like to style (or not) your downstairs, good for you. If it makes you happy – get on it. As Jessica declares on her Insta – there’s a ‘brazilian reasons’ to get waxed!

Perfect for bits and your itsy bitsy bikini

No doubt you’ll recall ‘Flap Gate’ and those insanely small bikini pants that almost broke the internet earlier this year. The good news if you’re an early adopter for trends, those scanty pants and this shameless wax are a match made in Instagram heaven. #nofilter




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