Breastfeeding Mum Squirts Milk at Woman With ‘Distracted’ Husband

For too long breastfeeding mums have put up with the snarky comments and sideways glares from the Judgey McJudgeys of the world! 

Well no more! One British mum had THE best comeback ever when another woman complained that the public breastfeeding was distracting her husband  – and we are SO here for it!

As every breastfeeding mumma knows, getting your boobs out to feed your baby seems to get a whole lot of people’s knickers in a twist! From Facebook’s confusing nipples policy, to breastfeeding cover up clothes and contraptions, the message to breastfeeding mums is clear: put yo baby-feeding boobs away! Seeing a perfectly natural act of love and sustenance seems to REALLY upset some people – especially random strangers who make uncomfortable or even aggressive comments.

Take that!

Enter an anonymous mum from Britain who might just be our new public breastfeeding heroine! While innocently feeding her baby at a park, another mum approached her and told her to go breastfeed in private. The mum took matters into her own hands – or should we say boob! – and squirted at the woman with breast milk!

To make the story even more hilarious, it was the squirted-at woman who took to a local Facebook gossip page to make this outraged public breastfeeding post. First uploaded a little while ago, it’s creating a whole new storm on social media again:

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Mr Pervy? Not our problem!

To make matters worse, the woman told the mum to take it somewhere private because her “very easily distracted husband sat near by”. Say what? Your pervy husband is NOT our problem.

“I don’t think it was necessary for you to react the way you did just because I asked you to go somewhere private, telling me to f–k off and squirting me with your boobs was incredibly uncalled for. I hope you are ashamed of yourself!,” she wrote.

And as only the internet can, it shut her down fast, siding with the breastfeeding mum.

“Has your husband never seen a boob? Perhaps you can show him one so he won’t be so distracted in the future,” one woman wrote.

And this: “Shaming someone for feeding their infant in public is like someone scolding your mum for bringing you to a restaurant.” True, that.

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Public breastfeeding is NOT a crime

Most people agree that mums should feed their bubs whenever and wherever they need, because um, it’s kind of how small humans survive. Just saying.

It’s legal to breastfeed in public anywhere in Australia. And same goes for England, so the mum had every right to be feeding her bub in the park. Or wherever else she needed to!

Online commenters were quick to support the breastfeeding mum. Some even declared that the only shameful thing she did was waste her milk on the woman! It’s the only downside of this most epic of comebacks – because we all know breast milk is like liquid gold!

But as a comeback, when a breastfeeding mum squirts milk to shoo off the shamers, it’s still all kinds of awesome!

Like those ‘don’t touch the newborn’ warning signs that are all the trend, maybe what breastfeeding mums need is a sign that says: Beware. Breastfeeding Mum. May squirt if provoked!

Love a laugh? This mum’s drawings of her husband’s ‘useless nipples’ are the best thing ever!

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